MORBIUS Spoilers: Here's What Happens In The Film's Crazy, Confusing Post-Credits Scenes

Morbius includes not one, but two post-credit scenes, & trust us when we say they're both as bad as each other. Still, if you're curious about what to expect, we're breaking them down in detail right here.

Morbius has arrived, and something tells us this one is going to be divisive. It's clear from the reviews that it's a film with a lot of problems, and the creative decisions made by Sony are among the dumbest we've ever seen from the studio.

That's saying a lot after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 teased a version of the Sinister Six no one wanted, but if you thought that was bad, you've seen nothing yet. Morbius' stingers barely make any sense and seem likely to anger and confuse fans in equal measure over the weeks to come.

As they lay the groundwork for a story we can't imagine anyone would be excited for, you'll soon understand why the social media reactions to Morbius immediately panned these scenes. 

So, let's get to it. Just be warned that MAJOR SPOILERS follow from this point on! 

First, A Little Backstory...


At the end of the film, Morbius has vanquished his foe (er, Milo) and gone on the run despite vowing to kill himself before his affliction would leave him with no choice but to drink blood. 

Throughout the film, there's no sign of Adrian Toomes and none of his scenes from the trailers ("Dr. Michael, you and I should stay in touch") make the cut. Morbius is set in the same reality as Venom, and those apparent nods to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise in the trailers are also nowhere to be seen here.

That's pretty much all you need to know, so let's get to those post-credit scenes...

Post-Credits Scene #1


The scene begins with a Multiversal rift in the sky identical to the one seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home's final act opening above New York City. 

In an empty prison cell, a figure suddenly appears, and with that, Adrian Toomes has arrived in the Venomverse. Still in a jumpsuit, he looks around and seems fairly non-plussed by his predicament, commenting: "I hope the food is better in this joint." A news report then plays with the footage from the teaser of Adrian being led out to a police van in handcuffs.

The reporter explains that Toomes mysteriously appeared in a cell with no explanation, with the expectation being that he will soon be released as there's no record of his crimes. 

He never meets Morbius in this scene and the first half is clearly from recent reshoots. It gets worse, though!

Post-Credits Scene #2


In a sequence akin to a bad car commercial, Michael Morbius drives through the desert before pulling up and getting out of his car. A light in this distance appears, and The Vulture arrives. 

His mask appears to have been slightly redesigned to look a tad more vulture-like, and we never see his face. Through blatant ADR, Toomes explains that he's new in town and still figuring out how things work. He mentions that his being in this world might have something to do with Spider-Man, but Michael has no real reaction to that other than a blank stare.

Tooms then says he's beeen keeping an eye on Morbius and suggests they put a team together to do "some good." Yes, this is a tease for a heroic version of the Sinister Six.

What does this mean? Well, Sony is clueless, but there might be more to it than that!

What The F*** Comes Next?


The plan now is clearly to bring Venom, Morbius, Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, and goodness knows who else together in a Sinister Six project. The Vulture looks set to lead this team of anti-heroes, but why he'd want to be a do-gooder is beyond us. 

It's possible Toomes is just trying to take advantage of Morbius' good nature, but the scene is nonsensical. That has to be down to Sony once thinking Tom Holland's Spider-Man would be brought into this world after their deal with Marvel Studios briefly collapsed, as we know Toomes' first meeting with the Living Vampire was once very different.

We're intrigued to see those deleted scenes, but doubt they'll ever be released. And yes, what The Vulture says is the film's only reference to the web-slinger. 

What do you think about Morbius' weird post-credits scenes?

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