Megan Fox can KISS MY @SS!!!!!

Now that I have your attention - I'm sick and tired of all these baby-faced 'tweens' everyone seems to gravitate towards every time a comic book movie casting is discussed. Here are some of MY picks - starting with the DC universe's 'Holy Trinity'....

When I started ‘The TARDIS Databank’, I was planning on focusing only on the ‘Doctor Who’ universe. But lately with all the talk about comic book movie casting, I feel the need to take a brief moment to divert into the world of comic book superheroes and throw my two-cents into the ring.

I’ve noticed that a lot of focus has been on actors that I would consider a little too ‘Calvin Klein underwear model-ish’ looking. You know the type, they’re the ‘in’ actors - the ones who seem to land ALL the choice roles (whether or not they truly fit the part or not). Now I’m not knocking their acting ability (well, maybe I am for some, but that’s beside the point), but EVERYONE (from Hollywood to many on this site) seem to gravitate towards these baby-faced overgrown tweens when it comes to our favorite comic book icons. But remember people, we’re talking about OUR FAVORITE COMIC BOOK ICONS here! Should they really be portrayed by someone who’s popular right now, or someone who really LOOKS and can ACT the part?

Now I’ve always pictured comic book superheroes as being …. older. No, scratch that – the words I’m looking for are ‘more mature’. There’s a certain wisdom that say the Superman of the comic books conveys that in my opinion, Brandon Routh totally missed. I say, let’s get away from the nursery and put the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles!

With that said, here are some of MY selections of who I’d pick for the DC universe if I were head of Warner Brothers (note – some of these you’ve probably seen before)….

Let’s start with the DC Trinity for now:

John Barrowman – Superman / Clark Kent

Now before some of you homophobes start jumping my [excrement], yes I know he’s gay. To which I reply, “Big @#$!-ing deal!” He’s got the look… He’s got the frame... And MOST importantly, he’s got the TALENT! For those of you unfamiliar with his work here in the US, he plays (quite brilliantly) Captain Jack Harkness in a ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off series called ‘Torchwood’. If you have cable, check it out on BBC America. Be warned, it’s VERY addictive!

Adrian Pasdar – Batman / Bruce Wayne

Now before everyone starts lining up to beat the crap out of me – I AM NOT bashing Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins’ or ‘The Dark Knight’. I think they are BRILLIANT pieces and he should be applauded! With that said, I AM taking a swipe at Christian Bale. Let’s face it people, Batman is the DARK Knight. Can anyone truly say that Bale’s interpretation was the twisted and tormented figure we comic book fans have come to love over the years? C’mon people – his parents were MURDERED right in front of him as a little child! You don’t think he might grow up just a little... "tweaked"?! Bale’s Wayne is an pale, moody, emo farce in comparison to the ‘real McCoy’. That, and every time he speaks as Batman, I can only understand every third word coming out of his mouth! I feel the overwhelming urge to offer him a throat lozenge and a bowl of chicken soup (there, I said it – let the lynching commence)! I want someone who can confidently walk /dance the line between total control and sheer madness. Screw ‘Dark’, I want ‘Pitch Black’! I believe Pasdar’s got the goods to stand and deliver! (Tip-o-the-hat to Shaman for this suggestion – Thanks buddy!)

Rhona Mitra – Wonder Woman / Diana Prince

IF (oh fingers crossed!) the people at WB ever do decide to get off their lazy backsides and make a ‘Wonder Woman’ film, I hope / pray that they take note from ‘Superman Returns’ and try NOT to make just a continuation of something from the seventies! It failed (miserably) with the Big Blue Schoolboy, and it will fail horribly with everyone’s favorite Amazonian Princess! Don’t get me wrong, the seventies TV show was great, FOR ITS TIME! Lynda Carter was the ideal Wonder Woman for that era and I’d cast her in a heartbeat as Queen Hyppolita, but times have changed. The Wonder Woman needed in today’s world is a true Amazon warrior - one who is not afraid to wield the sword as well as offer an olive branch (Megan Fox lovers - LEAVE NOW!). Anyone who’s seen ‘Underworld – Rise of the Lycans’ KNOWS that Mitra not only has the looks, stature, and acting ability, but also the sheer ‘[email protected]’ (YES I know that’s not a real word) to be a true Amazon Princess!

Well, that’s my two-cents for now. More as I think of them…

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