Here it is. The big one. A "What If" plot for a Justice League movie.

Fan Fic Opinion

I have wondered in the past if I should put these up as editorials but given the detailed nature of the plots, fan fics seem to be the best place. This will be my last DC "If I Was Making..." for a little while. I have more DC plots but I want to shift focus to other things like Marvel. But before I switch gears, I'll present the biggest DC one of all - Justice League. My idea for this is as a one-off epic that's around three hours long and is so freaking awesome that it could kill the superhero genre because nobody would ever be able to top it.

As with all of my articles, I'm trying to adapt this for general audiences so there may be some things that don't fit the comics exactly. However I do still try to maintain the general ideas from the comics as much as possible. So then...let's get started, shall we? In my head, this is set in the same universe as my Superman outline and Wonder Woman outline (probably Green Lantern and Flash as well, depending on which characters you want to use, i.e. Hal or Kyle, Barry or Wally). There's also quite a bit that I don't go into in this treatment and I will be happy to fill in gaps and answer questions in the comments section.


The film takes place 6 months after a Superman movie where Superman is killed by Doomsday. In the final scene, at Superman's funeral, several Boom Tubes open in the skies of Metropolis and an armada comes through, headed by Darkseid. That's where the film ends. A cliffhanger. While I would like to link other superheroes into this world through their own films, at most there might be a passing reference in Green Lantern about Apokolips being off limits to Green Lanterns or something. I do have an idea where at the end of Aquaman, Arthur would watch a breaking news story about Superman's funeral and the invasion but integrating every hero would take a lot of work and the way I have it set up, keeping them separate in their own films actually works to the advantage of the story I'd tell. I may go into that Superman movie in the future but I should say that if there wasn't a cliffhanger, it could be used to open this movie instead. But for now, let's assume the cliffhanger from the Superman movie is there.

We open with live news. It's all news broadcasts, live footage, amateur footage sent into the networks, reporters in helicopters surveying the scene, reporters embedded with troops etc. It starts with the Superman vs Doomsday fight. We catch the tail end of the fight, the reaction to the death of Superman and then the live coverage of his funeral and Darkseid's invasion. We see troops attacking the armada, people running for their lives, cities being ruined. Cut to Coast City where a live broadcast shows Green Lantern fighting off Parademons, being quickly overwhelmed. In Central City, the Flash finds himself in similar circumstances. In New York, Wonder Woman fights bravely but even she is beaten back while in Gotham City Batman is completely outmatched and quickly disposed of (don't worry he will kick ass in this concept ). This is our introduction to the heroes. We watch it as the citizens of the various cities would. They work separately and alone. They all fail. But there is nobody to even try to defend Metropolis. It's essentially a montage of news footage, working as a pre-credits sequence to show what happens after the cliffhanger at the end of Superman. Then we have our opening titles.

After the titles it's 6 months later. Darkseid is in full control of the planet. The worlds heroes have been driven underground and while there are pockets or resistance, it is nowhere near enough to challenge the lord of Apokolips. We don't meet Darkseid yet. The first part of the film shows only his agents, the likes of Desaad and Granny Goodness. It seems that they have found the hidden island of Themyscira and are preparing to attack, ready to destroy the old gods to be replaced by the new (yes, Darkseid refers to himself as a god, as do Orion and others who we meet soon). This is where we get our first big action sequence. We see the attack on Themyscira and the Amazons, led by Hippolyta and Diana, fighting Parademons. We learn that Themyscira is the only existing bridge between the realm of the Olympians and the world of mortals. Darkseid is determined to kill the Olympians. The Amazons fight valiantly but they struggle to hold back the opposing forces. Ares, who imprisoned on Themyscira after the events of my Wonder Woman movie (see previous "If I Was Making..." post ) is unleashed to aid in the defense of the island the other Olympians are forced to join the battle. Once Zeus steps on to the battlefield though, Darkseid makes his presence known and our first look at him comes when we watch him kill Zeus with his bare hands. He doesn't even bother with the other Olympians, leaving his forces to continue the battle as most of the Olympians flee, some die and the Amazons are pushed back to the gates of the underworld only to be attacked from within as we learn that Hades made a deal with Darkseid. A lot of this stuff might be cut. The film would be pretty long as it is but if it stays it would be a pretty epic battle. The battle continues but we cut away.

We find ourselves in Coast City where Hal Jordan is working with a local militia, engaging in hit and run attacks on Darkseid's forces, hoping to disrupt them enough that it will maybe get them to think about leaving while also giving some hope to the people that there are still people fighting for them. In Central City, The Flash is fighting against the odds, trying to drive the Parademons back but he's having no luck whatsoever. It all seems hopeless. In Gotham, Bruce Wayne sits at his computer in the Bat Cave, watching events unfold. He comments that he feel useless. He trained himself to fight criminals and what has happened is way out of his league. One of the screens shows an image of Superman's desecrated tomb. Bruce silently curses Superman for dying and leaving a world that needs him more than ever.

Back in Metropolis, a solitary figure approaches Superman's tomb. He stares down at it and speaks, seemingly to himself, talking about how the Kryptonian's body has a slower rate of decomposition than others and that regeneration is then possible. He then issues a command to "motherbox" and we learn that he wasn't talking to himself and that he is in fact Orion. There is a bright flash of light and as the screen turns white, we hear two voices conversing. One is that of Orion. The other sounds older, wiser. They talk about "his essence" remaining and they argue about interfering in what's happening on Earth. Orion successfully argues that humanity deserves a chance to fight for itself and as the white light fades, we look up at Orion and the person he was talking to - HighFather. Superman is resurrected. But he's weak and doesn't know what's going on. He asks what happened with Doomsday but they don't answer. They lead him outside onto a balcony overlooking a wondrous city, far beyond the technology of Earth or Krypton. It floats high above a paradise planet below. We are of course on New Genesis.

Now it's exposition time. You know, that bit where you have to find out everything you need to know about the plot even though it risks boring the audience or messing with the pacing. In this case it's made all the trickier because this is essentially the part where I have to explain the New Gods, how the superheroes can exist in the same universe and what Darkseid's ultimate goals are. It's long been argued that a New Gods story would need a trilogy on its own to be effective and here I am trying to do it all in 20 minutes...eek. So nothing I write is going to live up to that. So I'm trying to simplify it and tweak it in a way that works for the story without utterly destroying the version from the comics. Tough job. So here it is:

Essentially it's the god wave. A force of energy spread across the rapidly expanding universe at the Big Bang that allowed some forms of life to be elevated above others. It is how the Olympians and the New Gods came into being but more than that it allowed beings across the universe to elevate themselves, not as gods but still gifted. It's this energy that allowed Kryptonians to evolve in such a way to give Superman his powers, that allowed the Oans to excel as scientists and discover a way to protect a fragile universe, creating the Green Lanterns. This energy created the conditions for Barry Allen to get caught in a lab accident that gave him incredible speed. On New Genesis, the New God's speculated that the energy may be divine in nature or at least beyond their comprehension and thus had a purpose. But the universe remained random. Darkseid could not accept the contradiction of free will and randomness in a universe with a divine spark. He began to view the universe as corrupt, free will as a disease and thus, the "Source" of the god wave as being imperfect and corrupt itself, a life equation without a suitable solution. And so Darkseid resolved to challenge the Source, to correct the chaos of the universe. Life itself was contrary to the order he sought. So he would search the stars for his solution. An Anti-Life equation. Believing that free will held the key, he would bend the universe and every being within to his will. There would be no freedom, no thoughts but his own. And he would challenge the Source. Highfather of course told him it was impossible, that he couldn't remake the universe, he couldn't bend it to his will. This put them on opposing sides and Darkseid and his followers were exiled to a sister planet, one he called Apokolips. Darkseid and Highfather would engage in eternal war, a manifestation of good versus evil, freedom versus domination, chaos vs order.

Before I go any further, that last paragraph took an hour to write and still makes no sense. No idea how I'd get all that into a script yet, but there it is.

Anyways, they waged war across eons even as life flourished in the ever-expanding universe around them. The Green Lanterns came to be defenders of justice in a chaotic universe but even the Guardians were unaware of the New Gods and their conflict. It existed only as rumor, affecting the universe in profound ways that nobody could comprehend. Eventually, as the old gods on Earth faded into obscurity with the rise of an era of enlightenment and self-determination, as Krypton moved from old superstitions to new science, Darkseid determined that his war with Highfather was contrary to his goals. A truce was declared. With many losses on both sides, Highfather agreed to the truce to prevent more bloodshed to the people he protected. They exchanged sons. Orion, son of Darkseid and Scott Free, son of Highfather would be raised by their fathers enemies and neither god would attack the other, ending the war. And so as New Genesis retreated into the background, Darkseid could focus his attention on breaking the will of the universe itself and set out his mission of conquest and domination.

So that's the backstory...yeah...maybe it does need 2 or 3 films...but in any case, we learn that Orion acted against Highfather's orders in bringing Superman to New Genesis, warning that Darkseid could use it as an excuse to break the truce. Orion comments that he didn't attack anyone from Apokolips and that if Darkseid can be allowed to conquer, surely New Genesis should at least give the worlds he invades the opportunity to fight for their freedom. As Superman regains his powers (and is given a new suit since the one he fought Doomsday in was torn to shreds, this new one is black with a silver S...don't worry, it doesn't last long), Highfather tells Orion to return him to Earth. But Orion has an ulterior motive for bringing Superman to New Genesis. As part of the truce, nobody from New Genesis is allowed to step foot on Darkseid's world of Apokolips. We learn that Highfather's son, Scott Free has been imprisoned on Apokolips all his life, being tortured by Granny Goodness and trained to be an acolyte in Darkseid's army. But Scott's will has always proven strong enough to resist Goodness and Darkseid's attempts to break him. With Darkseid's forces on Earth, Scott has the chance to break out of his prison but needs help. That's where Superman comes in. Orion tells him that while he needs him to free Scott, Superman also has to see Apokolips for himself and see just what will happen to Earth if Darkseid isn't stopped and see what he will be up against. Again, this part could be cut out but I'll leave it in for now.

Superman travels to Apokalips to free Scott, learning that one of Granny Goodness' Female Furies fell in love with Scott and is helping to free him. During this sequence, we see the horror of Apokolips, encounter Big Barda and meet Mr. Miracle himself, who has already escaped the prison by the time Superman and Barda arrive but is now facing the imposing threat of Kalibak. Superman of course kicks his ass. Barda and Scott open a Boom Tube back to New Genesis and before they leave, they tell Superman that he can't defeat Darkseid alone. They also tell him that Superman's only hope is to get Darkseid himself to engage in battle. If Superman can show that Darkseid isn't all powerful, that he can be defeated, maybe his forces will begin to doubt him.

Of course this is a Justice League story, not a Superman story, so what about everyone else? Well, while all the New God stuff is going on we have a couple of other stories going on at the same time. Of course we have Wonder Woman on Themyscira trying desperately to fight off Hades' undead army and Darkseid's forces. We also see Hal Jordan pleading with the Guardians to send reinforcements to free Earth but the Guardians have problems of their own (Manhunter war in the Green Lantern series I wrote about a while back) and can't risk getting into a war with Darkseid. Hal is on his own. Sam Lane is trying to hold a small resistance force together with the help of Steve Trevor, Bruce Wayne is studying the Parademons, the technology, everything he can, trying to find a weakness as Gotham falls into chaos. Aquaman is in Atlantis, arguing with the ruling council about coming to the aid of the surface-dwellers but the Atlanteans fear that if Darkseid discovers their existence they will be doomed.

The epicenter of the invasion though is Metropolis. That's where Darkseid is. Nations that haven't surrendered have been destroyed. He is in command. The people remain in their homes, afraid to go outside but strangely, Darkseid isn't sending his parademons to kill everyone. He wants to break the people, not destroy them. Any hope they cling to must be extinguished and as Darkseid studies the human race, he realises that as he tortures and torments people, they all cling to a small hope of salvation. He finds humanity's will to resist, even if it's in a small part of a fragile mind, interesting. He wonders if humanity may hold the key to destroying free will, to finding his Anti-Life solution. So he decides to see how far the human spirit can go before it shatters. Rather than targeting the masses, he targets their food, poisons their water, starts to burn forests. Voices of dissent are rounded up along with world leaders and anyone who could give humanity a future. From religious leaders to the worlds greatest minds (including Lex Luthor), he sends his Parademons to bring them all to Metropolis. He will use Earth's own communications systems to broadcast a mass execution of these people, attempting to destroy any hope of recovery for the human race. He plots with Desaad and Granny Goodness to spread infertility among the population and of course other nefarious things that I haven't thought of yet. Ha.

In Smallville, a Boom Tube opens. Superman steps through, returning to the home he grew up in. His parents of course are shocked but overcome with joy to see him. The Kent Farm isn't what it was. Corn crops have withered and died. The animals are dead or diseased. As Jonathan and Martha tell their son what's been happening in the world, Superman knows it's time to act. But he can't do it by himself. He needs help and he knows where to get it. Before he leaves though, he goes to his old room and takes out a new red and blue suit from under his bed, replacing the black one he was given on New Genesis.

In Gotham City, Clark Kent knocks on a wooden door. He wears his familiar glasses, suit and trench coat and has a note pad and pen in his hands. An old man opens the door - Alfred. Clark asks to see Bruce Wayne but Alfred informed him that the billionaire is unavailable. Clark turns to leave but stops and turns back around, preventing Alfred from closing the door. Clark then asks to see Batman. A voice behind Alfred says to let Clark in. Bruce and Clark stand face to face. Bruce comments that Clark was supposed to be dead. Clark responds that he was and then Bruce pulls a little lead box from his pocket and opens it. Oh yes. Kryptonite. Clark staggers back in pain, falling to his knees. Bruce reaches down and pulls Clark's glasses off. He grins and closes the lead box. He had to be sure.

We cut to the Batcave underneath Wayne Manor where we learn that the Parademons have released all the inmates from Arkham and with no police or national guard around, they have basically taken over the city. It's too much for Batman. He has no powers, his "toys" are no match for hardened alien soldiers with no will of their own. For the first time, Batman feels lost and useless. It is a war that's just too big for him (again, don't worry Bat-fans...). The world needs Superman. But Clark shakes his head. He can't do it alone. There are other heroes on the planet, those who inspire humanity. Clark knows that it's not enough to attack Darkseid. To defeat him, the world has to be given hope, they have to be inspired. But the heroes have gone underground and Clark needs Bruce's help to find them. Bruce...being Bruce, already knows where a few of them are. He knows that the Flash is Wally West (read my Flash movie idea to find out why it's Wally, not Barry), he knows that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern. He mentions Aquaman but has determined that the apparent sea-hero doesn't exist and he has no way of finding Wonder Woman. And then we hear a voice behind them. Without hesitation, Batman throws a Batarang. It flies at the mysterious presence and passes straight through him. He introduces himself as no other than J'onn J'onzz - The Martian Manhunter. We do get a little bit of his backstory but a Martian Manhunter movie (or TV Series) would happen after Justice League so this is essentially his introduction to the DC movieverse that I have in my head - the one that will never see the light of day.

J'onn tells the heroes that he can find Wonder Woman, that she exists in a place between dimensions (or something along those lines). So finally, after 90 minutes to 2 hours, it's time to bring them all together. First, Clark travels to Coast City to find Green Lantern and bring him back to Gotham while Bruce goes to Central City to get The Flash. Then J'onn goes to Themyscira to get Wonder Woman, helping her and the Amazons to close the gates of the Underworld and fight back against Darkseid's forces. With the battle won, Diana is reluctant to leave Themyscira but Hippolyta tells her to go, saying that the Amazons will be ready to fight when the time comes. Before they leave, J'onn looks out at the water and closes his eyes. He's basically sending a psychic message to Aquaman, but we find that out later on.

6 of the 7 meet up in Gotham at Wayne Manor, all of them in their everyday clothes to avoid suspicion. Darkseid's planned execution of the "worlds hopes" is going to take place the next day. It will be broadcast all over the world and Bruce suggests that they can use the broadcast to rally any surviving resistance into coming out to fight. Wally asks what they could possibly do to give the world hope and restore its fighting spirit and Diana points out that one of them was dead, yet here he stands. Perhaps the greatest of them all (Bruce of course rolls his eyes at that one). If the world sees Superman, they will stand up. But even so their only hope is to take down Darkseid himself. Metropolis is going to be centre stage in the battle.

Clark returns to a devastated Metropolis, to the Daily Planet which has been taken over by Glorious Godfrey and forced to print propaganda pieces but he also ensures that the true horror of the worlds plights is known. When Clark walks in the door, it is of course a shock to everyone. He has been missing since Superman died (for obvious reasons). When Lois sees him, she slaps him then hugs him. When she asks where he's been, he says it's tough to explain. He brings her up to the roof of the Daily Planet so that they can talk. It's the morning of the planned execution. She asks him again where he's been and Clark starts to ramble about life and death, about keeping secrets. I have this entire conversation in my head but I'm not going to write it out here. Eventually, Clark realises he can't say the words, that they seem unreal, even to him. It's better if he shows her. He removes his glasses. At first Lois doesn't realise what's happening. She looks at him and sees Clark, but as he looks back at her it begins to dawn on her. She shakes her head, not believing it and then Clark opens his jacket and shirt, revealing the S shield. Then he flies out of his clothes. Again I know how I'd do this but it's hard to explain. He essentially takes off, just a few feet and his clothes fall away, revealing the Superman costume. Lois falls to her knees, sobbing, her mind still trying to comprehend it all. She screams at him, demanding to know where he's been, why he didn't save the world. He tells her he really was dead but that he's back. There's so much he wants to tell her, something he wants to ask her, but there's no time and Lois won't let him anyway. She tells him "when it's over," wanting something to cling on to, something to hope for. Superman tells her that she needs to find her father. His resistance forces need to be ready to move. Lois asks how her father will know when to launch an offensive. Superman gives her a reassuring smile and says he'll just know. Before he leaves, he looks down at his clothes, crumpled up with his glasses on the roof. He picks up his glasses and gives them to Lois, asking her to hold on to them for him. Then he leaves. While all this is going on, we intercut with Desaad preparing the worlds hopes for execution as Godfrey commands the world wide broadcast to begin. Darkseid watches the events on his flagship high above the city.

The Metropolis police force are drafted in to carry out the execution. Of course none of them want to do it but they're being forced as Parademons stand over their families. Someone is going to be executed and its their choice who it is. The world watches as reluctantly, the police open fire on the group of political and religious leaders, poets, scientists, philanthropists etc. The bullets fly through the air...and then nothing. Everyone is still standing. Enraged, Desaad orders them to fire again. A gust of wind blows the police back on to the ground. At first there is confusion. Then someone sees it...and they say those words as the cameras broadcasting the event begin to point upwards - Look! Up in the sky!

Superman hovers. His long red cape flutters like a flag caught in the wind. High above on his flagship, Darkseid barely manages a smile. Surgical strikes of heat vision free the captives from their bonds. Among them, Lex Luthor grins, commenting that he never thought he'd be happy to see the Man of Steel but he'd make an exception just this once. The Parademons holding the families of the police officers hostage find themselves being thrown through the air as a burst of green energy collides with them. And so the battle begins.

This battle is epic. To describe it all would be insane. You've got parademons, the female furies, Darkseid's elite forces, our heroes, Sam Lane's resistance movement. Metropolis is a war zone. With the battle well underway, Superman goes straight for Darkseid. They have a quick conversation but Darkseid doesn't engage him. He is aware of Superman's time on Apokolips and expected his arrival but Superman is still "just a man" while Darkseid calls himself a god. He leaves his forces to deal with Superman and watches, amused at the carnage far below. But there is of course one important question - where's Aquaman?

Well I'm glad you asked...even though you didn't...Aquaman and his forces come from the sea (of course), bringing a force of Amazons with them. Throughout the story, there is a sense from other heroes and even Batman himself, that the Caped Crusader just isn't up for this battle. Of course he proves himself and everyone else wrong, kicking ass, taking on the Female Furies. J'onn J'onnz is co-ordinating the heroes efforts and doing a hell of a lot of fighting himself. Even Lex Luthor gets in on the action. The battle rages but try as he might, Superman just can't get close enough to Darkseid to take him on. He gets help from Wonder Woman as they slowly work their way to the lord of Apokolips.

We learn that people all over the planet are rising up to fight against their oppressors. Even the criminals in Gotham are fighting. But as well as Earth's forces are doing, there's just too many Parademons, too many war ships to take down. Finally, Wonder Woman and Superman punch and blast their way to Darkseid. He blasts Wonder Woman with his Omega Beam. She blocks it but falls from his ship, crashing into the ground far below. Superman uses the brief distraction to punch Darkseid square in the face. Darkseid responds violently, throwing a devastating punch that sends Superman flying crashing down, landing next to Wonder Woman. It takes a moment for Darkseid to realise that his followers are looking at him, surprised. Then he notices. Blood. His blood. It's just a trickle, coming from his face, but it's enough. He sees the doubt in his followers eyes. Angered, he blasts one of them with his Omega Beam, disintegrating him.

Enraged, Darkseid steps off his ship, falling down to the ground, landing on his feet as if he'd just stepped off a curb. He goes straight for Superman, not seeing a giant green fist swinging for him. Darkseid crashes into a building. All seven heroes stand together, each of them landing a blow on Darkseid. The forces nearest to them attack. The seven drive them back. As Darkseid recovers, Batman talks to his forces, urging them to look at their god. See that he can be hurt. Even a god can bleed. As Batman fuels the doubt in Darkseid's forces, a boom tube opens and Orion steps through. He taunts Darkseid, stating that he isn't capable of fighting his own battles. Darkseid is pissed at this point. He wants to crush them all, to show them how powerful he really is. But Orion suggests something else. This is something that Orion and Superman worked out on New Genesis. There is no way that the seven heroes could defeat all of Darkseid's forces. But if they could get Darkseid to fight, to put the fate of the planet on the line, they may have a chance. Darkseid agrees to the idea with a smile. In fact he laughs. He will fight Superman and destroy him as the world watches. Their saviour, back from the dead will be returned to his grave, the worlds greatest hope destroyed once and for all, breaking the human spirit completely.

So the stage is set. Darkseid vs Superman. What about the other heroes? Darkseid tells his best warriors to destroy them. We do of course follow that battle but the main focus is on Superman vs Darkseid. It's immense. Superman is pushed to his limit and beyond, Darkseid is pushed to his. They fight across Metropolis as the world watches. But Superman can't seem to break Darkseid down and every blow coming from the New God is devastating. It's the Doomsday fight all over again. The world is going to watch as their hero is killed once more, this time forever. The other heroes, caught up in their own battles are unable to help him. As Superman lies on the ground, Darkseid kneeling over him, punching his face again and again, Superman's eyes catch the light of the sun. With a final feat of strength, Superman pushes Darkseid off and opens a Boom Tube, disappearing through it. Darkseid can't help but laugh. The worlds greatest hero has fled. The Earth is his. the rest of the heroes, shocked at Superman's apparent cowardice, find themselves facing overwhelming odds, each of them being defeated. They're forced to their knees. Darkseid is going to execute them personally.

But we're not done yet. In the heart of the solar system, close to the burning fires of Earth's sun, a Boom Tube opens. Superman appears. His body is filled with solar energy, more than he has ever had. Perhaps too much. But he's going to burn off that extra energy pretty quickly. As his suit starts to burn away, Superman takes off across the solar system, flying at speed, getting closer and closer to the speed of light. As Darkseid's eyes glow, ready to deliver an Omega blast to Batman, something hits him, almost like a bolt of lightning. Superman hovers in front of Batman for a moment, then charges at Darkseid. He punches him again and again, each blow drawing blood. Punch after punch connects with a final blow knocking Darkseid clean across the street, crashing through a building. Then, heat vision. The full power of the sun targeted at Darkseid. The New God struggles to stand against it. His whole body seems to catch fire as he screams in agony and rage. When Superman stops, Darkseid unleashes the full force of his Omega Beam. Superman dodges but the beam follows. He flies between buildings, the beam follows. He goes high and low, the beam follows. Twisting. Turning. And then stops for an instant. Right in front of Darkseid who doesn't have a chance to react as Superman disappears and Darkseid takes the full force of his own blast. He falls to his knees. Utterly defeated. But in spite of his fall, his forces rush to his aid, still devoted followers.

As several Boom Tubes open, Darkseid's forces retreat back to Apokolips, taking their master with them. The deal was made and Darkseid will honour it...for now. As the heroes look upon a ruined Metropolis, Lex Luthor promises to rebuild it, make it bigger and better than before (set up for another Superman movie of course ). The heroes realise that they can't let something like this happen again, that there are always going to be some threats that nobody can handle alone. So in times of crisis they'll come together to fight as one, find other heroes to fight alongside them for truth and justice - A Justice League.

A few days later, on the roof of the Daily Planet, Lois and Superman stand watching the city begin the process of recovery. They share a moment, Superman asks Lois to marry him, Lois reminds him that she still hasn't met his mother...but of course she says yes. She reaches into her purse and takes out his glasses but Superman asks her to hold onto them for just a little longer. There's something he needs to do.

In Gotham City, the inmates from Arkham have run amok. They're running the city. The sun is setting as Jim Gordon stands atop police headquarters. He turns on the Bat signal. On the street below, many of the criminals stand facing the lone figure of Batman. They tell him that Gotham is their city now and that even he can't stand alone against them. Batman gives a slight grin and asks what made them think he was alone...the criminals take a step back as Superman, Aquaman, Green Lanterm, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Wonder Woman appear, standing beside Batman. They are the Justice League. Cut to Black - End Credits.

So that's it. That's my Justice League. It's epic, there's a lot of character stuff I haven't gotten into, It's so out there that it would probably flop and cost a billion dollars to make. Oh and it would be about as long as Return of the King. As I said at the very beginning, this is designed to be a one-off epic, probably at the end of a cycle of DC superhero films. There is a focus on Superman in this but the other heroes get plenty of time to show their stuff, a lot of which I haven't gone into here.


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