AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR: Ultra-Realistic Spider-Man Statue From Queen Studios Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Spider-Man had a memorable role in Avengers: Infinity War, and to commemorate his appearance, Queen Studios has developed a life-size, ultra-realistic statue of the Wall-Crawler from the film.

Peter Parker has had an impressive journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, going from protecting New York City from the Vulture, to saving the universe from Thanos, to dealing with the dangers of the multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home.  To mark that journey, Queen Studios has developed an ultra-realistic life-size statue based on the Wall-Crawler's Iron Spider armor from Avengers: Infinity War

The company has excelled at actors and characters' likenesses in the past, with incredible statues based on the likes of Wonder Woman, Venom, and Aquaman. This Iron Spider is no exception, making it feel as though Peter Parker himself jumped out of the screen and into our homes. Take a look: 


What's most impressive about this statue is how it successfully translates a fully CGI suit into the real world. The armor looks practical, and, perhaps most importantly, strong enough to withstand direct punches from the Mad Titan himself without putting its wearer in danger (of course, to preserve the statue's integrity, we do not recommend testing it against a giant, purple alien with delusions of grandeur).

Adding to its realism, the collectible includes several light-up pieces, most notably its eyes and palms, to accurately recreate Spider-Man's high-tech suit of armor: 


The base also features an inner glow to highlight the statue. Crafting a collectible like this one requires a considerable amount of work, and Queen Studios offered some insight into its development process by discussing the effort that went behind making the Iron Spider as screen-accurate as possible: 

"Crafted from polystone, the [Queen Studios] team has painstakingly sculpted the limited-edition collectible with breathtaking accuracy, reproducing every line and contour. Finally, Queen Studios’ artists have expertly painted the statue to capture the armor’s metallic blue and red look with gold trim."

Queen Studios' Iron Spider statue is made of polystone, and stands at 192 cm tall, with a width of 97 cm and a depth of 108 cm. 


If you're planning on buying this, we recommend you start looking for a spot large enough to properly display it. The statue retails for $7,060, and has an edition size of 299, which means its availability will be considerably limited. If you're interested in getting it, Spidey is available to pre-order at Queen Studios' website.

The Iron Spider is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2022. If ordering from Queen Studios itself, the company only ships the product to Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Fortunately for those outside said regions looking to pre-order the statue, Queen Studios' website features a list of official distributors for its products for North America and Europe.

The hype surrounding Peter Parker is running at an all-time high due to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you're looking to fill up your space with collectibles, Queen Studios also has a variety of Spider-Man statues based on the Wall-Crawler's extensive cinematic legacy. 

Below are more images of the statue to provide a better idea of its intricate details and features: 




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