HARRY POTTER Actress Bonnie Wright Found Ginny's Lack of Screen Time "A Bit Disappointing"

HARRY POTTER Actress Bonnie Wright Found Ginny's Lack of Screen Time "A Bit Disappointing"

Ron Weasley's sister, Ginny, faded into the background a little as the Harry Potter movies progressed, and actress Bonnie Wright has now admitted to being "frustrated" by her lack of screen time.

By MarkCassidy - Aug 31, 2023 10:08 AM EST
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Source: Via SFF Gazette

Ginny Weasley was a key figure in the Harry Potter novels, but over the course of Warner Bros.' big-screen adaptations, the character and her budding romance with the titular Boy Wizard became somewhat sidelined.

This is one of the major issues fans had with the movies, and as it turns out, actress Bonnie Wright shared their frustration.

Wright, now 32, debuted as Ginny in the first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's Stone, at the age of 9, and while Ron's little sister was a prominent supporting player in the first couple of films, she gradually faded into the background.

During an appearance on the latest episode of Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast (via Variety), Wright admitted that her character’s lack of screen time proved to be “a little bit disappointing.”

“I definitely feel there was anxiety towards performing and doing the best thing as my character built, for instance,” Wright said. “Like, ‘Oh gosh, will I do justice to this character that people love?’ So that was always hard to do, especially when, inevitably, a lot of the scenes of every character were chopped down from the book to the film. So you didn’t really have as much to show in the film.”

“Sometimes that was a little disappointing because there were parts of the character that just didn’t get to come through because there weren’t the scenes to do that,” she continued. “That made me feel a bit anxious or just frustrated, I guess.”

When asked if she ever approached the producers or studio execs with her concerns, she said it seemed like a pointless endeavour due to the perception that there was so little wiggle room when it came to making any changes to the scripts.

“There were a million executives going through them all,” Wright explained. “I think what I maybe took, which I don’t take so much to heart now, is I kind of felt that maybe my anxiety was about, ‘Oh, I’m going to be seen as badly portraying this character,’ rather than later realizing that I wasn’t really given the opportunity to do that. So it wasn’t really my fault, exactly.”

So, would Wright have any interested in reprising the role of Ginny if an adaptation of The Cursed Child ever materialized?

"It would be pretty fun because it's really about the children. It's not about our characters, so it wouldn't be a massive role. It would be really about these kids and the new generation. It would be fun, but I have no idea if they'll do it."

How do you feel about Ginny's lack of screen-time? Did it make a big difference to the movies? Drop us a comment down below.

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JobinJ - 8/31/2023, 10:08 AM
is this really worth an article?
BringFFtoMCU - 8/31/2023, 10:10 AM
@JobinJ - Agreed. This entire site has gone to shit.
MarkCassidy - 8/31/2023, 10:13 AM
@JobinJ - No, you're right, what was I thinking... I'll delete it now.
DevilsDreams - 8/31/2023, 10:33 AM
@JobinJ - Sod all else happening cause of the WAG strikes, so they are scrapping the barrel?
DudeGuy - 8/31/2023, 11:03 AM
@MarkCassidy - thanks
AmazingFILMporg - 8/31/2023, 11:19 AM
@BringFFtoMCU -

You should leave. Why would you stay in a shit place?

Delete your account nooooow🤡!
JobinJ - 8/31/2023, 3:08 PM
@MarkCassidy - great idea!
OrgasmicPotatoe - 8/31/2023, 10:11 AM
Yeah, Ginny got done dirty. Remember that scene in HBP when Harry's trying to get the Quidditch player's attention, and Ginny just shouts "SHUT IT!" and everyone falls in line ? That's book Ginny. She had an attitude, didn't take bullshit from no one.

Movie Ginny was just... there, I guess.
TheVisionary25 - 8/31/2023, 10:16 AM
@OrgasmicPotatoe - I agree.
IronGenesis - 8/31/2023, 10:12 AM
Seems like there is still a lot of meat on the bone to dramatize with these novels. And to bring them to a whole new generation of children.

If only there was a way…
MyCoolYoung - 8/31/2023, 10:12 AM
One thing I don't remember them showing, and I could be not remembering properly, was her and Harry's relationship. That shit felt like it came out of nowhere in the movies. Maybe Ginny used to give Harry handies when he came over their house those few times.
TheVisionary25 - 8/31/2023, 10:23 AM
@MyCoolYoung - nope ,

It’s kinda alluded to at times but very minorly

The example that comes to mind is in Chamber of Secrets where she comes down and Harry is there and she freaks out and runs away after which Ron tells Harry that she’s been talking a lot about him implying that maybe she has a thing for him.
OrgasmicPotatoe - 8/31/2023, 10:24 AM
@MyCoolYoung - It was subtly hinted at. In the fifth (or sixth?) book, she tells Hermione, who she's usually friendly with, to take a lap because she doesn't know jackshit about Quidditch. That must have raised Harry's eyebrow.
MyCoolYoung - 8/31/2023, 10:35 AM
@TheVisionary25 - see I didn't even remember that part about the chamber of secrets, but I knew it had to be something there
MyCoolYoung - 8/31/2023, 10:36 AM
@OrgasmicPotatoe - Harry was there as well?
OrgasmicPotatoe - 8/31/2023, 1:03 PM
@MyCoolYoung - Maybe i'm misremembering that part, but I'm pretty sure that apart from a handful of scenes (like Spinner's End at the beginning of HBP), Harry is always present.
TyrantBossMedia - 8/31/2023, 10:15 AM
So let's me get this straight.

An actress who had a small supporting role in a movie that last premiered in 2011 when she was still a child is upset that she didn't get the screen time she wanted 13 years ago.

This is what this site is reporting now?

hazapez - 8/31/2023, 10:36 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - falls under fantasy, so i'll allow it, premiered on tue; rosenbaum's podcast is pretty good tho, you should check it out
EskimoJ - 8/31/2023, 10:56 AM
@TyrantBossMedia - Actually no, she's not even upset.

She's talking about what she thought at the time, when she would've been about... 13 or so.
TyrantBossMedia - 8/31/2023, 11:55 AM
@EskimoJ - All the more reason why it’s not even worth reporting.
MarvelousMarty - 8/31/2023, 1:22 PM
@TyrantBossMedia - problem is 90% of CBM's are sh*t now so what they gonna do?
TyrantBossMedia - 8/31/2023, 1:32 PM
@MarvelousMarty - This site, while called ComicBookMovie.com stated long ago that they don't only report on comic book movies.

They could try to do some actual investigative journalism instead of regurgitating what other people have already written on the web.

The writers here are horribly lazy.
MaxPaint - 8/31/2023, 10:23 AM
"a lot of the scenes of every character were chopped down from the book to the film."

Well of course, that's why movies rarely do justice to the books.
TheVisionary25 - 8/31/2023, 10:28 AM
For the little she had in the films , I thought she did well especially as she grew older

Hopefully the HBO Max reboot series does better with the character given that it’s gonna be a multi-season show so they will have more time.

Also , I’m not a big fan of The Cursed Child but I wouldn’t mind seeing more adventures with the kids honestly since I feel that has potential.
vectorsigma - 8/31/2023, 10:42 AM
Tell us you are not in Netflix' payroll without saying you are not in Netflix' payroll. Idiotic article.

One Piece live action should be the talk on this site.
GhostDog - 8/31/2023, 11:03 AM
She could barely act
TheDpool - 8/31/2023, 11:09 AM
Next to Edward and Bella, Harry and Ginny's romance was the most forced upon cringe worthy onscreen romance we've had in years.

Of all the Harry Potter characters Ginny is let down the most onscreen.

But it's not their fault, you can't show the same character development and spend time with characters in a film like you do a series of books.
SheepishOne - 8/31/2023, 11:23 AM
Ginny was a great character in the books, especially in the latter few.

Movie Ginny though... maybe the worst character translation of all of the secondaries. Very boring, and the actress had no chemistry with Radcliffe. I don't think it's her fault, and to her point, there were a lot of great character-defining moments in the books that were totally absent in the movies.

The movies basically just had Ginny go from Ron's nervous little sister to Harry's love interest overnight. But the books flesh it out much better and make the transition far more organic.

Ginny is supposed to be sort of a Lily 2.0 in the books, and somewhat of a JKR stand-in. She has big "main character" energy, in the sense that a compelling retelling of the story could be told from her perspective. The only other student character with this quality is maybe Neville.
bkmeijer1 - 8/31/2023, 11:33 AM
Guess that's a good thing about the books being turned into a tv show now. Secondary characters might get a lot more screentime now too. Don't think that benefits Wright though.
slickrickdesigns - 8/31/2023, 11:53 AM
Will I do this character justice?
I think you might’ve had the easiest job on set. I get some actors want bigger roles but your main job was to look related to the red headed wizard boys and you achieved that. So don’t sweat it.
BlackStar25 - 8/31/2023, 12:18 PM
Arthorious - 8/31/2023, 12:35 PM
In the movies, Ginny was disappointing period.

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