MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE: 10 Costumes The Movies Actually Did BETTER Than The Comics

Marvel Studios stays more loyal to the comic books its movies are based on than any other studio, but some big changes have been made to costumes over the years that we think are a definite improvement...

For a long time, Hollywood shied away from putting superheroes in costumes. While Spider-Man got to swing into action wearing the familiar red and blues, the X-Men were forced into black leather. Even though a team like the Fantastic Four got to wear their colourful suits, recent movies like Morbius and Venom have failed to remain completely loyal to what we've seen in the comic books!

Marvel Studios and its Marvel Cinematic Universe, on the other hand, has paid homage to the source material from the start. Embracing the comics in ways that most studios, even today, won't consider, this has resulted in movies and TV shows where our favourite heroes and villains look the way we'd like!

We may be heading into controversial territory here, but an argument could be made that there are some costumes the MCU has actually improved upon when compared to what we've seen in the comics. Heck, we're just going to say it: there are many that look waaaaay better on screen than they do on the page, and it's those we've rounded up for this feature (we're definitely curious to see if you agree...).

To take a look through these costumes, all you need to do is click on the "Next" button below. 

10. Star-Lord


Star-Lord has definitely looked pretty cool in the comic books over the years, but it's not hard to see why the hero's costume was overhauled for the MCU. Simply put, it's too goofy to work in live-action, and by going back to the drawing board, James Gunn delivered a Peter Quill with real character. 

The helmet (quite rightly) remained loyal to the source material, but everything from the leather jacket to Star-Lord's Walkman ensured this take on the hero stood out from the crowd. Peter may be a little clueless at times, but this hero has never looked as badass on the page as he does in the movies.

9. Classic Loki


While Classic Loki's costume is quite clearly heavily inspired by the villain's early comic book appearances, there are enough subtle changes to mean Loki's take on the outfit improves on what we've seen in the past. Replacing armour with material was a smart move, as was ditching the ponytail. 

We also have to credit Marvel Studios with making the yellow parts of the costume look less like a weird bra/vest hybrid and pair of underpants. Ultimately, the comic books deserve a lot of the credit here, but without the MCU's concept artists and costume designers, this would never have worked.

8. Iron Man


Had Adi Granov's Invincible Iron Man not come along, we dread to think what Tony Stark might have looked like in the MCU. The hero certainly never looked too terrible during his solo adventures or team-ups with The Avengers, but that series helped establish a modern, exciting new look. 

From there, Marvel Studios continued to improve on it, adding new elements and ideas that helped establish Iron Man as one of the biggest merchandise sellers in the entire MCU (hence the insane number of Hot Toys). The Hulkbuster, in particular, looks way better in live-action than in the comics. 

7. Spider-Man


Spider-Man's costume is classic and irreplaceable, and Marvel Studios initially made the mistake of making it too busy. The Homecoming suit was a perfect example, while the Iron Spider...well, it's not as good as the comic book version. However, everything changed in 2019's Far From Home.

The red and black suit is utter perfection, combining Steve Ditko's artwork with a modern sensibility that ensures Peter Parker is swinging around in a suitably amazing costume. However, it's that red and blue effort from No Way Home's epilogue that we think is truly spectacular on every single level. 

6. Black Panther


Marvel Studios didn't quite nail T'Challa's costume the first time around, though Captain America: Civil War certainly tried to do something a little more exciting with the hero's appearance. After all, it's only ever really looked like a simple black cloth costume during his many comic book adventures. 

In Black Panther, Wakanda's King got a well-deserved upgrade and looked nothing short of perfect. The addition of that purple kinetic energy made a massive difference, and ensured T'Challa really jumped off the screen (particularly during the final battle with Killmonger during that CGI-heavy finale).

5. The Vulture


Look, we'd have definitely been curious to see Marvel Studios put Michael Keaton in bright green spandex for Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the decision to completely redesign this villain - while staying true to the source material - resulted in a big bad who felt like a threat, not a punchline. 

With a helmet that looked suitably vulture-like and a jacket that ensured Adrian Toomes retained his fur collar, we really can't find fault with this fresh take on one of the web-slinger's earliest foes. The Vulture's classic look no longer works, and it's about time the comics prioritise a similar redesign. 

4. Captain America


If Captain America: The First Avenger's USO suit proved anything, it's that Cap's classic uniform was never going to work in live-action. Too simplistic for even a comic book movie's take on World War II, even one with a little more substance would have ultimately just come across as looking daft.

Heck, that's a problem Marvel Studios actually faced in the 2011 movie and The Avengers. It wasn't until Age of Ultron that we saw some significant improvements, though we'd argue that Captain America: Civil War and Endgame delivered a truly definitive take on this star-spangled superhero.

3. Moon Knight


You might think we're jumping the gun here (especially when there's every chance the next couple of episodes will introduce a new costume for Marc Spector), but c'mon, this is badass. Marvel Studios could have just given Moon Knight a Batman-style tactical suit, but this is better on so many levels.

For starters, it's a take on the costume that actually pays homage to the unhinged hero's earliest adventures. However, with a Mummy-like makeover that harkens back to Moon Knight's Egyptian roots, it actually feels like more than just a costume and has a sense of gravitas and purpose behind it. 

2. Scarlet Witch


We know many comic book fans would like nothing more than to see Elizabeth Olsen don the Scarlet Witch's skimpy costume from the source material, but WandaVision's Halloween episode delivered on that front. For her real costume, though, Marvel Studios definitely made the right decision. 

Forgoing what is basically lingerie on the page, Wanda Maximoff was given a costume that makes her look powerful, isn't demeaning or overly sexualised, and feels rich in history. Throw in a phenomenal take on that iconic crown, and this is yet another costume greatly improved on by the MCU.

1. Shang-Chi


Marvel Studios had to do a lot to move past the offensive stereotypes often prevalent in the comic books with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, including changing his costume. While it paid homage to what we've seen on the page, it also embraced Chinese culture and mythology.

That was crucial, and helped Shang-Chi move away from the sort of imagery that seems innocent enough on the surface, but is usually based on what a non-Asian person believes a character like this one should look like. Also important, of course, was the fact that Shang-Chi looked like a total badass. 

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