JUBILEE : Feisty Firecracker

"I definitely have to do something about my wardrobe!" --JUBILEE

JUBILEE is Jubilation lee, previously a spunky mutant teenage "mall rat" who could release colorful explosive plasmoids. She was depowered during "M-Day" (an event when most mutant lost their abilities). Later on she used technological gauntlets that grant her superhuman strength and the power of flight, she joined the New Warriors and went by the name Wondra. JUBILEE was recently transformed into a bloodthirsty vampire struggling to control her dark urges.

JUBILEE Lee is a Marvel Comics superheroine closely associated with the X-Men. She was created by Chris Claremont & Marc Silvestri. She made her first appearance in Uncanny X-Men #244 (May, 1989).

Jubilation Lee is a Chinese American girl born to a wealthy parents in Beverly Hills, California. Her dreams to be an olympic gymnast was destroyed when her parents were murdered.JUBILEE was sent to an orphanage, but she ran away and hid in the Hollywood Mall. She discovered her mutant power while running away from mall security. Later on some of the X-Men will help her out while being chased by some mutant hunters. JUBILEE will follow them to their base, and hid there for some time. She would later be integral in helping out Wolverine when they were captured and tortured. JUBILEE becomes the unofficial sidekick of Wolverine. She would then meet Professor X, who welcomed her to the X-Men and for awhile assigned to one of its team.

JUBILEE X-Men Costume 1
When JUBILEE first started working with Wolverine, her "costume" was nothing more than a sleeveless T-shirt, a pair of shorts and her trademark yellow raincoat. This is also what she wears when she's with the X-Men.

JUBILEE X-Men Costume 2
After the events of the X-Tinction Agenda, where the scattered X-groups teamed up to fight an oppresive mutant-hating Genoshan government, they briefly wore basic X-uniforms to give the team a unified feel. JUBILEE wore the updated versions of the classic gold and blue X-Men costumes but JUBILEE kept her sunglasses and her trademark earrings to personalize the ensemble.

JUBILEE Generation X Costumes
Professor X thinks that it would be beneficial for JUBILEE to hang around with mutant her own age so she was assigned to Generation X. While with the team JUBILEE would wear the standard uniform but adding her own flair to it.
Gen X costume 1:

Gen X costume 2:

Gen X costume 3:

Gen X costume 4:

Hellion Costume:
In one story JUBILEE and the other Generation X awakens in the past and in the bodies of Emma Frost's former students, the original Hellions!

After Generation X disbanded JUBILEE later sees herself joining her previous teammates with X-Corps, a team that acted as a mutant police force.

JUBILEE is later revealed to have lost her powers on M-Day, due to the reality manipulation of the Scarlet Witch. She would later gain technological gauntlets that gives her a new set of powers. She then joins the New Warriors where she is reunited with some of her former X-teammates who also lost their mutant powers. She now goes by the name Wondra.
Wondra Costume 1:

Wondra Costume 2:

Presently JUBILEE has been turned into a Vampire, possessing their strengths and their weaknesses.

In the 1996 television film Generation X, the character was portrayed by Caucasian actress Heather McComb, generating some controversy. JUBILEE had several power scenes and was one of the main characters.

Jubilee also appears in all three X-Men films, portrayed by Katrina Florece in X-Men and by Kea Wong in X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand. In the first film, Jubilee is limited to a few cameo scenes in both Professor Xavier's and Storm's classrooms. She is featured in a deleted scene, in which she talks to both Kitty Pryde and Rogue. In X2, Jubilee appears in a deleted version of the museum scene which gives a brief introduction to her powers as blue electricity crackles around her fingers. Jubilee is among the six kidnapped young mutants that Storm and Nightcrawler rescue. She can be heard calling Storm's name and is shown running to safety with the X-Men and can be seen in the X-Jet. She also appears in the final classroom scene and briefly talks to Professor Xavier. The size of her role in X-Men: The Last Stand is limited; she appears within the first ten minutes of the film, and can be seen sitting in the classroom.

Note: Due to the nature of comicbooks being an on-going tale, the character's powers along with his appearance, is in a constant state of flux.

As a Mutant:
Energy Plasmoids: , Jubilee possessed the mutant ability to generate what she calls her "fireworks:" energy globules that varied in degrees of power and intensity. The globules obeyed her mental control, traveling where she directed them, arranging themselves in balls, streamers, and other shapes, and exploding when she wished. These combinations could result in anything from a multitude of colorful sparkles capable of temporarily blinding a person to a fairly powerful detonation, capable of smashing tree trunks or metal objects. Jubilee could absorb the fireworks back into her own body without harm.

Psionic Shields: Jubilee's mind possessed a natural defense against telepathic detection or attack. These psionic shields rendered her mind "slippery" and invisible to telepathic beings unless they knew precisely what to mentally scan for.

As Wondra (Using a Hi-tech Gauntlet):
Superhuman Strength: The micro-circuits lining of the gauntlets were designed to use gravitational waves for the purpose of increasing her strength to superhuman levels.

Force Field: The gloves were capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic force field around her. While within this field, Jubilee was highly resistant to physical injury. The field enabled her to withstand high caliber bullets, powerful impact forces, temperature extremes, and energy blasts without sustaining injury.

Flight: She could propel herself through the air at great speeds, able to reach velocities of at least 100 miles per hour and still breathe comfortably.

Ghost Mode: In this mode, Jubilee became intangible and could pass through any substance.

As a Vampire:
Jubilee is currently a vampire with full vampiric powers, including:Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes and Fangs.

Mist Form: Jubilee has the ability to 'decorporealize,' or turn herself into a form of mist.

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