SAG-AFTRA And AMPTP Resume Talks Today; Megan Fox Slammed For Halloween Costume Choice

SAG-AFTRA And AMPTP Resume Talks Today; Megan Fox Slammed For Halloween Costume Choice SAG-AFTRA And AMPTP Resume Talks Today; Megan Fox Slammed For Halloween Costume Choice

SAG-AFTRA and the major studios are still said to be “far apart on key issues,” but negotiations are expected to resume at some point today. Meanwhile, Megan Fox has come under first for her outfit choice.

By MarkCassidy - Oct 31, 2023 09:10 AM EST
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We thought a resolution might be reached over the weekend, but the negotiations between SAG-AFTRA And AMPTP are still ongoing, with talks expected to resume at some point today.

As the historic 110-day strike continues, the union (via THR) notes that while “talks over the past week have been productive, we remain far apart on key issues.” Those issues include, but are not limited to, AI guardrails and SAG-AFTRA’s attempt to secure a share in streaming project revenue.

Please help us keep pressure on the AMPTP by showing up on the picket lines, raising your voices at rallies across the country and by posting messages of support and strength on social media,” the committee said in a statement.

In related news, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Expendables 4 star Megan Fox has faced some backlash for her Halloween costume of choice. The actress dressed as Gogo Yubari from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, which wouldn't seem like anything to get too riled up about, except she seemingly went out of her way to taunt the union by tagging SAG-AFTRA in her photos.

Earlier this month, SAG-AFTRA strongly urged union members and allies not to dress up as TV and movie characters from "struck projects" in hopes of avoiding any free publicity from studios and streamers.

This request has been waved off and outright ridiculed by others, including Deadpool 3 star Ryan Reynolds, but with things already so tense, what is viewed as a deliberate attempt to exacerbate the situation has not sat well with some other SAG members.

"What a rebel. Keep posturing for stupid shit, pretty lady. Meanwhile we’ll be working 10 hours a day - unpaid - to get basic contract earners a fair deal," Tweeted Abbott Elementary star Lisa Ann Walter. "(PS-the post responded members questions. No one cares about kids’ costumes. Just high pros at fancy parties. Like Megan)."

Reynolds didn't escape her ire.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as talks continue. Let's hope a satisfactory outcome is reached soon.

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BringFFtoMCU - 10/31/2023, 9:46 AM
No one cares. STFU
Webster614 - 10/31/2023, 11:11 AM
@BringFFtoMCU - ^^^^^ This
Origame - 10/31/2023, 9:48 AM
"Get basic contract earners a fair deal" well you turned down the same deal the writers and directors agreed to. And you turned down the offer from the big named actors like George Clooney who literally offered to pay you guys from their own pockets if you'd just get this strike over with. Like, what's fair anymore?

If anything, Megan fox has my support. Sag is deserving of mockery now.
mastakilla39 - 10/31/2023, 1:06 PM
@Origame - They turned it down because its not feasible as actors and writers have different roles and needs during production. SAG wants increased pay in every aspect of the business for "every actor" not just for select few top writers that WGA settled for. George Clooney and top 1% earners shouldn't be paying more or offering alternative programs to other SAG lesser earning actors when its the ATMP's job. ATMP is the employer who hire actors, they are legally responsible for the paying and working conditions of actors not the union or top 1% earners.

But I agree this Halloween guideline is stupid though.
Origame - 10/31/2023, 1:46 PM
@mastakilla39 - 1) I've seen those roles and needs. Having them play dress up and pretend isn't nearly as crucial to the success of a film as actually writing or directing it. So expecting more for that (and over double as their demands stipulated) is way too much.

2) you know what those actors shouldn't have to do? Sit out of work for the better part of a year because the union can't compromise on anything. The actors themselves are turning against this. And it's because of the president, Fran Drescher, who isn't even working beyond like two bit roles a year anyway.
mastakilla39 - 10/31/2023, 3:51 PM
@Origame - 1) actors are crucial to the movies because they portray and are the visual representation of the work. I'd argues that writers are less important because it goes through so many different other writers, editors, and versions before it even gets greenlit. Hell even an actor can substitue in for a writer. They are asking for a huge pay increase because they haven't had once since 2005 so you have to make up for the last 18 years of low wages. The cost of living in NY and LA are so high that what they're asking for makes sense because most actors have to pay for their own audition, hair, makeup, transportation, and costumes which isn't cheap in those areas.

2) they should sit out as long as possible because its not worth the effort of going back to shit pay and work conditions. moviegoers and the movie studios can wait 2 more years for all the films that are going to be delayed. most actors are already used to not having a job or having 2 jobs to make up for shit pay so its not that bad for their livelihood. the long term gains are worth the wait rather than cornering yourself to a quick and terrible proposal thats not gonna be worth less in the following year.
Origame - 10/31/2023, 4:15 PM
@mastakilla39 - 1) and if an actor can't do it it can go to another actor. That's not sufficient logic to say actors are more crucial. There's nothing for the actor to act as a visual representation of without a writer.

2) in other words, it's not about fair wages. It's "making up" from sh!t that happened before. And this isnt even the reason given by fran, who keeps talking about her legacy on the matter.

3) dude, I was a background actor. Literally the lowest actor on the totem pole. And I can tell you that's bs. You pay for transportation by driving there. That's it. They did my hair and make up at no cost to me, as well as costumes. And auditions are free, though you'd probably need to go through an agent to get into an audition. This is Hollywood they're striking against. Not some community theater.

3) it's the same pay the writers and directors agreed to. Are you saying they accepted sh!t pay?

And the a list actors are literally giving the money to compensate for it.

Also, what sh!t work conditions? Literally no one in the union ever said anything about the work conditions.

And dude, those actors are going homeless. You say it's sh!t pay? Well how many sh!t paying jobs can you not work at for as you put it 2 years and expect to survive?
cham2119 - 10/31/2023, 5:22 PM
@Origame - the wga also turned down what the dga got you [frick]ing idiot as well since the wga got their deal (which is much better btw dumbass) the dga membership have been bitching at their union for giving in too quickly ao why don’t you buy a [frick]ing clue before you talk shit about things you know nothing about dipshit
Origame - 10/31/2023, 5:37 PM
@cham2119 - ah yes, the guy who claims to be a part of every union and none at the same time. He's schrodinger's union man.

But so what if they realized the could've gotten a better deal. It took 5 months of unemployment to get there. And the conditions of the strike basically only secure work for writers that are also producers and screwing over everyone else (especially since there's a pay requirement to vote in the first place).

You know nothing.
cham2119 - 10/31/2023, 5:46 PM
@Origame - oh yeah you’re the guy who literalknows nothing about the industry talks out of your ass and than begs for validation from just about anyone. Completely forgot about you nice to see you’ve learned nothing as usual. Why don’t you leave the industry to the people working in it and get back to whatever worthless existence you’re living behind that keyboard. Your life must really be disappointing if you’re this desperate for tv
mastakilla39 - 10/31/2023, 5:51 PM
@Origame - 1) you don't need a writer because studios already have over 100k scripts stashed in their basement just waiting to be adapted, they have enough script for 10 years. All they need is a quick tune up which you can outsource to the UK or non union writer. 99% of top demand actors and upcoming actors are all in SAG thats why they are more important to deal with and why the AMTP tried to settle it 1st before even talking with the WGA.

2) the legacy of fran and SAG rely on these current negotiations because it determines the future of the industry. if AI and pay are not up to the standard of living than its not going to eventually end. its not only about making up for the past but setting a new fair wage standard for the future. if they get a fair deal right now the future negotiations are going to be easier because they will only need to negotiate percentages and other revenue outlets.

3) its free to audition but since the pandemic they forced a majority of actors to film their own auditions and submit it themselves to the studio. as they stated it created an unfair advantage to actors who cannot pay for higher quality camera, lighting, editing, and costumes. hair and makeup is not free, the actress from orange is the new black had to pay for her own transportation and make up each season to get on set. They are treating actors even on hit shows like orange is the new black like community theater while reaping all the benefits.

4) the pay for writers and directors are irrelevant to the actors because they all get paid differently. there is no universal payment plan that works and meets the needs of all 3 organizations thats why it was 3 different negotiations. For example, directors were willing to accept a lower salary increase because they don't rely only on a salary to survive. They are often paid a percentage of the box office, paid for writing and screenplay touch ups, additional pay if they are producers, and often get licensing/ownership pay too if its an original work by them. Since they get paid in more outlets compared to writers and actors they mostly just negotiated percentages in all those avenues.

the a list actor's proposal doesn't work because they are not the employer. fran addressed this in her video that this proposal from the a list actors is illegal because only employers can set those conditions. SAG is federally regulated by the US govt and must adhere to the same labor standards.

Literally this whole fight was for better working conditions and pay. to have fair work hours, time off, breaks, and pay increase..WTF are you talking about no working conditions were mentioned in their clauses? That was 1 of the biggest fights for the WGA thats why they were on strike 1st and the longest.
Origame - 10/31/2023, 8:16 PM
@cham2119 - ...and nothing to invalidate the points I made. Just insults.

And you wonder why I haven't learned anything from you. Can't wait to see you teach math. Just yelling at the kids about how they know nothing then wonder why they can't do long division. 🤣
Origame - 10/31/2023, 8:28 PM
@mastakilla39 - 1) yet they felt pressure to actually move ahead with the negotiations months ago, even before sag got in on the strike. If those scripts were worth adapting, they would've been adapted. And funny you mention non union writers because you can do the same with actors. La is literally filled with wannabe actors.

2) that's what the wga deal was for. That's why you strike at the same time with another union. They set the precedent for what the next union gets. Continuing at this point is completely unheard of. And exactly. Legacy. It's not about fair wages. It's getting to say you did something without the asterisk of it being from the wga deal. It's selfish, and only resulting in the people she claims to be fighting for suffering in the meantime. When your own union members are offering to pay just so they can get back to work, that's a sign you aren't speaking for your members anymore.

3) you're a f@#$ing liar. Pandemic hasn't affected productions in a long time. You can appear in person now. Plus, even a phone camera is clear enough that it's not gonna affect anything.

Also, not only did orange is the new black have makeup artists, one of the actresses even paid a tribute to hers.

4) it has 3 different negotiations because they formed 3 different unions. It's all by commission work my dude.
cham2119 - 10/31/2023, 8:46 PM
@Origame - took you hours to come up with that you must be very proud, a writer clearly you aren’t every single ounce of bullshit you wrote doesn’t need me to invalidate it your complete ignorance for how this business works is a closed loop of stupidity that I’m not going to waste my time or energy deconstructing instead I’ll just keep pointing how how wrong you are the fact that you have literally no idea what you’re talking about and laugh… not all in that order necessarily 🤣🤣
mastakilla39 - 10/31/2023, 9:48 PM
@Origame - your full of shit and have no idea of how the industry works

1) You cant do the same with actors because 99% of actors are with SAG unlike writers they don't use non-union actors because they don't have the same demand as SAG actors. There are little to no actors who are non-union unless your an extra just doing it as a side gig. Scripts they have in the vaults aren't used because they are mostly original ips that are risky, but if they have to ride out the strike for a year they can just adapt them as movies or shows. They can also just hire a bunch of british actors and shoot overseas like House of Dragon S2 who are not affiliated with SAG. Thats already how Netflix is still releasing new content every week.

2. How is it selfish when Fran and SAG are actually doing their [frick]ing job? A listers can't make up for the AMTP because its illegal, how much more can I spell that out for you?

3. Read the articles on deadline or SAG member's testaments. Movie studios have all been reducing in person auditions to save money in booking venues and paying hiring directors to monitor every actor. SAG wants to have it in writing that they will stop this practice and go back to offering both options instead of just pushing all actors to self-tape. When actors self tape they have to do their own makeup, edit, and shoot the footage multiples times at their cost.

4. its 3 different unions because they all operate and specialize in different areas same as any profession. its like saying people who all get paid hourly should have the same union, thats retarded.
Origame - 10/31/2023, 10:09 PM
@cham2119 - ...dude, it's Halloween and I'm with my niece. I have better things to do than check my phone every minute to hear your most recent ramblings. It took me a minute to think that, then I posted it.

And we know you can't dispute it because you cant dispute simple facts. Hence your rage and quick to insult.
Origame - 10/31/2023, 10:22 PM
@mastakilla39 - 1) if that's the case, then why were they so worried about scab actors during the strike? There are plenty of actors outside of the Hollywood circuit that would kill for the chance to prove themselves. Sag only covers Hollywood my dude.

Also "they're original and risky" doesn't sound like something they'd want to go with for 10 years. Hence why they didn't even try and instead pushed their projects back. Thanks for making my point though, that those projects are ones they don't have confidence in.

2) it's their job to keep people from working for the better part of a year? Didn't realize this.

The whole point of doing the strike with wga was to piggy back on their deal. It makes no sense to keep this going. What do you think the strikers are gonna be able to do considering by your logic they had sh!t pay and haven't been able to work this whole time.

Wtf? It's not illegal to give money. Wtf is wrong with you? Please don't call the cops on my grandma for her birthday check 🤣

3) yeah, testimony. As in what they said. Really not taking their word as is. Especially from someone who lied about orange is the new black.

4) the point being it's already a field that's regularly negotiated on an individual level. This deal means nothing other than a minimum.
cham2119 - 11/1/2023, 10:08 AM
@Origame - that poor kid to have been stuck with such an idiot
cham2119 - 11/1/2023, 10:13 AM
@Origame - oh and here’s the dispute you’re look for… everything you said is factually top to bottom wrong you have no idea how our unions work or our voting how our membership’s communicate or what we’ve been doing to support each other you’re trying to dress up a general dissatisfaction with the fact that your dumbass doesn’t get new stuff to shove into that idiot brain of yours as concern for workers who are on the picket lines fighting for fairness you could take a second and reflect on the fact that literally no one here has agreed with a single thing you’ve said but no just keep digging that hole you
cham2119 - 11/1/2023, 10:17 AM
@Origame - oh and last thing promise it’s [frick]ing hilarious that you complain about being insulted when the first thing you did was insult Lisa Ann Walters who has been an organizer for both the wga and sagaftra in support of megan fox a person who hasn’t been anywhere near a picket line in fear of melting in direct sunlight. You are clearly the villian here🤣🤣🤣🤣
Origame - 11/1/2023, 11:16 AM
@cham2119 - dude, you'd probably just fill her head with pro union propaganda when she just wants to get candy and watch scary movies.

Yet not only can't you come up with an example of what I got wrong you can't even articulate what I'm wrong about. All you can do is ad populum by saying everyone disagrees with me and that makes me wrong. Logic that's faulty, but not even correct as literally the last conversation we had was filled with people saying YOU were wrong.

Also, still on about being in the union even though before you denied it. What is it? Are you part of one of these unions or not?
Origame - 11/1/2023, 11:21 AM
@cham2119 - you say I insulted her, yet I didn't even mention her at all or refer to her by any stretch of the imagination.

Closest thing to an insult I gave was saying sag deserved the mockery Megan was giving. Which isn't an insult. It's approving a joke against them.
cham2119 - 11/2/2023, 3:41 AM
@Origame - without unions she’d be knitting sweaters for old navy genius labor unions are the reason things like the weekend and child labor laws exist wow keep putting that idiocy on display🤣🤣🤣😂
Origame - 11/2/2023, 5:59 AM
@cham2119 - 1) so? Still never mentioned her. Still has nothing to do with the discussion.

2) completely untrue. The first union demanded 5 day work week was in 1929, but the idea of a 5 day work week was already in practice in 1908 to allow Jewish workers time to recognize the sabbath. It's religion that's the origin for the weekend, not unions.,sundown%20Friday%20to%20sundown%20Saturday.

As for child labor laws, those literally had nothing to do with unions and were due to advocacy groups such as the nclc and the ncl. One was specifically devoted to child labor laws, the other was a consumer advocacy group.,effectively%20part%20of%20the%20Constitution.

So no, these things were not created by unions. Try again.
Origame - 11/2/2023, 6:01 AM
@mountainman can you believe the lengths some people will go to defend these unions? Now we got this guy trying to argue unions are responsible for the weekend and child labor laws.
mountainman - 11/2/2023, 6:38 AM
@Origame - Some people have such a poor understanding of history. Unions are vampiric organizations that such productivity from the company and add another tax to the employee. They make it to where only tenure, and not hard work, are how you are evaluated at work. They protect the worst performing employees and hurt the best employees. It’s so gross how much people worship unions. Almost as bad as how gross it is that people worship government.
mountainman - 11/2/2023, 7:01 AM
@Origame - Child labor went away because the economy got better. Children worked when families couldn’t get by without children working. Not unions, not the government, prosperity brought on by free market principles allowed for society to move on without children working.
cham2119 - 11/2/2023, 9:42 PM
@Origame - The present-day concept of the "weekend" first arose in the industrial north of Britain in the early 19th century. The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America union was the first to successfully demand a five-day work week in 1929.

lobbying for minimum age laws and hour restrictions. And in 1938, this union-led fight resulted in the first federal regulation of child labor, which ensured that when kids did work, the work would be safe and wouldn't interfere with schooling

What’s it like being wrong all the time?
Origame - 11/3/2023, 5:03 AM
@cham2119 - yeah, no. The new England cotton mill did that a full 21 years before this.

And before you try and say "those weren't the same days off" first of all, semantics, and second of Henry Ford gave his workers Saturday and Sunday off in 1926 so they could have vacation time and spend at stores.

And again, 1916 was when advocacy groups specifically trying to end child labor was when the first child labor laws were first being implemented. And their continued pressure over the years eventually lead to outright banning of the practice.

It's all there in the sources I provided. But of course you're too stubborn to accept you're wrong.
cham2119 - 11/3/2023, 9:43 AM
@Origame - man those goal posts seemed to have sprouted legs and ran off in another direction somebody catch them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
cham2119 - 11/3/2023, 9:55 AM
@Origame - union organization set nation standards but go a head throat that ford knob for doing the bare minimum while union busting. It is hilarious how badly you were taught seemingly all of labor history 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Here are some more things you can google and than thank your local unions for

1935 – National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

1938 – Fair Labor Standards Act

1906-1949 – Workers’ Compensation Laws

Oh and since you can’t get enough of ford dragging its nut across your face it was just reported that because of the UAW contract win ford raised their non union workers pay rate to discourage more people joining. They can literally thank the unions for getting them better pay. Again what’s it like being wrong all the time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Origame - 11/3/2023, 10:05 AM
@cham2119 - I'm literally citing my own source. You claimed unions came up with the weekend and child labor laws yet both existed before unions got involved.

In fact, you still haven't proven unions were even involved in child labor laws. Any source?
Origame - 11/3/2023, 10:17 AM
@cham2119 - so for the great accomplishments of unions:

Nlra- so unions created the unionize. Sounds like they just served their own existence there.

Fair labor act- about all that can be credited here is minimum wage, which is debatable as a good thing. I'd argue it's a bad thing by forcing wages as opposed to letting companies choose competitive wages. In fact making it standard has only encouraged companies to go with illegal immigrants, leading to the problem we currently have.

Workers compensation laws- this varies from state to state and many cases having nothing to do with unions but just concerned citizens bringing the issues up with their local government. Unions objectively don't make laws as their whole purpose is to negotiate with the companies.

As for the Ford pay, I actually agree with that strike. And I've said this here before. Still don't agree with the wga or the sag strike though.
cham2119 - 11/3/2023, 11:31 AM
@Origame - oh no the posts have now sprouted wings and flown away guess there’s no catching them now it’s not for you to agree with it for the people affected by it good lord the privilege just radiates off of you. The best part about all of this is it truly doesn’t matter what you think cause this is just the beginning if you only knew what was coming next that smooth brain of yours would finally give out🤣
Origame - 11/3/2023, 11:36 AM
@cham2119 - says it doesn't matter what I think, yet my reasoning has to do with what's actually going on. Companies are turning to illegal immigrants for labor as a direct result of minimum wage. This led to the immigration problem as well as workers losing their jobs. I'm the one actually showing concern for the people affected by it. Not you. You're seeing the minimum wage, screamed "success" and not bothering to see the consequences.

mountainman - 10/31/2023, 9:55 AM
Maybe SAG-AFTRA shouldn’t have gotten greedy and killed negotiations by sticking in the ridiculous profit sharing clause. That stupid Nanny lady is only trying to make the already rich actors more rich and hurt the laymen and women who will be seeing fewer roles after all this is over.
AmazingFILMporg - 10/31/2023, 10:41 AM
@mountainman -

The last thing they have to agree on is A.I.

The studios want to own a actors likeness forever if they appear in a film. That's insane.

bobevanz - 10/31/2023, 10:55 AM
@mountainman - nobody would scan you for AI because you're a legit mountain troll, once that is handled the strike will end. Until then stfu
mountainman - 10/31/2023, 10:57 AM
@AmazingFILMporg - I imagine the AI clause can get resolved, and for the record I’m on the actor’s side of that specific issue.

It’s the “success based compensation” clause that I don’t see any way that the studios will agree to. Personally, I feel like they went way too far with that one.
Webster614 - 10/31/2023, 11:13 AM
@mountainman - I've ignored most of this BS but I'm curious, what does the "success based compensation" clause state?
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