EXPANDING THE UNIVERSE: Everything We Learned From Marvel's Disney+ Sneak Peek

Disney+ has launched with an Expanding The Universe special delving into all the Marvel TV shows coming to the streaming service and we've now rounded up all the new details the documentary reveals...

One of the biggest surprises on Disney+ at launch day was thirteen minute Marvel Studios documentary titled Expanding The Universe. Featuring looks ahead to all the shows which have been announced for the new streaming service, there was even a ton of never before seen concept art (if you missed that on the site earlier today, check it out by clicking HERE).

Now, though, we're delving into all the new reveals in this must-see sneak peek. 

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What If?, and Hawkeye all get touched on and with quotes from the show's producers, we now know that time-travel will definitely factor into the God of Mischief's return and that Jeremy Renner's time as Clint Barton is winding down. 

There are some great new snippets of intel here, so hit the "View List" button to check them out!



Surprisingly, the sneak peek doesn't reveal any concept art from Loki but we do get a better idea of what to expect from the Disney+ series, including confirmation that the God of Mischief will travel through time and that we'll follow the version of the character from Avengers: Endgame

"There's a huge time-travel component," producer Stephen Broussard reveals. "There will be a man on the run quality to it and we get the chance to explore more human sides of Loki."
"We're finally going to see him on his backfoot," adds producer Kevin Wright. "This is him being put in a position where he doesn't have all the answers and where he's been thrown a curveball by life." The question on the lips of most fans, of course, is whether he'll return to the main timeline!

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


"We don't want it to be all action all the time," showrunner Malcolm Spellman says in regards to what we can expect from Marvel's first TV series on Disney+. "We need to go home with these characters and we need to spend time really unearthing who they are and since we've got great actors, put them in situations where they get to really show what they can do."
Adds Zoie Nagelhout, "We can create the same exciting, high end action sequences but then inbetween those set pieces we get to dive deeper into the character beats. It's the best of both worlds." In other words, we're going to really delve into what makes both Bucky and Sam Wilson tick and that's no bad thing, especially now they're going from supporting players to leads.



Despite the fact shooting has already started, there's no new concept art for WandaVision included in this sneak peek. However, producer Mary Livanos does drop one very interest titbit.

"So much of the fun of watching this show for fans will be the unexpected discovery of where and when in the MCU this series takes place," she teases, "and how it all fits into that larger picture."

When and where? Could that teased 50s sitcom setting be more literal than we thought?



Hawkeye is another TV show that's still some way off and the concept art from the show featuring Kate Bishop obviously isn't based on any one actress in particular (Hailee Steinfeld remains the only star Marvel Studios have approached). However, producer Trinh Tran has now revealed that the focus of the series will indeed be Clint Barton passing on the mantle of Hawkeye.

"She's a new, young mentee he can train to eventually take over the mantle as Hawkeye one day," she reveals when asked about Kate Bishop's role in proceedings. With that in mind, it sounds like Jeremy Renner's time as Hawkeye is nearing its end and this show will likely serve as his final adventure.

What If?


Not a huge amount of a new details were revealed about What If? but plenty of footage from the series was revealed. However, producer Brad Winderbaum did point out that, "We're going to explore corners of the universe that might be untouched which is really exciting."

With any luck, that means we'll get to explore corners of the MCU we've never visited before, something which was seemingly evident from the appearance of a zombie version of Captain America! After all, the Marvel Zombies concept is one this series could have great fun with!
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