Is Michael Myers of Halloween fame actually.... Lord Voldemort?

Is Michael Myers of Halloween fame actually.... Lord Voldemort?

Could Halloween's ominous Michael Myers actually be The One Who Shall Not Be Named? Just maybe... One man attempts to answer this age-old... okay, minutes old - question!

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By DarthFarley - Dec 04, 2018 11:12 AM EST
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Okay, crazy fan theory time – is Michael Myers of “Halloween” Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter?

Yes, in a roundabout way.

I propose that while not physically him, Voldemort possesses Myers as a means to take out his aggression and murderous tendencies on muggles. So follow along…

• Voldemort happened upon Myers in his youth. What is a future evil mastermind to do when he’s a child? Look around on a psychic plane for a mind to inhabit outside his walls. He would likely have already known the concept of wizard purebloods good, muggles bad, so when he inhabits Myers as a boy he takes a “joyful” stabby stabby. Far-fetched? Remember he was on the back of Quirrell’s head and led Ginny Weasley to open the Chamber of Secrets, so not to far out of the realm of possibility.

• Halloween – coinkydink? What other night of the year would bring the muggle world and the wizarding world so close in sync? Children and adults dressing as characters FROM the wizard realm – goblins, witches, dragons, etc – opening a glimpse to that world. And what would tick Voldemort off more than muggles having the audacity to mock his world in costume?

• Catatonic or just busy? After killing Myers’ sister, the physical body of Myers is locked up. He doesn’t talk but is aware of what’s happening around him. I propose that his silence is due to Voldemort focussing on his wizard realm pursuits as Tom Riddle, leaving Myers as a “recorder”. Voldemort comes back to his muggle world hobby, retreating to Myers’ body after his initial defeat. Voldemort’s powers would have allowed Myers to escape with ease, and therefore allow for the murders in the first movie. Captured and imprisoned again as Myers, Voldemort would again leave to focus on his next coming in the Potterverse.

• The creepy mask – what of it? Why would Myers/Voldemort (Voldemyers?) choose the iconic pale white mask? Just as muggles are mimicking the wizard world, he selected a mask that reverses that, mimicking muggles with an expressionless mask and a pallor that matches his own skin. • That it? Nope. I believe the mask to be an unknown horcrux, an emergency shelter if you will, should he be defeated again. Voldemort would be crafty enough to consider this plan despite his inflated ego, and would also explain why, in the new movie, the other inmates go crazy when it is produced.

• Perfect timing. After his defeat at the hands of Harry Potter, Voldemort retreated to his muggle counterpart, having been excised from his world. This, oddly enough, would have been at the same time Myers was on the bus in the new movie. Again, escape would be easy with Voldemort’s power. And naturally, he would want to punish muggles, especially Laurie Strode who stopped him the first go-round. As we know, he definitely can hold a grudge.

• Pettigrew, meet Dr. Sartain. Voldy has his sycophants, including Peter Pettigrew, so why would that be different in the muggle world? Dr. Sartain is obsessed with Myers to the point (spoiler) of committing murder himself to prevent Myers’ death. Very Pettigrewish.

• The kicker. As Myers, Voldemort unleashes a murderous rampage in Haddonfield. Except for the baby in one house he walks away from. Why? If you know your Harry Potter you know that Voldemort has had issues going up against babies.

• Finally? (Spoiler) Myers is not seen in the final shot of the burning house he’s supposedly trapped in. Is he trapped or was Voldemort able to summon enough magic to escape by other means?

Is this bollocks? Perhaps. Or I may possibly just be a genius.
Happy trails,
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