Star Wars Episode 7-9

Recollection, speculation, and optimism now fuel the future of a galaxy far, far away!

Years ago, well, more like decades, I remember an interview George Lucas did on some talk show. As a young Star Wars fan, as I think this was after Empire Strikes Back just came out, when I heard him say this, I was stoked!

When asked about the future of this Star Wars thing Lucas had started and where it was going, GL replied{summarized from memory}, "It's a 9 part story about these two robots. Hopefully, I can make them all in my lifetime but, we will have to see how the next one does."

Once the internet arrived and people began posting videos, I began watching and waiting for that video to appear. Alas, it has not done so to this day.

As a ravenous and immersed Star Wars junkie, I received the Disney buying Lucasfilm with cautious uncertainty. Given what the Disney/Marvel alliance has done, I do have high hopes but, at the same time, those hopes are tempered by just how badly it can all get screwed up.

What we have in Star Wars is a massive universe with a continuity that GL has worked hard to ensure, even in the expanded universe. He and his inner circle dictate what may and may not be used in the novels. I know this as a good friend of mine has written several and told me he was advised what had to be removed when his first draft was submitted. He was told GL was keeping those particular topics on his own boards.

So, by that we can determine GL has a plan for 7, 8, and 9. What is that plan? Well, only he knows for sure but, I believe we can do some fairly certain deducing based on GLs track record.

From that long ago interview, it is fairly certain C3PO and R2D2 will be in the new movies. Based on the time gap between Prequel and Original, we can be certain that, if any Original characters appear, they will be older and may only appear briefly.

Taking those certainties into account, I pose what could very well be the beginning of Episode 7.

Set 30-40 years out of Return of the Jedi, our opening scene could be an aged Luke, Han, Leia, and Lando, reprised by the originals, boarding a still functioning Millenium Falcon for one final diplomatic mission. They board the Falcon, saying farewell to their remaining offspring, Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker, along with a cadre of Jedi, Galactic Alliance personnel, and C3PO and R2D2.

Right as the Falcon begins the jump to lightspeed, it blows up.

Thus begins a new dark time as the Sith reappear as the culprits behind the deaths but, not the Sith under the rule of two, instead, the Sith as a focused army.

Episode 7 ends with the G.A. in disarray and full retreat and the Jedi Order severely hurt.

Episode 8 would cover the G.A. fighting a running war with the Sith fleet as Jaina, Ben, Lowbacca, Tenel Ka, and the droids seek a way for the 55 Jedi who remain to overcome the 125 Sith. It ends with them finding a lost world, where neither Jedi or Sith ever set foot but, the first Force users.

Episode 9 would find the Sith secure on Coruscant directing their fleet against the failing G.A. forces and all the Jedi joining Jaina and the others on the lost world. Once they are all their, the force spirits of legendary Jedi join force spirits of the first Force users to teach the current Jedi a new technique, Force Coordination. With this technique attuned within them, the Jedi head to Coruscant as the G.A. launches all it has at the Sith. It ends with climactic Jedi/Sith duels that ends the Sith and leaves 35 Jedi alive.

Throughout these episodes would be recollections of events that had gone before in the SWEU, such as the Vong, Jacen's fall, and Abeloth.

Thus, Episodes 10+ would have a firm footing to launch from.

Making new movies with recasts of the original characters, Luke, Han, Leia, etc., would be met with much fan disgruntlement, which is why Lucas set the trilogies far enough apart to avoid that trap. For, as much as he is not that great a script writer, Lucas is very much a visionary with incredible foresight.

So, if it goes down this way, here's the proof that I was right!

Then, I will do my happy dance! May the Force be with Star Wars, always!

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