New SUICIDE SQUAD Scene Description Features Deadshot And Rick Flag

A new scene description from David Ayer's Suicide Squad has emerged, giving us a slightly spoilery look at the dynamic between Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and Deadshot (Will Smith)...

We recently received an interesting report that the villain in David Ayer's Suicide Squad would be known as The Adversary. A new scene description has surfaced on from their visit to the Toronto set of the film last year. The scene (which takes place towards the end of the film's first act) is focused around Deadshot (Will Smith) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), as they discuss the impending threat of the Adversary, and what happened when Flag tried to take the creature down the first time. Possible SPOILERS ahead!

In the scene, taking place around the end of the first Act of the film, the Squad has been sent out on their mission. They have not, however, been told what it is exactly they're going up against. Standing out in the rain, Deadshot (Will Smith) stops and starts to argue with Flag (Joel Kinnaman). "You know exactly what we're walking into, don't you?" Deadshot asks. "I tell you what you need to know. That's how things work. You know I own a ford pickup truck with a blown engine? Not everything is relevant," Flag responds.

In a moment of levity, Harley walks up to the two of them and peeks between them. "Hi, guys. Lover's spat?" She says with a smile. Deadshot dismisses her, and turns back to Flag, saying, "Tell everybody everything. They need to know." It seems Deadshot found a dossier in the crash that gave him a better idea of what it is they're walking into.

"Three days ago, a non-human entity appeared in a subway station. First, they sent the cops. It killed them. Then they sent the Army. It killed them, too," Flag explains. "Then they sent me and a woman with... incredible abilities. A witch - as in brooms and black cats. Nobody could get near this thing, but the witch could, so the plan was to hand her an anti-demolition charge; she drops it at his feet, and we fly economy back to DC. Needless to say, the whole thing was a bad idea. Now you know."

With that, Boomerang (Jai Courtney) confirms it: the Squad is going after Enchantress - and whatever the Adversary is. "There's no one the smallest bit concerned about going to war with a witch and a giant magic monster, all 'cause some old duck is dead?" He asks. They head into the bar out of the rain to grab a drink and figure out what their next step is.

It sounds like Deadshot and Flag won't be seeing eye to eye when it comes to how to prepare Task Force X for the danger ahead! Did the scene get you excited for the film? Sound off below! Suicide Squad releases August 5, 2016.
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