Bob Garlen Presents... A Sequel Trilogy to Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN - Fancast and Story

My Take on a Sequel Trilogy to Sam Raimi's Legendary and Epic "Spider-Man" Trilogy. Set over Ten Years since Spider-Man 3 the New Trilogy tells the tale of the young Miles Morales, who becomes Spider-Man!

Fan Fic Opinion


It has Been Ten Years since Spider-Man has last been seen – Many believe he perished in a fight to the death with Supervillain: The Hobgoblin. Peter Parker survived the battle but lost his leg, saving Roderick Kingsley, who went insane because of the Goblin Formula. Since the incident, the two have become close friends and Peter now works as a Teacher at New York’s Midtown Science Academy, which includes students from all five boroughs.

            On a field trip one of Peter’s students, Miles Morales, is bit by a genetically enhanced Spider, leading Peter to mentor the gifted Student and helping him find his place and make the choice between a Normal Life and Ultimate Responsibility. Meanwhile F.E.A.S.T. Owner/Operator and Philanthropist Martin Li, father to Miles’ Best Friend, is running a Human Trafficking ring out of China, gaining the attention of Miles’ father – Officer Jefferson Davis – and Miles himself. Now New York needs a Hero once again, as it is time for Spider-Man to Return.


            It has been a year since Miles’ mother died during his battle with Mister Negative and his life is now putting itself together. He begins enjoying life as Spider-Man as his family is pulling itself together following tragedy. His Uncle Aaron returns to New York, attempting to rebuild his relationship with Miles and Jefferson. As Spider-Man, Miles encounters a new Supervillain known as the Prowler, a noted cat-burglar now working in espionage.

            Meanwhile Peter’s second life, working at the Daily Bugle, is shaken up as J. Jonah Jameson’s brother comes to New York Running for Mayor, forcing Jonah – out of spite – to run for Mayor, while promoting Peter to Part Time Editor-In-Chief, along long time Daily Bugle Reporter, Randy Robertson, Son of Joseph Robertson. This leads Peter to investigate the Mayoral Campaign and leads to a startling revelation that shakes Miles’ world.


            Following the Death of the Prowler, Miles has retired from being Spider-Man, while Peter has taken a sabbatical from teaching to run the Daily Bugle. As Miles tries to move on with his life, he finds himself the target of a sinister new force, as he is constantly attacked in public without his Spider-Sense going off. Meanwhile Peter begins finding notes and threats being sent to his office at the Bugle as well as his Home and to Mary Jane, taunting Peter to “Bring HIM Back.”

            During this time Miles is reunited with his best friend Ganke, but all is not it seems as Ganke begins acting odd as well as starts to display abilities both reminiscent of the Goblin and Spider-Man – he is reborn as Tarantula. All this Forces Miles to return as Spider-Man, leading to the discovery that Roderick Kingsley has once again taken the mantle of the Hobgoblin and kidnaps Miles, seeking to drive Peter Parker out of retirement and culminate in a Final Battle between the Spider-Men, The Hobgoblin, and The Tarantula.


-                      The Villains would be: Martin Li/Mister Negative, Blackie Drago/The Vulture – Spider-Man 4, Aaron Davis/The Prowler, Blackie Drago, and Joshua Jameson – Spider-Man 5, Roderick Kingsley/The Hobgoblin, Ganke Lee/Tarantula, Dr. Miles Warren – Spider-Man 6.

-                      The trilogy opens and closes with the image of Peter Parker being trapped under rubble from fighting the Hobgoblin and would see the Death of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man at the end of Spider-Man 6.

-                      Peter would have already fought the Lizard and rehabilitated Dr. Connors, this lead to Connors discovering Peter was actually Spider-Man and causing Connors to willingly help Peter whenever he can.

-                      Peter’s retirement from Spider-Man would be due to the loss of his leg, just as it was in the Marvel Comics Line “MU2.” We would only see him actively as Spider-Man in Spider-Man 6, where, as a final taunt, Series Villain Roderick Kingsley/The Hobgoblin would leave Peter a pristine Spider-Man Costume as well as A robotic Leg – Hobgoblin insisting that he want’s Peter as close to the top of his game as possible.

-                      Roderick Kingsley will have spent a decade hiding the fact that his Goblin persona wasn’t a split personality. He was able to use the excuse of “Split Personality” once to save his life when a building toppled on top of him and Peter. He was able to convince Peter into hiding his identity by going to therapy and having Peter act as a “Sponsor.”

-                      Ganke is Martin Li’s adopted son, the rift from Li’s death at the End of Spider-Man 4 would set up a hatred Ganke holds over Miles, this trilogy’s version of the Harry/Peter feud.

-                      The End of Each Film would follow a similar pattern as the Original Trilogy: Spider-Man 4 and 6 Would end with Web Swinging sequences, and like Spider-Man 3Spider-Man 5 wouldn’t end with a web swinging sequence – It would end with a Funeral.

-                      Spider-Man 5 ends with Miles giving the costume back to Peter after having Lost so much – Due to suffering the deaths of both his Mother and his Uncle, and being broken up with by his Girlfriend Barbara Rodriguez – in less than a year.

-                      Spider-Man 6 would be about Roderick and Ganke taunting Peter and Miles to step back into the role for a battle to the death. Ganke’s attacks would be like Venom’s attacks in Spider-Man #300 – Where he encounters him in public and pushes him around without being scene.

-                      Miles and Barbara would get back together, she having broken up with him for being overtly secretive – Miles would finally reveal he’s Spider-Man in the 6th film, prompting her to trust him and continuing the relationship, giving Miles a happy ending.

-                      Jefferson Davis would discover that Miles is Spider-Man due to Ganke telling him – Causing Miles to go on the run while Jefferson struggles with his Anti-Spider-Man stance and whether to turn his son into the police.

-                      Dr. Miles Warren would inject Ganke with the Goblin serum and an experimental dose of Spider-Venom to give him the abilities of Both Spider-Man and The Hobgoblin – Making him more powerful than both, although Warren’s serum would allow for the Hobgoblin to take control over Ganke.      

-                      Drago would appear as a secondary antagonist, Aaron Davis owed Drago a debt, leading to Drago have Prowler hunt and kill Spider-Man – Which changes the Prowler’s goals from getting dirt on Jameson’s rivals.

-                      The climactic battle in Spider-Man 5 revolves around Spider-Man, Prowler, and Vulture. Prowler would get himself killed saving Miles’ life.

-                      Kingsley would visit Dr. Connors in Spider-Man 6, using a serum developed Miles Warren to turn him back into the Lizard, forcing Peter to unearth his old copies of the neutralizer to turn the Lizard back into Dr. Connors.

-                      Roderick Kingsley would be a puppet Master. The current head of Oscorp who used his resources to give Mister Negative his powers to have a control over organized crime, Shadow Bankrolling Joshua Jameson’s Mayoral Campaign on the condition he runs an Anti-Spider-Man platform, Hiring Aaron Davis to work under Jameson, Pulling his resources and attacking the Spider-Men to kill both of them.

-                      Peter dies during his battle with the Hobgoblin in Spider-Man 6 – He, Goblin, Miles, and Ganke would be trapped under rubble as a building is collapsing from the fight, Goblin would get crippled from debris and activate a Pumpkin Bomb that would kill the four of them – Peter would push up enough rubble for Miles to get himself and Ganke out, The Peter would pull a structural beam to collapse the building and muffle the explosion – causing his and Hobgoblin’s death in the process.


Executive Producer: An executive producer (EP) enables and backs up the making of a commercial entertainment product. He or she is concerned with management accounting and possibly with associated legal issues (like copyrights or royalties). An EP also contributes to the film's budget and does not work on set.

            Kevin Feige [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, X-MenThe Marvel Cinematic Universe]: There’s no doubt that Spider-Man is the Marvel character nearest and dearest to Kevin’s heart. With Marvel heading to a more Inclusive direction, this trilogy would allow the MCU to keep Peter as their active Spider-Man and move towards a more inclusive film trilogy that introduces Miles as a headlining character in a live action medium.

Executive Producer: An executive producer (EP) enables and backs up the making of a commercial entertainment product. He or she is concerned with management accounting and possibly with associated legal issues (like copyrights or royalties). An EP also contributes to the film's budget and does not work on set.

            Avi Arad [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, The Amazing Spider-Man {Duology}, Venom]: Avi Arad has a tyrannical grip around Spider-Man. He’s an integral part of Spider-Man being on-screen but putting him in a more reduced role could help the more creative forces behind the movie in full gear.

Executive Producer: An executive producer (EP) enables and backs up the making of a commercial entertainment product. He or she is concerned with management accounting and possibly with associated legal issues (like copyrights or royalties). An EP also contributes to the film's budget and does not work on set.

            Amy Pascal [Notable Works: Spider-Man Homecoming, Venom, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse]: While she isn’t the best thing to happen to Spider-Man she’s been very integral in the revamping of his image, working with Marvel to get the MCU Deal while producing Into the Spider-Verse. Putting her in a Executive Producer position allows her to do what she does best in a capacity that allows the filmmakers to dive into production comfortably.

Producer: Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a financing entity or a film distributor. They might be employed by a film studio or be independent, yet either way they helm the creative people as well as the accounting personnel.

            Grant Curtis [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Drag Me To Hell, Oz The Great and Powerful]: He’s worked with Raimi on the trilogy and has really put his heart in it. He’s worked closely with Raimi on his last few directed projects. He’s a key figure in being able to revisit the Raimi-Verse.

Producer: Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a financing entity or a film distributor. They might be employed by a film studio or be independent, yet either way they helm the creative people as well as the accounting personnel.

            Rob Tapert [Notable Works: The Evil Dead {Franchise}, The Gift, Don’t Breathe]: A talented Producer and longtime friend of Sam Raimi. He is a voice that would be integral in getting back into the Raimi-Verse and helping it feel legitimate.

Producer: Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a financing entity or a film distributor. They might be employed by a film studio or be independent, yet either way they helm the creative people as well as the accounting personnel.

            Sam Raimi [Notable Works {As A Producer}: Drag Me To Hell, Evil Dead {2013}, Don’t Breathe]: This is his universe. His love of Spider-Man is Legendary, and in going back to his Spider-Man, it would be a requirement to keep him in a Producer role. This would allow him some closure in getting Spider-Man 4 off the ground, keeping the integrity of the characters and allow Raimi to work comfortably. This would be Raimi’s opportunity to grandfather in a new era of Spider-Man films that allows his work to really continue and evolve in a way that it isn’t able to as a trilogy.

Cinematographer: A cinematographer (usually credited with the title director of photography, or DP) is the chief over the camera and lighting crews working on a film and responsible for achieving artistic and technical decisions related to the image. The study and practice of this field is referred to as cinematography.

            Bill Pope [Notable Works: Spider-Man 2 , Spider-Man 3, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings {Forthcoming}]: Familiar with Spider-Man and Marvel, Pope is a legendary cinematographer. He’s one of few who have such a command over his part in filmmaking that he stands out as an active name among the lesser-involved movie buffs. Bringing him back for a new Spider-Man trilogy set in Raimi’s world would be needed.

Production Designer: A production designer or P.D is the person responsible for the overall look of a filmed event such as films, TV programs, video games, music videos or adverts. Production designers have one of the key creative roles in the creation of motion pictures and television. Working directly with the director and producer, they must select the settings and style to visually tell the story.

            Neil Spisak [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles {2014}, Terminator Genisys]: His work is wonderful. He’s got an eye for New York unlike any Production designer. He’s given such innocuous areas such character detail and meaning. Absolutely one of the best Production Designers of all time.

Costume Designer: A costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or stage production. The role of the costume designer is to create the characters and balance the scenes with texture and color, etc. The costume designer works alongside the director, scenic, lighting designer, sound designer, and other creative personnel. The costume designer may also collaborate with hair stylist, wig master, or makeup artist. In European theatre, the role is different, as the theatre designer usually designs both costume and scenic elements.

            James Acheson [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Daredevil, Man of Steel]: He designed Spider-Man’s first theatrical suit and it was a home run. His design for Daredevil was amazing and for Man of Steel he really elevated expectations and brought a sense of realism to it. He has given some of the best and most iconic looks in Superhero films.

Film Editor: Film editing is part of the creative post-production process of filmmaking. The term film editing is derived from the traditional process of working with film, but now it increasingly involves the use of digital technology.

            Bob Murawski [Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, The Hurt Locker, Oz The Great and Powerful]: He’s a wonderful editor who understands how to cut action, drama, humor, and excitement in powerful, interesting, and dynamic sequences. He’s a good part of why Raimi’s Spider-Man films stand out among modern superhero movies.

Composer: A film score (also sometimes called film music, background music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question.

            Christopher Young [Notable Works: Spider-Man 3, Drag Me To Hell, Pet Sematary]: As controversial as it might be, I’ll say that his work on Spider-Man 3 rivals Danny Elfman’s work on Spider-Man 2. Young not only appropriately adapted Elfman’s work where required but brought new melodies and themes that were extraordinary as well as completely intune and inline with the tone Elfman set in the first two films. I think he would be able to bring something unique to a newer line of films and still maintain that classic approach to Spider-Man’s music that Elfman developed.

Screenwriter: A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. A play for television is also known as a teleplay.

            David Koepp [Notable Works: Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, You Should Have Left]: Koepp’s scripts for Spider-Man hit a specific mark. It was a perfect story adaptation. He not only understood the character but the heart of the material. He’s a wonderful screenwriter and there’s no doubt he could come back and do a lot of the things he wanted to spiritually with a new Spider-Man in a familiar playground.

Director: A film director is a person who directs the making of a film. Generally, a film director controls a film's artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision. The director has a key role in choosing the cast members, production design, and the creative aspects of filmmaking.

            Tim Story [Notable Works: Fantastic Four {Duology}, Shaft, Tom and Jerry {Forthcoming}]: An underrated director. Story has built his career on doing fun and enjoyable family friendly movies. He’s a director who’s really able to harness the heart of his characters. His Fantastic Four films are enjoyable family films. He’s a director who could bring a level of enthusiasm and admiration for Miles Morales that rivals Raimi’s for Peter Parker.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: Mid-30’s]: The original, amazing Spider-Man. It’s been ten years since he’s suited up as the friendly neighborhood wall crawler, having lost his leg in a battle with the Hobgoblin. Since then Peter has had to step away from great responsibility as Spider-Man and has instead become a High School Science Teacher, while moonlighting as a reporter for the Daily Bugle. He finds promise in Miles and takes to mentoring him, teaching him to be his own Spider-Man.

            Tobey Maguire [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 45, Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, The Great Gatsby, Brothers]: Despite his flaws as a person Tobey is a fantastic actor, his role as Spider-Man propelled him to stardom and remains a very popular run. He’s a strong actor and certainly fitting of the role. He has grown as an actor and it would be interesting to see what he could bring to the role now.


Mary Jane Watson [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: Mid-30’s]: Wife to Peter Parker and an actress working on a popular television series. She worries about Peter, seeing him suffer due to his inability to be Spider-Man. She stands as a figure of support for Peter, helping him and encouraging him mentoring Miles.

Kirsten Dunst [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 38, Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Marie Antoinette, Fargo {Season 2}]: A gifted actress, who I felt was underrated. I’ve enjoyed her post-Spider-Man work just as much as I’ve enjoyed her in Spider-Man. She’s a key part of what Sam Raimi’s vision and it makes her a necessary component in going back to that vision, even with the new story this trilogy is telling.

J Jonah Jameson [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 65]: Owner, Publisher, and Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Bugle. Guilt ridden over Peter’s missing leg (believing his order for Parker to get the pictures resulted in him being in the accident) he finds a fire again when a New Spider-Man arrives on scene.

            J.K. Simmons [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 65, Notable Works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Whiplash, Spider-Man Far From Home]: He is J. Jonah Jameson and going back to the Raimi-verse wouldn’t be right unless you went back with J. Jonah Jameson as part of the world.


Theodore Hoffman [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 54]: The Bugle’s head of marketing and the loyal “Yes Man” to Jonah.

Ted Raimi [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 54, Notable works: Spider-Man {Trilogy}, My Name is Bruce, Ash vs the Evil Dead]: Ted’s a fun actor and   his work is always entertaining. He would be a welcome face to see in another Spider-Man movie.

Dr. Curt Connors [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 60’s]: A physicist and professor at Columbia University, Connors lost his arm in a car wreck after having graduated college. He’s since learned of Peter’s identity and is a staunch supporter of Spider-Man. He is one of few who can understand Peter’s yearning for his missing limb.

            Dylan Baker [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 60, Notable Works: Along Came a Spider, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3]: Dylan Baker was wonderful in his appearances. He’s a wonderful actor and it’s a true shame he never got his due as The Lizard. Seeing him come back would help this already rich world feel more populated and real.


Gwen Stacy-Li [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 35]: Columbia University Graduate and Co-Operator of F.E.A.S.T. and Wife of Martin Li. She’s found her place working with the homeless and living Spider-Man’s example to help make the world a better place. With Martin, she adopted Ganke Lee, a child from Korea who’s real mother was killed when brought to the country.

Bryce Dallas Howard [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 39, Notable Works: Spider-Man 3, Jurassic World, Rocketman]: This was a role that really let Howard have some fun. Bringing her back would really help build the world and give fans an interesting peak as to what did happen to the character. She would be perfect as an “Aunt May” to Ganke’s character and help him through his struggles throughout the trilogy.



Miles Morales/Spider-Man [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 17]: A Midtown High Student from Brooklyn. Bit by a genetically altered Spider, Miles goes through a personal crisis until he discovers that his science teacher: Mr. Parker is the original Spider-Man. He tries to understand his place in the world, as he decides whether or not it’s his place to become Spider-Man.

            Dante Brown [Height: 5’ 7”, Age: 20, Notable Works: Mockingbird LaneLethal Weapon {T.V. Series}, Ma]:   A strong young actor who definitely has the youthful energy expected for Miles. He’s got the right tone, presence of character, command of drama, and comedic timing that it would take to play Miles. He’s got a certain spirit that allows him to really embody the role and stand out. He’s a relatively unknown choice compared to the more popular choices for Miles, but there’s no doubt he would stick to the role in the same way that Tobey stuck to Spider-Man. No doubt a perfect choice for the role.

Barbara Rodriguez [Height: N/A, Age: 17]: A High School student studying to be a nurse. She job-shadows under Mile’s mother Rio. She develops a crush on Miles after seeing him stand up to Kenny “Kong.”

            Jenna Ortega [Height: 5’ 1”, Age: 18, Notable Works: Iron Man 3, Jane the Virgin, You]: Through her energy and charisma alone, she’s a perfect choice for Barbara. She’s got the “girl-next-door” quality with a bit of an edge that would allow her to make her character stand out, especially from being compared to Dunst’s Mary Jane. She’s got the look and the right presence to play the character and make her someone absolutely unique but every-bit as easy for fans to love as a character that Miles does.

Ganke Lee/Tarantula [Height: N/A, Age: 17]: A confused kid who developed a serious case of hero-worship as a child, having seen the original Spider-Man fight the Sandman. This changes after his father dies and he goes through an arc of depression, unable to come to terms with his father doing illegal things, Ganke becomes violent and begins his own campaign to take down his former best friend, Allowing Hobgoblin to experiment on him. He finally accepts the truth allowing Miles to save him, in a way Peter was unable to save Harry at the end.

            Major Curda [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 21, Notable Works: Godlike, Atypical, Riverdale]: A young actor who’s made an impact on the show Riverdale, Curda has stood out as a strong actor giving some dimension to a character that in other hands would have been stale. He’s got the appropriate presence for this version of Ganke and would be able to really convey and dive into the conflict the character is going through in the trilogy, capping off with a very serious transformation as an individual and make an impact in a way Harry’s New Goblin was unable to.

Jefferson Davis [Height: N/A, Age: 40’s]: A Father, Husband, and NYPD Officer. He’s a good cop and after the death of Rio becomes attached and worried about Miles. His fear causes him to maintain an Anti-Spider-Man stance. He is forced to come to terms and work with his son as he learns that Miles is Spider-Man.

            Isaiah Mustafa [Height: 6’ 4”, Age: 46, Notable Works: The Clinic, Shadowhunters, IT: Chapter Two]: Isaiah is a wonderful actor and after seeing him breakaway from his more comedic work into serious and emotionally charged roles, he became the only choice for Jefferson. He has a likability to him but a heart and sensitivity that makes his characters approachable in a parental sense. There’s no doubt he could take the role and emotional turmoil behind it and deliver something iconic in the way of Glenn Ford’s Pa Kent, with just as much tragedy.

Gloria Grant [Height: 5’ 8”, Age: 50’s]: A senior Bugle employee, who replaced Betty Brant as Jameson’s secretary after she married reporter Ned Leeds and left New York for California. She’s much more critical of Jonah’s bias, happy to keep him in check after his decade long slump while Spider-Man was inactive. She, along with Peter, are the only people Jonah truly lets in anymore.

            Aisha Tyler [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 49, Notable Works: Death Sentence, Archer, Criminal Minds]: Few actresses have such a strong and dynamic command of both comedic and serious performances the way Tyler does. She’s got a sense to her that allows her to inject the right amount of each in her performances, making her the perfect candidate for a role like Gloria Grant.

Randolph “Randy” Robertson [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 30’s]: “Robbie” Robertson’s eldest son, Bugle Reporter, and Jonah’s godson, Randy spent years in college getting his Journalism degree before joining the Bugle. He has just as many diverse opinions from Jonah as his father did, leading Jonah to keep him nearby.

            Dayo Okeniyi [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 32, Notable Works: The Hunger Games, Endless Love, Terminator Genisys]: Dayo is a strong actor really coming into his own, and while he hasn’t made waves in much of his more recent work he’s still stood out as a fantastic actor and would certainly be able to match the energy and nature of Bill Nunn’s performance as Robbie, while bringing a new dimension to his character giving something wholly unique.

Captain Frank Quaid [Height: N/A, Age: 50’s]: NYPD Police Captain and Jefferson’s superior officer.

            Shemar Moore [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 50, Notable Works: Criminal Minds, The Bounce Back, S.W.A.T.]: A decent actor who’s fit for the role. He has done a lot of good work and would give a presence of a very detailed world in a role like Quaid. He has garnered a following of fans in the general public and placing him in this series would really help the world continue to stand out.

Principal Davis [Height: N/A, Age: 60’s]: Midtown High Principal and close friend of Peter.

            Bruce Campbell [Height: 6’ 1”, Age: 62, Notable Works: The Evil Dead {Franchise}, Spider-Man {Trilogy}, Burn Notice]: You can’t have a Raimi-verse Spider-Man Movie without Bruce, but this is also a different Director’s work and something of a change would be needed in that. Giving Bruce a recurring role would be a fun change on the established cameo dynamic but also having Bruce involved in a more meaningful way.

Blackie Drago/The Vulture [Height: 6’ 0”, Age 40’s]: A dangerous international crime lord, who had stolen the tech behind both Goblin Gliders, developing his own flight system – taking on the name “The Vulture.” He has a grip on any and all organized crime in New York, even having control of Prowler.

            Sharlto Copely [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 46, Notable Works: District 9, Elysium, Chappie]: Sharlto is a hell of an actor and should have played a true comic book baddy by now. He’s fun and dynamic in his work, he stands out as a unique force whenever on screen and would be an absolute delight in a role like The Vulture.

Roderick Kingsley/The Hobgoblin [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 50’s]: Former Fashion Empire Mogul, who’s older sister was married to Norman Osborn. He kept a dislike of his former brother-in-law, feeling he didn’t show Harry anything to nurture the young Osborns potential. He harbors a special hatred for Peter and Spider-Man for getting his Nephew killed. He took over controlling shares of Oscorp, from Harry’s will leading for a massive overhaul in Oscorp. This allowed Kingsley to secretly bring in his own scientist to rework the Goblin formula – from then he took the name “Hobgoblin” and began a revenge campaign. This led to him partnering with Blackie Drago as well as getting a controlling factor in Organized Crime – enforced by Mister Negative. After his battle with Peter ten years ago crippled the wall crawler and almost cost Roderick his life, he allowed the Hobgoblin to lay dormant until a New Spider-Man arrived on scene – causing Kingsley to revisit his revenge plans.

            Aaron Eckhart [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 52, Notable Works: Thank You For Smoking, The Dark Knight, Sully]: It’s easy to say I’m still impressed with his performance as Two-Face in the Dark Knight. A hell of an actor who’s big break didn’t last that long or go that far and that is tragic. He’s got a unique ability to turn on a dime and change his character in radical ways. He has every bit the energy and the charisma to pull of such a performance. No doubt he could make the role every bit as iconic as Dafoe’s Goblin or Molina’s Doc Ock.


Rio Morales [Height: N/A, Age: 40’s]: Miles’ mother and a Nurse at a Brooklyn based Hospital in New York. She is Miles’ emotional rock, and even sacrifices herself to stop Mister Negative and save her son. Her death turns her into Miles’ Uncle Ben, giving him a message to live for, through the oath she took as a nurse.

            Eva Mendes [Height: 5’ 6”, Age: 46, Notable Works: Hitch, Ghost Rider, The Lost River]: While she hasn’t appeared in film for years, she’s a parent and a strong actress and I think the ability to be in a superhero movie made for all ages would appeal to her, especially since it would be apart of one of the biggest cinematic superhero franchises ever. She’s actually a lovely actress and gives wonderful performances every time she’s seen. She has a warmth and a motherly quality to her that would make her absolutely perfect for a role like Rio Morales. You would be able to feel the same loss Miles does when he loses her in the film and would be able to see why she inspires him. There’s no doubt Eva is a perfect choice and despite it having been a while she’s a pitch perfect choice for the role.

Kenny “Kong” MacFarlane [Height: 6’ 2”, Age: 18]: A school bully insecure about his intelligence taking it out on the two kids he perceives to be the smartest in school: Miles and Ganke.

            Jake Sims [Height: N/A, Age: 20, Notable Works: Raising Expectations, IT, IT Chapter Two]: He’s essentially played this role in IT. He’s a decent fit for the role and would look stunningly similar to the Brian Bagley art if he shaved his head.

Frank Oliver/The Kangaroo [Height: 6’ 3”, Age: 40’s]: A Bank Robber with enhanced physiology allowing him to leap long distances, and the first criminal Miles encounters as Spider-Man.

            Dustin Clare [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 38, Notable Works: Spartacus {Series}, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Doctor Doctor]: He’s a fun actor and is familiar working in a Raimi-Produced Project. Seeing him step into a role like this would be a fun treat for fans.

Martin Li/Mister Negative [Height: 5’ 11”, Age: 40’s]: Chinatown crime Lord who masquerades as Martin Li, a loving entrepreneur who operates F.E.A.S.T. a homeless educational center, helping the poverty-stricken New Yorkers help themselves. Giving them resources and a home for them to start putting their life back together. He is married to College Girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and parent their adopted son Ganke Lee, the child of Korean immigrants and best friend of the new Spider-Man. He requires a serum to help keep his power in Check and as Mister Negative, he is a ruthless human trafficker, exploiting Chinese citizens hoping to come to the United States. In his Organized Criminal activities, he often partners with Blackie Drago.

            John Cho [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 48, Notable Works: Gemini, Searching, Cowboy Bebop {Forthcoming}]: This was a role that I just couldn’t help but see John in. He’s a stronger actor then given credit for, he can do action and it would be fantastic to see him in a villainous role. He’s got a certain tone about him that is perfect for a character like Mister Negative and a lightness to him that makes him perfect for the more loving Martin Li.


Joshua James Jameson [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 60’s]: Jonah’s elder brother, running for Mayor of New York. He was the spoiled favorite in the Jameson household. He harbors a sense of ignorance for why Jonah dislikes him and has become a very overbearing and sparradic individual. (Image used is that of Jay Jameson Sr.)

            John Malkovich [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 66, Notable Works: Con Air, Being John Malkovich, Space Force]: I would say that by far the biggest tragedy of the unmade Spider-Man 4 is not seeing Malkovich as the Vulture. Since we have seen a proper Adrian Toomes Vulture, and the desire to see Malkovich in a fun and energetic Villain role, the idea came to develop a Brother of Jonah who’s every bit as energetic and odd as both Malkovich and Jameson. He would be an excellent match opposite Simmon’s Jonah that it would make up for the missed opportunity years ago.

Aaron Davis/The Prowler [Height: N/A, Age: 40’s]: A burglar who specializes in espionage, He is hired by Joshua Jameson to help dig up dirt on any political adversaries as well as a body guard. His work is sidelined as Blackie Drago returns to the states forcing Davis to hunt and Kill Spider-Man, whom Davis is unaware is actually his nephew Miles.

            Common [Height: 6’ 0”, Age: 48, Notable Works: Wanted, John Wick Chapter 2, Hell on Wheels]: Really Common was the only actor I could imagine in the role in a live action sense. He’s proven to be a hell of an actor, with stunning work in Hell on Wheels and a fun and energetic role in John Wick Chapter 2, he’s done nothing but prove why he’s the perfect choice to bring the Prowler to the big screen in a live action debut.


Miles Warren/The Jackal [Height: 5’ 10”, Age: 50’s]: An Oscorp scientist employed directly by Roderick Kingsley. He had re-engineered the performance enhancers to Roderick’s ideal specifications. This leads him to develop a Spider-Venom formula that would give someone the same abilities as Spider-Man, and even engineers a Lizard formula for Kingsley to use to distract the Spider-Men. He’s every bit as cunning and conniving as his nickname “The Jackal” suggest.

            Aiden Gillen [Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 52, Notable Works: Game of Thrones, The Dark Knight Rises, Project Blue Book]: Who else is better to play a conniving villain than the guy who played Petyr Baelish. Aiden is a hell of an actor and is due for a prominent role in a comic book movie. He’s shown to be a talented villain and would make a fantastic Jackal, even if he isn’t suiting up in the proper uniform.

NO TIME TO DIE Star Ana De Armas Reportedly Eyed For Lead Female Role In SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off Movie EL MUERTO

NO TIME TO DIE Star Ana De Armas Reportedly Eyed For Lead Female Role In SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off Movie EL MUERTO

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Tom Holland Rumored To Return As SPIDER-MAN For An Appearance In [SPOILER]

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