Axis of Corruption in Blockbuster Movies and TV Shows

Just like some countries having an axis of evil of countries designated as threats well, here are the individuals designated as corrupt for the following reasons regarding movie and tv show producers.

Editorial Opinion
Axis of Corruption in Blockbuster Movie and TV Show production
  • Kevin Feige - Relies on too much use of creative differences on characters and doesn't seem to include the heroes and villains we want when it comes to his pride and for rubbing the plot of another movie on another. All of this is because all he cares about is wanting his movies to succeed that he can't seem to think any harder and decent on what to include before shooting the films.
  • Shane Black - Corrupt with egomania that led him into ripping us off on the MCU's Mandarin with an extremis enhanced Aldrich Killian and a bunch of boring Dark Knight trilogy related garbage instead of doing the power ringed version of the character from the comics and not just because they had the films were tied to real world events but because he was too lazy and selfish to care about the thrills of opertunities. Surely we all blame him for being a complete jerk not caring about anyone but himself but half the blame is on Kevin Feige for putting this corrupt scumbag in charge in directing Iron Man 3, relying to much on the most popular story lines in the Marvel comics and thinking more about his pride of wanting to do things different at the WRONG time.
  • Andrew Kreisberg - Corrupt with melodramatic egomania for making Flash irritating and unreasonable by holding back from letting Caitlin betray the team as Killer Frost, laze off from having Grodd and his Gorillas trash at least a quarter of central city, refused to start straightening up by making the Savitar attempting to kill Iris in season 3 an evil version of Barry from the future instead of being Eddie, Ronnie, or an actual different person played by a different actor, and for bringing Barry back too early from the speedforce instead of waiting until the Earth X crossover to make sure the team puts Thawne or a speedster in the void and let Wally handle the mantle because he became to attatched to having the everyone from the begining of the show all together, Good thing he's fired for what he was accused of because it serves him right for being out of control with his arrogance.
  • Zack Snyder - Made DCEU films too rough with the action sequences that has now led to everyone at Warner Bros into lazing off from having more potential movies planned sooner for the world to see. 
  • Joss Whedon - Acted selfish instead of decent by choosing Ultron for the Avengers 2 movie by title instead of having the actual Mandarin and the Masters of Evil over the android's comicbook popularity and because of the studio making the franchise being so dramatically focused on the infinity stones. Also he made the Justice League movie by having it realeased in theaters last year on it's initial release inteaded of waiting until this year once they completed the film's special effects.
  • Bruno Heller - Got to charried away with creative differences and melodrama by having villains like Mr. Freeze introduced too soon into Gotham when it is set around the years Bruce is still young before becoming Batman making the series less of a proper prequel.
  • Marc Guggenheim - Made Prometheus Adrien Chase instead of Tommy Merlyn just to screw with us for kicks, turned down Flashpoint opertunity of having Zoom send Black Siren into Star City by making her end up in a pipeline in the paradox and wouldn't kill off John Diggle or at least one member of team Arrow after ending season 5 with that he became too attatched to the series regulars like a childishly obsessive lunatic making the show just as unreasonable as the Flash.
  • Mark Pedowitz and Kevin Tsujihara - For putting Supergirl in 9 month hadias instead of having each of the 5 DCCW shows aired separately monday through friday out of slack and excuses and with the WB CEO being the proclaimed reason why pedowits cant manage having all 5 shows aired monday through friday individually.
  • Todd Helbing - If Helbing doesn't straighten things up with plotting ideas down for Flash season 5 and chooses to waste Godspeed by genderbending him instead of just doing him as the August Heart he is in the comics or at least change his ethnicity to african american for decent measures, he will be designated as corrupt as Andrew Kreisberg if doesn't start being more decent on adapting characters into the show.
  • Rian Johnson and JJ Abrams - While their reason's for disappointing fans by having Kylo Ren kill of Snoke so soon for the mantle of Star Wars sequel trilogy's main big bad isn't that big of a deal to everyone after seeing Darth Sidious in action in Revenge of the Sith, this could be a problem if this twist inspires other blockbuster movie producers into doing the same thing to other potential villains in upcoming movies.
And because of how unfair, how frustrating and how annoying these people have made some of our favorite movies and shows turn out with too much use of creative differences, too much melodrama and such lack of conduct, it's time we make sure that when Marvel does another Marvel Cinematic Universe separate to the one going on right now and another DC television universe, we expect them to start being fair on treating the best characters more decent after they've tarnished them in the current works and not get too fixated with so much melodrama and creative differences ever again. This is to help make things better in the future and believe me, you wouldn't want them to keep pulling this stuff off forever and if there's anything more dangerous than the enemy, it's the magnitude of pride. In the meantime, be sure to look forward to seeing Avengers Infinity War, the biggest film of the year this week!
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