Nick Fury

Nick Fury Once a gung-ho sergeant during World War II, Nick Fury worked his way up the U.S. intelligence ladder on the basis of actions, brains and integrity. Kept in the peak of youthful vigor by the mysterious Infinity Formula, the studly secret agent has done it all: from wooing wicked women to skydiving while smoking a cigar. When the free world has its back to the wall, Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the man most likely to come out fighting!
IRONHEART, MOON KNIGHT, NICK FURY, And SHE-HULK Updates Shared As Marvel Studios Focuses On Disney+ Plans
With Marvel Studios prioritising the TV shows coming to Disney+ over the next few years, we have updates on everything from Moon Knight to Nick Fury, She-Hulk, and even Ironheart. Check it out...
Samuel L. Jackson Set To Reprise NICK FURY Role For New Untitled Marvel/Disney+ Series
While we'll have to wait on Marvel Studios to make a formal announcement, it looks like Samuel L. Jackson is set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a starring role in an upcoming Disney+ series.
Marvel Announces FURY FILES Series Coming To Disney+ On May 15th
Marvel has unexpectedly announced that a new series is coming to Disney+ titled Fury Files which will give viewers intel on a number of heroes and villains! Find out more about what to expect right here...
CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Samuel L. Jackson Weighs In On Those NICK FURY Disney+ TV Series Rumors
Rumours are swirling about the Marvel TV shows coming to Disney+, and now Samuel L. Jackson has weighed in on those rumblings about Nick Fury receiving the spotlight in a series of his own. Check it out...
Another Character Joining LOKI And SCARLET WITCH On Disney's Streaming Service Possibly Revealed
We already know that solo TV shows are in development for Loki and the Scarlet Witch on Disney's online streaming service, but a new rumour now suggests that two more are in the works. Read on for details.
JUSTICE LEAGUE's Ray Fisher And Ezra Miller On The Marvel Characters They'd Like To Play
Don't worry, The Flash and Cyborg aren't actively trying to jump ship to Marvel. The DCEU actors were guests at Wizard World Philadelphia this past weekend and fielded the question from the audience.
AVATAR's Stephen Lang Wants To Play The Original Nick Fury; Admits To Not Knowing Who Cable Is
Stephen Lang has been the fan-favourite choice to play Cable for years but he's admitted that he wasn't too bothered being beaten to it by Josh Brolin because he never even really knew who the hero was...
THOR: SIEGE ( my newest live action movie plot series idea)
Another path Marvel could go in Phase 4. This continues my GOD BUTCHER and Avengers Disassembled storylines, but can be read by itself.
Acclaimed Directors & Their Perfect Comic-Book Movie Match
Which comic characters were some of the greatest directors ever born to helm? Find out here
We all know by now that Samuel L. Jackson is game for reprising his role as Nick Fury in his own solo film, and he keeps expressing his interest. He also discusses race change in movies and says he expected more fan outrage over Fury's change than what we got. Check it out...

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