DUNE: PART TWO Star Josh Brolin Says He's Never Going To Stop S*itting On JONAH HEX

DUNE: PART TWO Star Josh Brolin Says He's "Never Going To Stop S*itting On JONAH HEX"

TRANSFORMERS Star Megan Fox Reflects On JONAH HEX Role: I'm Definitely Not Bad In It
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TRANSFORMERS Star Megan Fox Reflects On JONAH HEX Role: "I'm Definitely Not Bad In It"

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bleedthefreak - 6/19/2010, 8:53 PM
2 out of 5 is sadly the highest rating i have seen this film get. this sucks because i was looking forward to this. but hey there is always scott pilgrim. but anyways great review man
48and2 - 6/20/2010, 4:10 AM
hah thanks guys... I put a nod in to you Tea, the "dodgy eye" ;)

I didn't read any other reviews before I posted this, and I got it in late because there was a lightning storm here which fried my laptop last week. So wasn't taking any chances.

You know, there are good parts, but it goes downhill fast - second two acts are just like swoosh down a rollercoaster into fecal matter. And I found myself going..."here comes the end"- "that was it?, you're kidding me... sure 'nuff"

They had like 8 decades of westerns to reference, and great actors... how could this have possibly happened??

I think deadlines are playing a role in killing some of these movies... this team couldn't take th pressure, and they should've handed it over to someone else... I'm thinking, because you can see that if it had been edited better it could've been decent at least.

really makes you look forward to the Green Hornet eh?? lol

@bleedthefreak16 Scott Pilgrim is looking more and more promising... I will say, and I know it's not a cbm, but god damn I'm stoked for Inception. If Nolan can get the editing in Memento right, I don't think there's anything he can't pull off. Watching dog crap like this really makes you appreciate that stuff.
Destroyer14 - 6/20/2010, 6:00 AM
Great review. I might rent it on Netflix when it comes out on dvd.
Stumblin - 6/21/2010, 8:34 AM
This movie just isn't cutting it huh? Each critique sounds about the same so it seems to me to save my theater money.

And you bet your ass I'm looking forward to Green Hornet. I think I'm the only person here that actually is.
georgia49th - 6/24/2010, 2:16 PM
Well the movie had it's problems, the biggist was the origin twist and the fact that he could talk to the dead , however looking past that I found the movie enjoyable.
I blame WB for bad promoting of the film and the fact that they stuck to william Farmer's story line they would have been better off having Jimmy P. and Justin Grey writing the script!
Jonah Hex deserves a re-do This time they should make it more a true western and leave the supernatural shit behind. perhaps now Thomas Jane can do Jonah Hex in the re-boot. lol
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