THE TOXIC AVENGER Unleashes Ultra-Violent Justice In First Red Band Teaser

THE TOXIC AVENGER Unleashes Ultra-Violent Justice In First Red Band Teaser THE TOXIC AVENGER Unleashes Ultra-Violent Justice In First Red Band Teaser

Legendary has finally released the first footage from Macon Blair's upcoming remake of The Toxic Avenger, and the movie appears to have retained the anarchic vibe of the Troma original...

By MarkCassidy - Sep 29, 2023 07:09 PM EST
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Source: Via SFF Gazette

Following an obscured first glimpse of the "freaky folk hero" of the title and a batch of promo stills spotlighting some of his supporting players, Legendary Entertainment has finally given us a look at Toxie in action in this first red-band teaser trailer for the upcoming remake of The Toxic Avenger!

The footage keeps Toxie's face hidden, unfortunately, but we do get to see the deformed vigilante dispense some ultra-violent justice to a group of villains known as the Nasty Lads, who have taken over a local diner in a scene that appears to be directly inspired by the character's introduction in the original.

Based on what we see here, this relaunch has managed to retain a lot of the twisted charm and anarchic humor of the Troma classic.

Director Macon Blair recently revealed that it's not actually Game of Thrones alum Peter Dinklage under the prosthetics.

“It’s not Peter,” the filmmaker explains. “It’s a tiny British actress named Luisa Guerreiro. She’s Portuguese. A complete badass. 110 degrees, 30 pounds of foam makeup. Motors all over her face to move the eyebrows and stuff like that."

Check out the teaser below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

“While the original film (which premiered in 1984 – almost 40 years ago!) followed the fate of Melvin Ferd Junko III (Mitch Cohen), who goes from zero to toxic hero in a case of bullying gone awry, Macon Blair’s contemporary take follows a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength all his own.

Peter Dinklage stars as downtrodden janitor Winston Gooze who, after falling into a vat of toxic waste, becomes none other than The Toxic Avenger. This timely reimagining is up to its eyeballs in environmental themes as Winston goes up against the evil forces of greed and corruption to save his son, his friends, and his community. Even as this story exists on its own terms, the spirit undoubtedly remains connected to the original. Troma fans old and new will be pleased to know that the film has been rated “R” for violence and gore – as per Troma tradition.”

The Toxic Avenger was first introduced in the 1984 movie of the same name from indie studio Troma Entertainment, and has since gone on to achieve cult status with several sequels, a comic book series and even a short-lived 1991 children's animated show called The Toxic Crusaders.

The Toxic Avenger also stars Jacob Tremblay, Taylour Paige, Julia Davis, Jonny Coyne, Elijah Wood, and Kevin Bacon.

No theatrical release date has been announced.

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WhatIfRickJames - 9/29/2023, 7:15 PM
Sold….I’m motherfuggin sold
GhostDog - 9/29/2023, 7:19 PM
I’m in, no question
Baf - 9/29/2023, 7:20 PM
I'm not sure it's worth the price of admission knowing it will be on one of my streaming services in 3 months. But I am interested.
Origame - 9/29/2023, 7:25 PM
Ok, assuming the movie itself can match the trailer, I'm sold. That's basically perfect for an adaptation of toxic avenger.
WhatIfRickJames - 9/29/2023, 7:37 PM
@Origame - literally the same scene in the restaurant but with much better effects
Bucnastydathird - 9/29/2023, 7:30 PM
Ok similarities like the original....I'm digging that shawty....crank this shit up
MrDandy - 9/29/2023, 7:32 PM
Was this trailer edited by a Gen z YouTuber?
grif - 9/29/2023, 7:34 PM
best part was when he said tore his arm off like wet bread
Skestra - 9/29/2023, 7:36 PM
Time to post the overused "Shut up and take my money" meme?

Time to post the overused "Shut up and take my money" meme.

AllsGood - 9/29/2023, 7:37 PM

I saw "Saw X" and really liked it 4.5 Stars / 5 Stars not for the weak stomach. I will only post some Critics Reviews that I think describes this movie the best.

* Set between Saw and Saw II, the tenth instalment of the torture-porn franchise amazingly hasn’t run out of steam.

* Surprisingly, Saw X is actually a terrific entry in this nineteen-year-old franchise. It gives you all the blood, guts and cringe-inducing affect you expect from a Saw movie.

A serious actor, Bell surely knows this bloody franchise will be what he’s best remembered for, and he treats the role of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, like it’s Shakespeare.

A fantasy of macabre riddles, gore galore, torn off limbs, and twists that are as absurd as they are efficient.

Rotten Tomatoes Score :)

86% = TOMATOMETER 79 Reviews

90% = AUDIENCE SCORE 100+ Verified Ratings

SonOfAGif - 9/29/2023, 7:58 PM
@AllsGood - I saw it as well. But I will say in terms of graphic violence, Saw 3D is way more graphic and over the top. I will say in regards to story and violence it is on par with Saw III with story and Saw IV with graphic violence.
dracula - 9/29/2023, 8:38 PM
@AllsGood - weird how much they bring back Tobin no matter how much older he looks and from what ive heard Saw X is a full on prequel

Wonder it they will follow up on either of the copy cat killers from Jigsaw and Spiral
SonOfAGif - 9/29/2023, 8:49 PM
@dracula - It's an interquel not a prequel. Saw happened along with the flashback sequences of Saw V. But they could continue with interquels before Saw II or Saw III. We could get a game that Amanda and Hoffman set up and show John creating his failsafe from Saw 3D to trap Hoffman.
dragon316 - 9/30/2023, 7:11 AM
@SonOfAGif - saw series have story ?
SonOfAGif - 9/30/2023, 10:52 AM
@dragon316 - The first three did. Then it just went off the rails.
MosquitoFarmer - 9/29/2023, 7:55 PM
First half of the trailer was a chore. But movie looks to be about as campy as Cocaine Bear. I'm sure it'll surprise me like that movie's praise did, but this tease didn't do it for me. Dinklage and Wood is a big plus though.
Reeds2Much - 9/29/2023, 8:06 PM
AnthonyVonGeek - 9/29/2023, 8:09 PM
I love how the city behind the news anchors is the old Troma logo.
santoanderson - 9/29/2023, 8:32 PM
I won’t lie. It’s kinda lame that Dinklage isn’t under the makeup.
Tasmaniac - 9/30/2023, 12:27 AM
@santoanderson - Maybe he’s trying to share the roles for little people after absolutely shafting them out of seven jobs in Snow White. Douche bag.
CorndogBurglar - 9/30/2023, 4:02 AM
@Tasmaniac - Exactly. I'm sure they were already done filming this when he made those comments, or maybe still filming at the very least. So I doubt he was trying to help anyone. It was probably something more along the lines of him not wanting to wear all the prosthetics and mechanical equipment on his face that this other actress is reported to be wearing.
ObserverIO - 9/30/2023, 11:13 AM
@Tasmaniac - So nobody's blaming the actual casting director or the actual director or producer or studio or anyone whose 'fault' it actually was.
dracula - 9/29/2023, 8:36 PM
So he is going to play the role the full movie.

For sure a different take

He has no problem playing a mutated freak but how dare other dwarfs play heroic roles designed for them
CorndogBurglar - 9/30/2023, 4:04 AM
@dracula - Right. It's okay to swap actors out for "little people" for an already established character, but when 7 roles pop up practically created for "little people" he wants them changed.

Dude is a hypocritical joke.
CorndogBurglar - 9/30/2023, 4:06 AM
@dracula - And I hate saying that because I loved this guy. But his Snow White comments are pretty ridiculous.
CorndogBurglar - 9/30/2023, 4:10 AM
@dracula - Also, it makes me wonder why the decided to make Toxie a dwarf in this. I doubt it was anything altruistic like wanting to give jobs to dwarfs. So what was the reason? Did they do it because it would be more funny or silly with a dwarf? Because I can't think of any reason for that change.
Toecutter - 9/30/2023, 6:40 AM
@CorndogBurglar - I think the only reason they made him a dwarf is because they wanted to cast Dinklage. He's a big name. I think Arnold was up for the role a few years ago.
dragon316 - 9/30/2023, 7:13 AM
@dracula - he better hope no toxic avenger fans say that to him at convention he goes to
MochaKing - 9/29/2023, 10:14 PM
Honestly I opened site via mobile and lpoking at thumbnail I thought "that's some awkward beard the character is having!!!". Then I watched trailer... I was shocked that I was wrong and now I'm sold, I want to see this movie in theatres...
SuperZeroCustmz - 9/30/2023, 2:29 AM
Its funny how b4 almost everyone was saying IDK about this and now a red band trailer comes out and everybody is sold... Thats all it takes. all it took from me was hearing that elijah woods film production company was pitching a reimagining w/ a dwarf Toxie . you know if uncle Kaufman is helping and there is a lot of $ for effects and gore than I'm already sold.
CorndogBurglar - 9/30/2023, 4:11 AM
@SuperZeroCustmz - I never really understood the appeal of Troma movies to begin with, so this really does nothing for me.
dragon316 - 9/30/2023, 7:16 AM
@SuperZeroCustmz - people saw trailers she hulk and moon knight they where excited show ends disappointment from people there will be people say they like it but should have picked bigger guy plays toxic
InfraMan - 9/30/2023, 10:42 AM
@dragon316 - I’m not sure if you’re an actual person, or just two cats walking around on a keyboard, but I definitely saw “Moon Knight” and “She-Hulk” in there amongst the gibberish, and I agree… they were both awesome!

I’m sure that’s what you were saying.

SuperZeroCustmz - 10/27/2023, 11:44 PM
@dragon316 - I dont get what you mean but it might be because its a run on sentence w/ no periods
SuperZeroCustmz - 10/27/2023, 11:46 PM
@dragon316 -its a troma film . of course they are gonna change a few things and I have no issue w/ it being there are a few different toxies . i have no issue w/ a different version of him and others saying its stupid before watching it.
TheLobster - 9/30/2023, 4:10 AM
This looks surprisingly awesome - I’m in!
MarvelZombie616 - 9/30/2023, 5:42 AM
I don't know, i am not sold yet.
JobinJ - 9/30/2023, 7:33 AM
He was a giant muscle bound hero. Now he’s a midget???
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