Fan cast for a Live action Television adaptation of Stan Lees Stripperella (Updated)

Here is my updated fan cast for a live action television adaptation of Stan Lees 2003 adult animated series Stripperella, with Updated casting and information.

Executive Producers and Showrunners

As for Executive Producers and show runners I will have Seth MacFarlane, Larry Charles and last but not at least Stan Lee.


Mila Kunis as Amy Gershon/Erotica Jones/ Stripperella- Unlike the animated series, this version of Striperella will be much more darker and more complex. My Idea for Stripperella is that She was Born as Amy Gershon into a Middle Class Jewish family in New York. she also has Aspergers Syndrome, when she was at high school she fell in love with a boy called Miles (Ashton Kutcher) who looked after her. One day during a science class, the daughter of Pushy Galore (who would soon become Queen Ciltoris)   and a known bully to Amy Gershon tormented her at clas. This ended with Amy losing her temper and threw acid onto her face  which resulted in Amy being expelled from school. upset, She was then sent to a boarding school for people with Special Needs, sometime at the end of her first term, her parents were murdered, when she returned to home in New York, She attempted suicide by dropping at Brooklyn Bridge but as she was about to drown she was saved by a women called Pamela (Portrayed by Pamela Anderson), who was the original Stripperella, Barbara trains Amy in martial arts, helps her over come her Aspergers and/ create a new public Identiy by giving her a Blonde Wig, a Boob Job, and a new name, Erotica Jones, Barbara also passes down the Torch by giving the Stripperella Identity to Erotica. Barbara also tells Erotica jones/ Amy Gershon that Pushy Galore was behind the murder of her parents ad that Pamela was her godmother. Erotica would eventually leave Barbara behind and move to Los Angeles where she  takes the Job of a Stripper in Kevins (Tom Green) club where she befriended other strippers like Persephone and Giselle. She would eventually become a famous Playboy model and Porno star. Erotica would use her funds to fight crime under her Super hero Persona Stripperella. Unlike the animated series, this Stripperella will not be a secret agent but a freelance vigilante. This version of Stripperella is loosely based on the Los Angeles 80's Billboard Icon Angelyne and both bears a lot of similarities between Each other. Like how Erotica Jones/ Amy Gershon was born to a Jewish family and reinvented herself as Erotica Jones, Angelyne was born as Ronia Goldberg to a Jewish family and reinvented herself as Angelyne .

Josh The Ponceman Perry as Jimmy Pickles (Based on Special Agent 14)- A computer hacker with Downs Syndrome, This character will play the role as a sicekick to Stripperella similar to that of Microchip in the Punisher. Erotica first met him at the height of her career when he was beaten up by thugs, Remembering how she was bullied at school because of her Aspergers Syndrome, she fought off the bullies and saved him. She would eventually recruit him to help her with her crime fighting caree for his computer hacking skills.

Ashton Kutcher as Miles Buchanan- He was Amy Gershons childhood boyfriend until she was expelled from school. After Amy Gershon supposedly commited suicide due to her parents death. he persumed her dead until he saw a picture of Amy Gershon as Erotica Jones. He deduced that Erotica Jones was infact Amy Gershon due to their facial features and her twitching. Amy and miles wuld eventually reunite at the near end of season one. He would eventually get captured by Pushy Galore and saved by Stripperella/ Erotica Jones.

Pamela Anderson as Pamela (The Original Stripperella)- Pamela Anderson voiced Stripperella in the 2003 animated series and Stripperella was based on her. I think It would be a good idea if she played a mentor to Amy Gershon and someone who passes down the mantle of Stripperella to Amy Gershon/ Erotica Jones. Pamela in this series is Amy Geshons Godmother who was good friends with Amy Gershons parents who were infact whistleblowers exposing Pushy Galores companys unethical doings which ended with them being murdered

Karen Gillan as Persephone

Lacey Chabert as Giselle

Tom Green as Kevin Calhoun

Jeff Garlin as Commisioner Stroganoff- Based on Cheif Stroganoff in te Agency of the original Stripperella series. This versnion will be a Police Commisioner.

Matt Sloan and J B Smoove as Hal & Bernard- best friends of Jimmy Pickes, they provide gadgets for Stripperella

Gina Gershon as Pushy Galore-The Main villain of Season 1 and the woman responsible for the Murder of Amy Gershons parents ue to them exposing her companies unethical doings.

Seth Green as Cheapo

Ted Danson as Dr Caesarean

Ken Davitian as Smallfry- This version will be a parody of theBatman Villan the Penguins in which he plays a role of and arm dealer who sells weapons to Pushy Galore

What do you think?


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