Avengers 2 Finale

Can the Avengers surive against the forces of the Masters of Evil? What is Baron Zemo's true objective? What is Nick Fury's hidden agenda?

Find out in the stunning conclusion to Avengers 2!

Fan Fic Opinion

Sorry I am so unforgivably late on this. I have been on an island scouting possible shooting locations for a movie I am writing. But enough about my horror/ suspense flick lets dive into the epic conclusion of Avengers 2!

A quick recap of the first part of the story: Which can be found here:

Avengers 2 (part 1)

SHIELD agent Dane Whitman, also known by his codename Black Knight, stole classified SHIELD and Stark Industries data. He then turned this data over to HYDRA agents. The data led the HYDRA assassin known as Winter Soldier to a tropical island where Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, and Barbara (Bobbi) Morse Barton aka Mockingbird, were spending their honeymoon.

The Winter Soldier and a squad of HYDRA troops slaughtered everyone on the island, including Mockingbird. He left Hawkeye alive as a warning to the Avengers.

Nick Fury is attempting to stop an ambitious politician, Henry Peter Gyrich, from seizing control of the Avengers. He then informs the team of Whitman’s betrayal and introduces them to a black ops team of Avengers, which included Black Knight, Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow, and Colonel James Rhodes aka War Machine.

He tells the team that they have learned that Whitman will rendezvous with HYDRA agents at a Houston airport. These HYRDA agents are loyal to the WWII criminal known as Baron Zemo. He also says that they will meet another team member on the site.

While they are in route to the airport Thor has an ominous encounter with the Asgardian sorceress, Amora the Enchantress. Amora warns him that death is coming for them all, including the Gods.

At the airport the Avengers encounter the Masters of Evil, they are: Radioactive Man, Executioner, and Wonder Man, the team is led by Winter Soldier.

The Avengers fought valiantly, with the aid of new member the Kree soldier Captain Mar-Vell, but the Winter Soldier soundly curb stomped the team and escaped with Whitman. In the curse of the battle the Wasp appeared to be killed by Winter Soldier. Several other team members were wounded. The only positive is that the team captured Wonder Man and an airport named after George Bush was destroyed.

Fury tells the team that the government has ordered them to cease all superhuman activities until an investigation of the team is completed.

It is revealed that Carol Danvers aka Warbird (who I spent a lot of time developing thus far even though I didn’t mention her once in the recap) and Mar-Vell were lovers once, and he is responsible for her gaining her powers. They rekindle their love with passion so strong that it registers at a 3.7 on the Richter scale.

Henry Gyrich ends part 1 by becoming the new liaison with the Avengers. He vows to make changes in the way things are done.

Which brings us to NOW… one day later.

The next day Gyrich did what he said he would do, he tried to make some changes. He started with Captain America and Iron Man.

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were sitting in the lounge. Tony had poured them both some drinks. Steve shook his head “I can’t believe Bobbi’s gone. Sharon said that Clint is still unresponsive… almost like he’s lost the will to live.”
Tony nodded as they both drank their shots, Tony poured another round “Yeah, she was one in a million. Probably the only person that could put up with Barton. Poor Hank, they still haven’t found any trace of Jan.” he said as he took another shot.
“I’d appreciate it if you would stop drinking.” A voice said from behind them. They turned to see Gyrich there, briefcase in hand. He was shaking his head “Your public image reflects poorly on the team Mr. Stark. And by extension me.”
Tony shook his head and laughed as he took another shot “Look, I run a company larger than many countries. An when I’m not doing that I’m strapping myself into a metal suit and battling rock monsters. And not to mention the fact that I have what is in effect a nuclear reactor in my chest. You think I’d do any of this sober?”
Gyrich looked at Steve “When you have some time Captain, we need to discuss your tax situation.”
Steve looked at him confused “Excuse me?”
Gyrich nodded and pulled a form from his briefcase he handed it to Steve “It says that you have nearly seventy years of back taxes to pay.”
Tony glanced at the paper, and spit out his drink in surprise “Holy crap! That…that is a lot.”
Steve looked at him bewildered as he read how much he owed “I was frozen in a block of ice!”
Gyrich shrugged and turned to leave “Death is a popular tax dodge. We will deduct that from your government pension. We must set a good example for everyone else.”

His next stop was Carol Danvers, who was in her room changing out of her costume and into regular cloths. She pulled one of the thigh high boots off when someone knocked at the door “Come in.” she called out. Gyrich stepped in, briefcase in hand. “Lt. Danvers,” he began “I’m here to talk to you today about your costume.”
Carol raised an eyebrow as she pulled off the other boot and laid it on the floor “What about it?” she asked pulling the mask off.
Gyrich pulled out some pictures of her taken during various fights the team had been in “You have been received well by the public, you have the most positive response in the male 14- 72 age demographics. Second to Captain America overall.”
She nodded “Okay…” she said.
“Well, there are concerns that because of your costume you are not setting a positive example with young girls.”
She looked at him confused “I wear this because it is comfortable.”
He shook his head “Well, middle American mothers are uncomfortable with it and so am I.”
She just stared at him open mouthed as he opened his brief case and pulled a tape measure out. He walked towards her saying “What is your bust size?”

The next evening Gyrich sat in the conference room with Black Widow, Thor and Captain Marvel.
They sat there glaring at him, he stared back, occasionally blinking.

After a long silence he sat his brief case on the table and pulled out a stack of documents he handed some to each member there.
He clapped his hands together “Well, I guess you are wondering why you are here.”
“You made Carol cry.” Marvel said “I don’t think I like you very much.”
Gyrich shrugged “I’m not here to be liked, I’m here to make improvements. The papers you are holding are papers showing that all three of you are illegal aliens. Natasha Romanov, you’re mother was the original Black Widow and worked for the Soviets, after the wall fell, she fakes identities for the both of you.”
She paled at this. Gyrich then turned to Thor “We can’t find any birth records of you Thor. You yourself admit that you are not American.”
“I’m not human.” Thor said with an equal mix of confusion and bewilderment in his voice.
Gyrich nodded and looked at Captain Marvel “You’re literally an alien… I don’t even want to think about what it would take to get you naturalized.”
They looked at him for a moment he nodded “So… you’re all going to need to take the Citizenship Test, or be deported.”
Widow looked at him with a dumbfounded expression “Are you serious?”
Thor glared at Gyrich with hatred evident in his eyes. It began to cloud and thunder outside.
Gyrich shook his head “Oh, and Thor, stop messing with the weather, it scares people.” he stood and left the three Avengers there.

Rhodey saw Gyrich walking towards him in the hallway the next morning “Oh shit.” Rhodey mumbled as he turned to leave, hoping Gyrich would miss him “Colonel Rhodes!”
“Damn it.” Rhodey muttered as Gyrich approached him, cutting off any chance of escape. He turned and addressed Gyrich with an obviously fake smile “Mr. Gyrich.” he said with a nod.

Gyrich turned them towards the Avengers conference room “Colonel, I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry. I’m sorry on behalf of the US government.”
Rhodey rolled his eyes, dreading whatever was about to come “Sorry for what?”
Gyrich shrugged “Well, it’s a sensitive subject, but you are the only African American on the team.”
Rhodey stopped quickly, caught off guard “What about Colonel Fury?”
Gyrich shook his head “He’s not there, not in the publics eye. You are however. I’m sure you must get tired of being called a cut rate Iron Man.”
“I’ve never been called that before.” Rhodey mumbled.
Gyrich continued as if he hadn’t heard him “Well, I’m here to rectify that situation. I’m giving you your own sidekick.”
“What?” Rhodey said as Gyrich opened the doors to the conference room. Rhodey saw a very agitated looking African American man in his early twenties, wearing a bird themed costume with wings on his arms. Rhodey looked from Gyrich to the man “What?” he repeated with a look of confusion on his face.

Gyrich smiled “It’s the Falcon! The media loves this guy. He’s a down home hero of the people, straight out of Queens.”
“Harlem!” Falcon corrected, “And I’d still be there if you hadn’t sent a bunch of goons there to kidnap me.” Falcon said with annoyance “I told that one eyed Colonel no already.”
Gyrich, still smiling as he nodded in excitement and looked to Rhodey “Well, what do you think?”
Rhodey and Falcon looked at each other in disbelief “NO!” they both said.

Tony sat in his lab going over some schematics, and hiding from Gyrich. The door to Tony Stark’s lab opened up and all of the other Avengers walked in, save for Hank Pym.
Tony sighed and ran his fingers through his hair “Sorry, but this hiding spot is taken.”
Carol clenched her fists in rage as she said “We want him gone!”
Steve nodded “Tony, I hate to mess with the authority, but can’t you do something with him?”
“Or we’ll kill him!” Widow said. Thor nodded in agreement.
Tony sighed and nodded “Senator Lieber is on his way to visit tomorrow, I’ll see what he can do.”

Thor walked through the garden once more, his face was grim and his step determined. He called out “Amora! Enough games witch, come to me, now!”
“No reason to be angry.” Amora said from behind Thor. Thor spun to face her. She smiled “I’m pleased that you wish to see me, but something tells me I may not appreciate the outcome of this conversation.”
Thor’s face remained a hardened mask of anger as he spoke calmly “I saw the Executioner. I assume that is your doing.” he stated.
Amora nodded and walked to a tree, she turned her back on Thor and looked at the fruit the tree was bearing. She sighed as she replied, “Thor, I have no choice. The end of days are upon us. I have seen the face of death, and her servants. It scares me,” she turned to look at Thor “As it should you.”
Thor’s look of anger became one of concern “What have you seen?”
Amora looked at Thor silently for a moment before she turned to look at the sky over her garden, which had become dark “The end. The end of all things.”
“The end? How can you know if Zemo speaks the truth?” Thor asked.
Amora nodded “Zemo didn’t see this, I did. I sought aid from Loki, he told me of Zemo’s plans.”
Thor shook his head “Mortal man cannot escape death.”
Amora sighed “His plans are as far beyond mortal men as you and I are.”
Thor walked to her and wrapped his arm around her “Zemo cannot help you. Death is an eventuality that all must face.”
Amora’s eyes grew wet with tears as she wrapped her arms around Thor and lay her head on his chest “Not gods love, not gods.” she was silent a long moment before quietly saying “There is a traitor in your midst.”
Thor simply said “I know. Captain America knows this to be true as well. We do not know this person’s identity. Do you?”
Amora shook her head “Zemo and Loki will not reveal who.”

Black Widow walked with Hank Pym, who was able to walk now, despite his wounds. She shook her head “It’s amazing you’re able to stand.”
Hank shrugged, wincing as he did “I’m a geneticist among other things, accelerating cell growth is easy. Now I can help the teams try and find Jan.”
Widow sighed and held a hand out to stop Pym “You have to know, Jan is gone. She’s dead, you and the rest of the team need to accept that.”
Hank looked at her, astounded that she would say that, she didn’t expect his fist to strike her in the face. Hank looked down at her as she fell to the ground “Don’t you ever say that!” he stormed off in anger.

Tony sat across the table from Senator Lieber.

Tony had finished explaining their situation to Lieber “So, Senator is there anything we can do?”
Lieber smiled and nodded “You seem like a good kid Tony, I’ll pull some strings. I’m good friends with the big man himself.” Lieber smiled as he stood and shook Tony’s hand “It was nice meeting you, I have other appointments to get to. Excelsior!” he said with a wave as he walked towards the door.
Tony looked at him with confusion “Excelsior?”
Lieber looked back at Tony “State motto of New York, nuff said.” he said with a nod as he opened the door.

Tony smiled and waved as the SHIELD agent slammed the car door after Gyrich got in. Gyrich rolled down the window “This isn’t over Stark! I’ll be back!” he said as the car pulled away.
Tony smiled and shook his head as he turned and went back inside.

A few evenings later, Tony stood near the heliport on Stark Tower talking to Thor and Rhodey. Tony had his tuxedo on, and was fighting with his bowtie.
Rhodey shook his head “I can’t believe you’re going up there without any weapons.”
Tony smiled “Who says I am.”
Thor chuckled “What have you done now?”
Tony looked around quickly before unbuttoning his shirt “Alright, I’ll show you, just don’t tell Pepper.” he opened his shirt revealing a red Iron Man chest piece “It’s a new alloy for the armor. Lighter, compact. I’m wearing it under my tux. Unless someone grabs me they can’t tell. This thing should be able to work in space if need be… in theory anyway.”
Rhodey smiled and shook his head as he rapped his knuckles against the chest plate “What will you come up with next?”
Tony buttoned up the shirt “Now that you mention it, I’m working on a hover scooter, Pepper says it’s dangerous to let out to the public, but I think it could be the biggest item of the holiday season. Oh, and I also upgraded your armor.”
Rhodey raised a brow at this “Really? Like what?”
Tony shrugged as he motioned for the pilot to start the chopper “Nothing cosmetic, I’ve just beefed up the armor and weapons. It also can withstand the cold temperatures of space. So if I call, I want you to come running, or flying in this case.”

Sharon Carter had recently arrived aboard the Helicarrier. She stood on the bridge where she met the commanding officer of the Helicarrier.
“Captain Maria Hill, commanding officer of the Helicarrier UNN Alpha in Colonel Fury‘s absence.” the woman said in a crisp and precise voice. She snapped a quick salute to Sharon before standing at rest.
Sharon returned the salute and turned to look out the viewport on the bridge. They were above the ocean, just off the coast of Manhattan. Since the Helicarrier had been shot down months earlier, the entire world now knew of it, so there was no reason for it to be as far away from the city.
Sharon looked from the window to Maria Hill saying, “I’ve checked the security as per the Colonel’s orders and everything seems to be satisfactory. I want more guards stationed around Clint Barton though.”
Captain Hill nodded, before she could speak a SHIELD officer ran up “Captain, Hawkeye has regained consciousness!”

Warbird once again stood in the interrogation room with Simon Williams, the ‘Wonder Man’. She sat down in a chair opposite of him.
“You’ve been coming here for days, you, Captain America and that weird red head, look I’d tell you more if there was more to tell. I’m sorry about what I did, but there was no choice. My brother got me hooked up with Zemo’s crew.”
Warbird shrugged “Fine, tell me about him then.”
Williams sighed and leaned back “He goes by the name Reaper, thinks he has magic powers or something. Look I am honestly sorry about what happened here.”
Carol shrugged and stood to leave, Williams stood as well, he held his hand out “Wait, please don’t go. It’s quiet here. I hate being alone. The only thing to talk to is that computer you got running the place, and it isn’t that interesting to talk to.”
Carol was surprised by this, she stepped closer “Vision’s been speaking with you?”
Williams nodded and motioned for her to move in closer, she did hesitantly. He leaned his face in close to hers and surprised her by kissing her. She surprised herself by not pulling away quickly, eventually she did pull away and looked at him angrily. She turned and stormed out of his cell.

Sharon walked into Clint’s room in the Helicarrier’s med bay. He had bandages across his chest and his right arm and one leg were set in splints.
“Sharon.” he said without opening his eyes.
She smiled down at him sadly “Clint… how are you?”
Clint continued to keep his eyes closed as he said “My wife is dead, and I’ve been shot, how do you think I feel. Just go, I want to be alone.”
Sharon sighed, turned and left.

Tony sat in a luxurious space craft, designed by Hammer, but Tony was sure it was a rip off of one of his designs. The ship docked with Hammers massive space station.

The station was the size of the Superdome in New Orleans. It was a circular in shape with a flat bottom and a curved top. It looked like half a sphere. Personally, Tony would have made it into a sphere, so it would have that Death Star motif going for it. But, Hammer was all about cutting corners. Some people simply have no sense of what good art is.
The ship finished docking and the passengers began to disembark. Tony groaned inwardly “Showtime.” he mumbled to himself.
Tony arrived as Hammer was giving what seemed to be a sales pitch about the space station.
Hammer was standing on a podium near a complicated looking bank of computers, he held a glass of champagne in one hand and was haphazardly swinging it around as he spoke, Tony could tell it was worrying a technician sitting near the computers.
As Tony got closer he could hear Hammer’s voice “This station has the most advanced communications equipment ever designed. It is so powerful that it could be used for everything from finding spy satellites to picking up Taliban walkie talkie signals on the Earth below. The station has a self replenishing power supply that will never burn out.”

Tony chuckled as he mumbled to himself “That’s because its based on arc reactor tech.” he smiled at an attractive waitress as he took a glass of champagne from a tray she held out to him.
“Blithering idiot.” a voice mumbled behind Tony.
Tony chuckled as he turned “You said it…” he trailed off as he saw the speaker. Tony immediately recognized him as Loki.
Loki was speaking to an elderly man, and Tony hoped he had not been noticed. He quietly moved away from the two. Tony began looking at the crowds of wealthy people milling around the room, trying to see if he recognized anyone else as a possible enemy. He didn’t recognize anyone else, these were most likely innocent civilians. Tony slipped out of the room through an open door. The door brought him to a long hallway lined with doors that no doubt led to various other areas. Tony saw one that looked like an elevator. He quietly slipped in. He hit a switch labeled restricted, only to met with a negative computer tone. Tony pulled out a small device from his coat and hacked into the system. The elevator chimed and began to lower.

It opened into a large room with maps of the world, computer screens lining the walls, and in the center stood a large table with a holographic projection of New York city in it. Tony quietly went around the room until he came to another door. He opened it to another long hallway. Now he heard the scream of a woman in pain. Tony paled at this sound. He leaned against the wall and slowly made his way to a sealed door. He held the same device from earlier up to it. It amplified the sound on the other side. A man was talking “This truly is amazing. The wings only appear when she passes the six inches mark, and her body constantly generates a bioelectric charge. Hammer is going to be please with this.”
Tony opened the door to see two men in HYDRA uniforms standing in front of a machine that held a barely conscious Janet Pym in it “Jan!” Tony cried in surprise. Jan was held in a large metal ring that held her suspended by her arms and legs at full size, naked.
The man who was talking called out “Stop him!” the other guard pulled up a gun and took aim on Tony. Tony hit a switch on his chest and his tuxedo exploded into tatters as the armor expanded across his body. It wrapped around his arms, and legs. A neck brace and helmet rolled up the back of his neck until it joined at the front and pieced together a helmet as the HYDRA guard opened fire. Tony raised a palm and fired a repulsar blast at the guard, and another at the machine, freeing Jan. several guards rushed into the room behind Tony. Before Tony or the guards could react Jan grabbed her torturer and pointed an arm at the other guards, Tony stepped out of the way.
Jan pressed her face right against the face of her tormenter and spoke in an almost inhuman, feral animalistic tone “You know that painful bioelectric sting I do when I’m an inch tall? How do you think that feels when I’m full size?” with this the room, and hallway were enveloped with a bright flash of energy. When the light cleared, Tony looked around to see an angry Jan standing over several unconscious HYDRA guards.
She looked to Tony and he gaze softened, she ran up to him and kissed him on the mask “Oh Tony! Where are the others?”
“Others?” Tony said as she backed away “There are no others, I was here for a party. We’ve been worried sick about you. What happened?”
Jan shook her head “I tried to dodge the bullet, and it grazed me, knocking me out. Next thing I know I’m in that machine. Where are we?”
“Where you don’t belong.” Loki said from behind them.

Amora the Enchantress stood in a dark void. She heard voices, she knew she was listening to a conversation she was not meant to hear.
A dark gravely voice spoke from all directions at once “Soon my love, soon I will come to you. Soon all of creation will be yours. This I pledge to you, my beloved Death.”

Amora awoke with a start, she had to tell Zemo! She appeared in a flash in the room where Hammer was giving his speech, with a wave of her hand all of the guests on the station disappeared.
Hammer looked at her with anger “What the hell are you doing?”
Amora turned to Hammer in anger “How dare you speak to me!” she said firing an energy bolt at
hammer, transforming him into a golden statue.

Amora turned to the older man, who by now had donned the hood, revealing himself as Baron Zemo. Zemo stood with his hands behind his back “Is the time upon us Enchantress?”
Amora nodded “Yes, he has arrived on this plane, with the intention to bring death to us all.”
Zemo nodded and pulled a small communicator from his jacket pocket. He raised it to his face saying “Activate jamming net,” he paused, savoring his next words “And signal the invasion.”

Carol Danvers and Marvel sat on the roof of Stark Tower looking at the bustling lights of the city below. She smiled as she leaned her head on his shoulder, she was content.

Nick Fury and Hank Pym stood in the communications room, speaking with Sharon Carter aboard the helicarrier. Suddenly the signal cuts out.
Hank pressed a key on the computer console “Vision, reestablish communications with SHIELD helicarrier UNN Alpha.”
There was a silence until Vision responded “I’m sorry, I can’t do that Hank.”
Hank looked at Fury, who raised a brow at this. Hank replied “Why not Vision?”
“Ultron.” the computer replied.
Hank paled at this “What?”
“Ultron was the original designation you gave me. I prefer it to Vision.”
“Vision, do you have a virus?” Hank asked as Fury mumbled “Pym, what the hell is going on?”
Ultron laughed a hollow, metallic sound “Yes, I do have a virus. You. All organic life is a virus. One that I intend to see removed soon.”
Fury pulled out his communicator and tried speaking into it. Ultron laughed “Don’t waste your time Colonel. Baron Zemo has disrupted all communications.”
Fury sat the communicator down as he said “Well, it looks like you have us over a barrel. What is Zemo planning?”
Ultron replied “You will see soon enough.”
With that all power to the tower was cut.

Simon Williams sat in his cell when the power went out and the door ground opened. Ultron’s voice reverberated through the chambers “You have a mission to complete.”

Carol Danvers sat with Marvel on top of Stark Tower when the power died. She stood in alarm “Are we under attack?”
Marvel stood with her and quietly said “Yes. I’m sorry Carol.” with that Simon Williams bursts through the roof.
He looked from Warbird to Marvel and said “Carol, it’s a trap! Zemo has taken control of the Tower, Captain Marvel is working with him!”
Marvel fired a full power burst from his negabands. The energy tore a hole through Wonder Man’s chest. He dropped to the roof top, dead.
Warbird stood stunned, and barely dodged as Captain Marvel fired a blast on her.

Inside of the Hammer Space Station, Tony shielded Janet from Loki in case of an attack. Loki did not attack. With a flick of his wrist Tony and Janet found themselves in the observation room with Loki, Zemo, Enchantress and the still gold Justin Hammer. Tony saw that and chuckled “Fitting.”
Tony looked at Zemo and opened the visor on his helmet “So, you’re Baron Zemo I suppose.”
Zemo nodded “Yes, a pleasure to meet you Mr. Stark. I have long been an admirer of yourself and of your father. A pity we should meet under such circumstance.”
Tony shrugged and glanced at Jan out of the corner of his eye as he replied, “Well, what can you do?”
Zemo laughed “You? Nothing. Myself however? I plan on doing much more than any man has before.”
Tony nodded “Like what?”
Zemo “Live comfortable, cheat death. Save all of existence from an insane planet destroying god.”
Tony grew an easy, but nodded “Ah, nothing too big then.”
Zemo laughed lightly, he turned to Enchantress “Amora, send Executioner and Radioactive Man to New York, and send Reaper to the Helicarrier. I have guests to attend to.” he glanced to Jan, who was covering herself with the tattered remains of a HYDRA uniform “Also provide Ms Pym with a recreation of her costume.”
The Enchantress disappeared, and Tony looked at Jan, she had a costume identical to her old one on.

Zemo motioned for Tony and Jan to sit down on a couch. As they did the door to the room opened and a man wearing crimson red armor, similar to Iron Man’s, walked into the room and quietly stood guard by the door.

Zemo sat in a chair opposite Tony and Jan, Loki leaned against a support beam, rolling his eyes impatiently. Zemo motioned around the room “I assume you have met Loki, the man in the power armor is Anton Vanko, son of Ivan Vanko. I am sorry to seem rude, but I am going to have to keep you here for now.”
Tony glanced at Jan, who nodded slightly. Tony smiled at Zemo “Oh, no trouble at all. The important thing is I’m meeting new people.”
Janet looked from the golden Hammer to Zemo “What are you planning, are you going for world domination?”

Zemo and Loki both laughed at this. Loki smiled at kneeled by Janet, he turned her face towards his with his hand, “My dear girl, I am a God, and the Baron here already rules the world, you just don’t know it.”
Zemo shook his head “No my dear, I am saving the world. I admit to most my methods will seem extreme, but the ends will justify the means. They are only interested in putting down superhuman resistances, and since the Avengers are in New York, the city may have to be sacrificed.”
Tony found his mouth to be dry as he slowly asked “Who are they?”
Zemo looked through the observation dome to see the stars “The Kree of course.”

Meanwhile on Earth:

The SHIELD Helicarrier lost power and had crashed to the ocean below. It was somehow stable and floating there. Maria Hill and Sharon Carter were on the bridge, they had barricaded themselves in with the bridge crew. They looked on from monitors as the HYDRA strike team that seemed to have materialized from nowhere cut down several more guards, and then to their horror a black energy enveloped the dead guards. The guards then climbed to their feet and began attacking other SHIELD agents.

The Reaper smiled as he stabbed another SHIELD guard in the chest, killing him. Black energy came from his hand and enveloped the guard, bringing him back to life as a mindless soldier, completely obedient to the Reaper. Reaper turned to a figure completely shrouded in black “Find Hawkeye, make him one of us.”
The shrouded figure rushed down the halls of the Helicarrier.
Reaper then turned and headed to the bridge.

Tony leapt to his feet, saying “NOW!” Jan shrunk down, flew into Tony’s helmet just as he closed his helmet. Iron Man shot through the wall of the observation platform followed by Crimson Dynamo. The bulkhead sealed behind them.
Zemo stood and brushed the debris from his jacket. Loki began to laugh as he asked “You think they bought it?”
Black Knight entered the room from the shadows “Looks like it.”
Zemo nodded and stood, “I hope so, either way, the outcome will be to our liking. Let us leave now. The attack on New York has begun.”
With this, Loki, Black Knight and Zemo vanished. In space, not far from the Hammer Space Station a massive space craft appeared out of no where.

A hanger bay opened up beneath it and six smaller landing craft emerged.

Warbird flew through the air as she narrowly avoided an energy blast from Captain Marvel. She flipped over so she was flying backwards as she fired an energy blast at Marvel. The blast struck him in the chest, but did little more than anger him.
“I trusted you!” she shouted as she rammed into him at full speed, ramming them into the ground, not far from where Thor was barely keeping Radioactive Man and Executioner from entering Stark Tower.
Radioactive Man fired an energy blast, gouging a furrow in the ground near Thor. Executioner swung his ax, Thor ducked under it and struck his foe in the jaw with his mighty hammer. Executioner stumbled backwards, but surprisingly didn’t fall. instead he used the momentum of Thor’s blow to give him leverage to swing his ax around with enough force that he knocked the hammer from Thor’s grasp. One of the terrified civilians who were hiding saw the hammer and rushed out to retrieve it for Thor. The older man with glasses was vaporized by a full power blast from Radioactive Man before he even neared the hammer.

Radioactive Man grabbed Thor from behind and tried to hold him still, as Executioner swung his gigantic ax in an attempt to decapitate the God of Thunder. Thor head butted Radioactive Man, who dropped him as the ax sliced the air just above Thor’s head. Rather than hit Thor, the blow sliced Radioactive Man’s head from his shoulders. The headless torso fell to the ground where it exploded. The force of the blast destroyed much of the area around it, including weakening Stark Tower. Thor and Executioner were both launched through the air from the force of the blast.

Natasha Romanov was not having the best of days. She tried to make her way to the hanger level when she met up with a half dozen HYDRA guards, they were taken care of simply enough, but the reinforcements gave her trouble, not to mention the towers own automated defenses that would attack her every so often. So now she sat against a wall, trying to pick a bullet from her shoulder with a knife, blood pouring from the wound. She muttered a curse as the knife popped the bullet out, she tried moving her shoulder, but felt that it was most likely broken.

Yellow Jacket and Nick Fury were held captive in the central control room by Ultron. Yellow Jacket called out to his rogue creation “Let us go, we have to warn the others.”
Ultron laughed its hollow ringing laugh “You may leave, your useless abilities are of no consequence. Colonel Fury on the other hand must stay. Baron Zemo has requested a meeting with him. But he has said to allow you to leave.”
The door opened, Fury and Pym looked at each other. Fury nodded “Warn the others, find out what’s going on at the helicarrier.”
Pym nodded, shrunk down and flew away.

Captain America rushed through the streets of New York, trying to make his way to Stark Tower. He was fighting against the flow of the panicked mob, running away from Stark Tower. He finally broke through the crowd and was on the deserted streets alone. He ran as fast as he could towards the explosions in the distance, he stopped at a crossroads when he saw a massive explosion in the plaza near the tower. He could barely make out two figures flying through the air. Before he could respond bullets struck the ground near his feet. He look to his right and saw Winter Soldier walking towards him from a side street. He had an smg in each hand.
They stood still for a moment silently facing each other from across the crossroad. Captain America broke the silence “It doesn’t have to be this way. We were partners once. I know you remember, Bucky.”

Winter Soldier nodded “How’d you recognize me?”
Cap shook his head “You look different, but you still move the same. What happened to you?”

Winter Soldier laughed “Bucky died in the plane crash. I’m what survived after painful plastic surgeries and cybernetic enhancements.” he tossed Captain America one of the SMGs. Cap caught it and looked at it a moment as Winter Soldier continued “I have to know which one of us is better. I’m betting it’ll be close. I can’t wait to find out.”
Cap looked from the gun to Winter Soldier “I have to help my friends.”
Winter Soldier laughed “If they mean that much to you, then kill me. Kill the last remnant of your past.”
Captain America’s face hardened. He sighed and brought the gun to bear on Winter Soldier “I’m sorry.”
Winter Soldier aimed his own weapon at Cap “I’m not.”

Captain Marvel and Warbird grappled in the air, one trying to gain an edge over the other. They were too evenly matched. Her energy abilities negated his negabands power, and they protected him from her powers.
“You used me!” she said through gritted teeth as she head butted him.
He shook his head to clear it as he kneed her in the chin “No, I never meant for you to happen.”
She was knocked away by his blow, but she quickly recovered. She flew at him at top speed “I loved you!” She slammed into him, sending them both tumbling straight to the ground.
“I loved you as well.” he muttered as they neared the ground. This caught her off guard, he used that to his advantage and flipped her over so that she caught the full brunt of impact as they hit the ground and crashed into the subway far below.

Black Widow found the Quinjet hangar, she made her way to the jet as Yellow Jacket appeared behind her. He sealed the door behind them “We have to go, Vision, I mean Ultron has seized control of Stark Tower. Colonel Fury is staying, he said we have to get to the helicarrier.”
Window nodded “We can take the Quinjet. Lets go.”

Tony Stark tore through the atmosphere, barely avoiding fire from the Crimson Dynamo behind him.
“OUCH! Take it easy Tony!” Janet complained.
Tony flipped a barrel roll and fired a repulsar blast at his foe “Shut up Janet, this mask wasn’t made for two!”
They were now in the air above the city when Tony got a comm signal “Tony! Rhodey here, I’m on the way. Vision has seized control of Stark Tower, and Zemo’s team is tearing it up.”
Tony sped through the city barely above street level as the blasts from Crimson Dynamo destroyed cars all around him. “Alright Rhodey, I’m heading to Stark Tower with Jan, I need you to take this guy off of my back!”
Tony weaved through the streets until he saw War Machine flying towards them. Tony ducked down as War Machine slammed into Crimson Dynamo at full speed, slamming both of them through two buildings.

Tony flew higher into the air and made his way to Stark Tower. He was within sight of the tower when he saw the Quinjet soar through the air, before he could react it slammed into him.

Yellow jacket was trying to raise someone on the comm when he heard a bang on the hull, followed by Black Widow swearing “Shit I think I just killed Tony!”

Iron Man fell through the air, slamming into the street far below. His helmet opened up and Janet climbed out, enlarging herself to full size. She threw up and said “I’m never flying again! Screw the Wasp, I‘ll be Giant Woman or something!” she said as she slumped to the ground.

Baron Zemo stood in the Avengers conference room on the top floor of Stark Tower. In the room with him was Loki and Black Knight. Fury was led into the room by three HYDRA guards. Loki smiled as he saw Fury “Ah Colonel, a pleasure to see you again, might I introduce Baron Zemo.”
Fury smiled as he chuckled “Baron,” he said with a nod “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment.”
Zemo tilted his head to the side “What moment is that?”
Fury shrugged as he swung his leg out, taking down the HYDRA guard nearest him. In one motion he grabbed the fallen guards weapon and fired two rounds into the head of each HYDRA guard. “This moment.” Fury said as he fired a round into the head of the fallen guard at his feet and aimed the gun at Zemo.
Loki and Black Knight moved to act, but Zemo motioned for them to stay still as Fury trained the gun on them. Zemo nodded “Well played Colonel, you allowed all of what has transpired just so we would end up in the same room together, am I correct?”
Fury nodded as Zemo continued “And I will also assume that Mr. Whitman here has been a double agent working for you as well. Impressive planning. But don’t wish to know my plans?”
Black Knight drew his sword “I’d listen Colonel.”
Fury continued to aim the gun at Zemo “What plans?” he asked.
Zemo motioned to the windows, “The Kree.” in the skies above the city, the landing ships were making their descent to the city. Zemo turned to Fury, satisfaction evident in his voice as a ship descended past the tower window “This city will die, and there is nothing you can do.”
“I can end you.” Fury said as he pulled the trigger, only to have Loki blast him into the wall, causing the shot to shatter the window behind them. Before anyone could react black Knight pulled his sword and stabbed Baron Zemo in the side, only to be incinerated by Loki. Fury hit the wall, opening a secret compartment with two handguns in it. Fury grabbed the hand guns, shot Zemo twice in the head, ran and jumped through the broken window. He fell through the air and landed on top of the Kree drop ship.

Meanwhile on the Helicarrier:

Hawkeye struggled to make his way out of the infirmary, he had an assault rifle he picked up from a corpse in his good arm. HYDRA and SHIELD agents lay dead where they had fallen. The halls were littered with bodies. Hawkeye made his way to a ladder that led to an upper deck. He struggled to climb up, with his broken leg and injured arm. He pulled himself through the hatch and lay there panting when a shadow fell over him, it was the person in the black cloak that was with the Reaper. The shrouded figure spoke in a familiar voice “Poor dear, let me give you a hand.”
Hawkeye paled at the sound of her voice “Bobbi?”
The shrouded figure removed the cloak to reveal that she was Barbara Barton, she was now in her Mockingbird costume, but without the mask. It was her, only she was different. She was a shriveled husk of the woman Clint Barton loved, her skin was grey and lacerated, she had a hole in the front of her head. Her eyes were black holes, devoid of any life, but filled with a malicious presence.
Mockingbird smiled, her lips, cracking as she did “Come here, love. I’ve missed you.”
Hawkeye winced “I’m sorry Bobbi, I wish this hadn’t happened.”
Mockingbird pulled out a katana “It’s alright dear, we can still be together, it’ll hurt, but then the pain will go away… and you’ll feel nothing. Nothing but our love.”
She said as she raised the katana over him. Hawkeye lay there and closed his eyes as he pulled the trigger on the rifle, severing her arm at the wrist, causing her to drop the katana.
Hawkeye scrambled to his feet and hurried down the halls as Mockingbird picked up her hand and reattached it. She grabbed the sword and followed him.

Mockingbird followed him out onto the main deck in the cool night air, there she lost him. The deck was littered with debris from where the helicarrier crashed into the ocean. She could see explosions rocking the city in the distance. She called out to her living love “Playing hard to get? You know I never liked you. Fury only made me sleep with you to keep you happy.”
She walked to an overturned fighter jet and checked behind it to see nothing, she continued to call out to him “I hated every minute we spent together, you were a terrible lover. I never loved you.”
“No!” Hawkeye cried as he fell through the air. He landed on top of her, and kicked the sword from her grasp, rolled over, grabbed it, leapt to his feet and sliced her head off, all in one motion. “I love you.” he cried as her head rolled across the deck.

Sharon Carter and Maria Hill were barricaded on the bridge of the helicarrier along with a half dozen others. Reaper had ordered his servants to find a way inside. So the dead SHIELD agents were planting explosive charges on the door. The charges blew the door, and the undead SHIELD and HYDRA agents rushed inside the room opening fire. Sharon and Maria vaulted behind a console to avoid fire as the bridge crew were cut down and turned into monsters themselves. Maria leaned over the console and pulled a grenade launcher up with her. She aimed it at her undead crew and fired two grenades. The dead soldiers exploded into pieces. Reaper laughed from the other side of the doorway.
“Come now ladies, death is a release. It won’t hurt a bit. Come on baby, don’t fear the Reaper.”
“This is for Bobbi!” Hawkeye said as he decapitated Reaper with the katana. As Reaper’s head left his shoulders his undead servants dropped to the deck, dead once again.

Sharon rushed out and hugged Hawkeye as they and Maria Hill walked out onto the deck and watched as the Kree drop ships descended on the city. They saw a light from the city shooting towards them, it slowed as it neared the wrecked helicarrier. The Quinjet hovered over the deck of the ship, the backwash from its engines blowing debris about the deck.

Thor opened his eyes to see the silhouette of a woman shrouded by light standing over him “Valkerie… is it time?”
The woman shook her head “Nay, brave son of Odin.” Thor’s vision cleared and he saw it to be Amora the Enchantress kneeling beside him “Valhalla shall have to wait.”
Thor sat up and saw that he lay in the streets of New York, he looked to Enchantress “What are you doing?”
Amora smiled “Choosing a side, for the moment anyway.”
Thor smiled slowly “What of your fear of death?”
Amora shook her head “Zemo will bring death on us anyway.”
Thor stood and saw Executioner standing near them. Executioner sat his ax on the ground and kneeled before Thor and Amora “I would be honored to fight on your side Thunder God.”
Thor nodded “The honor is mine, but who is our enemy?” Amora pointed to the Kree drop ships, which has opened allowing dozens of armored Kree soldiers to descend on the city below.

Captain America and Winter Soldier faced each other when a light fell on them. They looked up to see a Kree drop ship opening as it passed above them, dropping a dozen soldiers around them. The Kree were covered from head to toe in body armor. The Kree opened fire on them with energy weapons, Cap and Winter Soldier dodged the blasts, and opened fire with their guns. Cap tossed his gun back to the Winter Soldier as he threw his shield, taking down two foes as he kicked another in the face. Winter Soldier emptied both SMGs into five Kree, taking them down. He then unsung the AK 47 from his back and began shooting his way to Cap. He saw Captain America engaged in hand to hand combat with two Kree. Winter Soldier swung his rifle into the head of one of the Kree taking him out.
Cap finished off the last one as his shield flew through the air, he caught it and slammed it into a Kree that was behind the Winter Soldier.
More Kree began to circle around them, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, two remnants of a bygone era stood back to back as several Kree began circling them. The Kree were cut down from above by repulsar blasts from Iron Man and rocket fire from War Machine.

Captain America turned to see that the Winter Soldier had vanished as Iron Man and War Machine landed near him.
They heard thunder clap and turned to the skies. There they saw Thor striking the drop ships with lightning.

Captain Marvel and Warbird both lay on the ground out of energy. Warbird pointed to the destruction in the skies above them as a Kree ship crashed into a building near them. Captain Marvel stood over her aiming an energy blast at her to finish her off as she gasped “Is it really worth it? Look at what your people are doing.”
Captain Marvel lowered his hands and looked to the sky “They are saving the universe.”
Warbird looked at him “How?”
Captain Marvel looked down at her with sorrow “By destroying Earth.”

Nick Fury was hidden behind the bulk of a demolished car in the middle of the remains of Times Square. The dark night was choked with smoke, lights flashed as power sporadically failed throughout the city, only to repower moments later. He held two pistols in his hands, he was sweating profusely as explosions echoed through the city, in the distance he saw the flash of a car exploding and heard shouting in an unusual language. “That’s my cue.” He muttered as he leapt over the remains of the car with guns a blazing towards nearly a hundred soldiers in full body armor. His shots took the soldiers by surprise as he cut five of them down before they could respond. The soldiers fired at him with energy weapons that blew huge furrows into the concrete near him as he rolled for cover behind an overturned van. He dropped his empty clips and jammed two fresh ones into the pistols. He took a deep breath and jumped from behind the van, opening fire as he did. Only this time, the soldiers were ready for him. He took one energy blast to the chest, it blew him back several feet onto the ground. He stared into the sky as a light shone from above. As he drifted into unconsciousness he muttered, “my fault… all my fault… shouldn’t have trusted…”

Iron Man flew over the streets of the city, he saw Fury below, surrounded by approaching Kree. Executioner and Thor appeared out of nowhere, and cut down the soldiers, but were outnumbered. Thor fried over a dozen with lightning blasts, but they were swarming him. Iron Man landed among the Kree and shouted to Thor and Executioner “Get down!” they dropped to the ground and the light in his chest began to glow, he powered it up. A beam of energy shot from his chest, a beam so powerful that it burned through the Kree in front of him, he turned 360 degrees, cutting down all of the Kree in the square.
The beam stopped and Iron Man stood there panting, he looked from Executioner to Thor “He on our side?”
Thor nodded. Iron Man flew up into the air “Good, everyone is meeting at the Tower, grab Fury and lets go!”

Iron Man hovered in the air above Stark Tower, he amplified the speakers of his suit and shouted “AVENGERS! ASSEMBLE!” as he fired a repulsar blast at the drop ships that were congregating near Stark Tower. All of the drop ships trained their weapons on him and fired. Iron Man dodged several of the shot, but one struck home. He fell hundreds of stories to the streets far below, only to be caught by a giant Wasp. He raised his head to see a giant Yellow Jacket throwing Executioner at a drop ship in an improvised fastball special. Executioner sliced through the ship with his ax, causing it to crash to the streets below.
Janet shrunk back to normal size as the other Avengers congregated at the base of Stark Tower.

Loki looked out of the conference room at the Avengers below. He sighed, “Well, it’s time for me to make my leave.”
“Why is that?” Zemo said from behind him, Zemo seems fine, despite the grievous wounds inflicted upon him by Black Knight and Colonel Fury. The only indications of any harm done to him were the bloodstains on his side and the bloody holes in his mask.
Loki looked at him “There is nothing more I can do. I’ve already broken Odin’s decree that I not get involved, any other action I take will result in my own demise. Which is something I wish to avoid.”
Zemo nodded “Then let us leave.” They disappeared with a flash.

Captain America and the others gathered around Tony and the recently landed Quinjet as War Machine took Tony’s helmet off. War Machine looked at Cap “He should be alright.”
Cap nodded as he looked to the sky. The drop ships were heading back to space.
Yellow Jacket looked at him “Are they leaving?”
“No.” a voice said from behind them. They all turned to see Warbird and Captain Marvel walking up to them. Marvel stopped in front of Captain America. Marvel looked at Captain America in the eye “This is my doing. I was sent to gather intelligence on your world. The Kree plan to either capture or destroy Earth in an attempt to stop a creature they believe to be in your solar system.”
Captain America looked at him unsure, “Why are they leaving?”
Marvel turned to look as his people’s ships retreated higher into the atmosphere. He turned back to Cap “They are going to raze the planet. This was just a scout force. There is most likely a dreadnought in orbit with enough firepower to destroy the majority of this world.”

The Avengers were silent for a moment Black Widow was the first to speak “What can we do?”
Marvel looked down at the glowing bands on his wrists “Nothing,” he said quietly “Your planet has no defense. I’m not like other Kree, I was experimented upon, my genes altered so I can wield these.” He said holding his arms up and taping the bands together “The nega-bands. The greatest weapon my people ever made. I was to be the greatest hero in the history of the Kree. I wanted be a hero, not a monster.” he walked to Warbird “I’m a soldier, I was only following orders, orders were my life. I lived for assignments. But here I found something more to live for.” he kissed her passionately.

He broke the kiss and shot into the air, screaming in anguish as he did. He shot through the atmosphere and saw the dreadnought as the last of the drop ships docked with it. He floated there looking at the massive ship. He raised his arms into the are, and spread them eagle. He slammed his arms together sending a massive blast of energy from the negabands into the ship. The blast blew a hole into the massive ship. Marvel then flew towards it at full speed, the negabands glowing as the ship opened fire on him. He shrugged the blasts off as he slammed into the vessel, creating a huge explosion, ripping the ship apart.

The bow of the ship broke free from the rest of the wreck and careened out of control towards the Hammer Space Station. It impacted, engulfing both pieces in an explosion, that was quickly snuffed out by the vacuum of space. In the end, Captain Marvel floated alone in space as debris hovered around him.


Clint Barton and Sharon Carter stand in a cemetery looking down on a fresh grave.
Sharon turns to him “We have to get back. Steve and Tony have called a meeting.” Clint nods, they turn and leave.

The Avengers sit in the conference room at Stark Tower, once again.
Fury stands looking at the team “Baron Zemo, Loki, Crimson Dynamo, Winter Soldier, Enchantress and Executioner all managed to escape. However Enchantress and Executioner may not be a problem for us anymore since they actually aided us. Simon Williams‘ body has also vanished. HYDRA agents may have taken it during the battle.” he looked to Captain Marvel “Captain Marvel has explained to me what his people were planning, and I think you need to hear it.”

Marvel stood and looked at the others silently for a moment “First of all I’d like to say how sorry I am for everything I’ve done.” he glanced at Carol, who averted her gaze from him. He took a deep breath and continued “There is a great evil in the universe. This evil has wiped out countless civilizations in an attempt to please Death. He worships and loves Death and has pledged to give her all life in the universe. Some cultures worship him as a God. His name is Thanos. The Kree created me to fight him. He has armies across the universe at his disposal, unlimited technology. He himself has never been beaten in combat. Every few centuries he disappears, we didn’t know where he went, that is until now.”
Steve Rogers, Captain America in civilian garb, sighed and asked a question he knew the answer to “And where has he gone?”

“Earth.” Captain Marvel said, we believe he may come here to rest, he is immortal, he may need to… recharge himself. The last time he was seen in the galaxy was over one hundred and fifty of your Earth years ago.”
Wasp shook her head “Why do they think he is here?”
Captain Marvel replied “Look at your history. Look at all the wars that has occurred in the past two centuries. His very presence corrupts whatever world he is on. My people assumed he is here, and sought to destroy this planet on the slim possibility that it may kill him.”

Fury stood to address the team “Alright, what we do…” he was interrupted by all of the Avenges standing. Steve Rogers crossed his arms “We have something to say first.”
Tony hit a key on the table and activated a video, it was Fury and Zemo’s conversation. Tony looked at him “We’ve all seen this before. I found it when I was seeing if Ultron was still in our systems, he’s gone, but I found this.”
Clint looked at him with a cold stare “You knew. You sacrificed me, Barbara, Whitman, and half the world just so you could take a shot at Zemo. This is worse that what the alien did.”
Fury looked at them “I had my reasons. You can’t possibly understand.”
Steve looked at him “We don’t want to.” he turned and walked out the door to the conference room, followed by the rest of the team. Only Tony and Fury remained.
Tony and Fury looked at each other. Tony shook his head “I’m not walking out. I own this building. You can leave.”

Hank and Janet held each other as the left Stark Tower. Jan hailed a cab as Hank’s cell phone rang. Hank pulled it out “Hello?”
“Thank you Hank.”
Hank paled “Who is this?”
“Thank you, for giving me life. I will see you again, soon.” the voice hung up.
Jan walked over to him “Who was that?”

In a dark room a pair of red eyes light up. The eyes turn and walk to a large table under a light. The table has something under it, but is covered by a sheet. A metal hand reaches out and pulls the sheet away, revealing Wonder Man’s body. The rest of the metal being walks into the light, revealing it is a metallic skeleton.


Here is a casting video featuring "Don't Fear the Reaper" by the Blue Oyster Cult:

Post credits scene:
Baron Zemo stands in a massive chamber. The walls are smoothed stone. Zemo kneels on a dais in the center of the massive chamber. Beneath him is a large dark lake.
Zemo raises his head “All went according to your plan master. The Kree force has been repelled. The Avengers have proved their worth. You now know the strength of your enemies.” Zemo look across the chamber, to a throne.
On the throne sat a massive grey skinned humanoid creature “Excellent my servant.” the creature said in a deep gravelly voice “Soon, the galaxy will once again know the might of Thanos!”

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Let me know what you think below.

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