MORBIUS Ending Explained (And Why It Makes Absolutely Zero Sense) - Spoilers

Morbius' post-credit scenes might have left fans angry and confused, the film boasts also an equally confounding and strange ending. We break that down here in an effort to explain what happens!

Morbius is a weird film, and one that doesn't devote too much time to coherent storytelling. The ending is all the proof you need, as the movie builds to an action-packed, silly climax that leaves us with more questions than answers...especially since a big part of it makes zero sense!

We've already taken a deep dive into those awful post-credits scenes, but as they're mostly unconnected to what happens in the film itself, something tells us many of you will also appreciate a breakdown of Morbius' ending. A lot happens, some of which sets the stage for a sequel, some of which is just plain odd, and it's all worth talking about. 

In this explanation, we share a thorough look at how Morbius wraps up, attempt to address some of the lingering plot threads, and even share a few theories about where the story goes from here.

So, let's get to it. Just be warned that MAJOR SPOILERS follow from this point on! 

The Final Battle


With his bloodlust growing increasingly worse, Michael Morbius creates a serum that will kill him and Milo (who has fully given in to his vampire side and started slaughtering the innocent). 

Heading into battle, he learns that his former friend has kidnapped Dr. Martine Bancroft because he's looking to bait Michael and is jealous of their relationship. Her throat has been sliced open and her time is nearing its end, so she implores the Living Vampire to feed off her so that he can power up and put an end to Milo once and for all. Reluctantly, he does so. 

A huge fight follows, with Morbius commanding an army of bats to hold Milo down so that he can inject him with the serum. The villain dies in his arms and Michael takes flight in front of the FBI and countless onlookers. For whatever reason, he doesn't use the serum on himself, despite vowing to do so.

As he flies into the distance, Morbius delivers one final twist...

Martine Bancroft's Fate


Lying dead on that rooftop, it appears poor Martine's story has reached its end. Guess again! 

Despite nothing in the film suggesting this would be the case, Morbius drinking his fellow scientist's blood has imbued her with powers of her own, setting the stage for another Living Vampire to enter this Marvel Universe. Surprisingly, quite a bit of this film is accurate to the comics, though this Martine is more than just a love interest and plays an active role in Michael's transformation.

Morbius never goes to retrieve her body, so is clearly unaware of what's happened. It's worth pointing out that Martine also became a vampire on the page, though that didn't come at the hands fangs of her beloved (instead, it was a group of sinister, villainous bloodsuckers).

Curious about where the story could go from here? We have some ideas...

What Comes Next? 


Determined to become a "true vampire" so she could spend an eternity with Michael, Martine eventually went down a villainous route and became one of the Living Vampire's greatest foes. 

Tragically, he ends up driving a stake through her heart when she targets Spider-Man, and we're assuming the tentative plan is for Matrine to be the sequel's big bad. This movie contradicts much of what's on the page when it comes to how being a vampire actually works, and it's still unclear how Michael intends to deal with his own bloodlust now that he's chosen not to use that serum. 

The end of the film also finally shows Agent Stroud's cybernetic arm, and with so much of his story arc on the cutting room floor, we're assuming this is meant to tease his plan to hunt down Morbius after being bested by him. 

Do we want to see this play out in a sequel? Not really, but there are interesting places to take this story! 

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