EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Pace Campaigning to Portray Lex Luthor!

In an exclusive CBM interview, hopeful actor Dominic Pace discusses portraying Lex Luthor,and how he would approach the role, what he thinks of Director Zack Snyder and who he thinks should play Superman!

How do you think Lex Luthor should be portrayed in a modern Superman movie?
I think audiences are over the 'caricature/overly done' Superhero films. It seems quite obvious with the success of Dark Knight, that audiences, as well as Directors/Screenwriters/Actors are much more interested in a 'fleshed out/ 3 dimensional' Superhero/Villain, which tells a deeper story. I think Heath Ledger's Joker defined this new level, as well as set the standard for actors portraying these legendary characters.

I'm always intrigued by the subtleties that actors bring to a villain. What is the deeper reason they are what they have become? I feel that in life, we are able to relate to these villains sometimes more than the hero... and when the screenwriter, director, and actor play out the back story of the villain, the audience is filled with a much richer experience.

Even though my Facebook Campaign pictures a Lex in "Level 10" emotions, if I were to portray the role, I'd love to focus on the more subtle aspects of the villain, which, to me resonates much more stronger than some "overly acted" maniac. There's no doubt, that if Snyder and Nolan create the role, they would find that subtlety to give the highest resonance to the story and the new direction of the Superman franchise.

What sort of influences would you draw from in your portrayal of Lex?
I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I have studied acting since I was 16. My road has been long and painful. Even though I have never quit the business for one day, the 'process' for a 'no name' actor can be quite painful at times.. To a point that, for someone like myself, you would think I was a Masochist to continually throw myself into the fire of rejection, and being just a number at some of these cattle calls.

There are many so-called Industry Professionals that are not actors... They can sit back and tell me and my peers to just 'enjoy' the process. To be patient, wait your turn, and continue to do good work.. If you do this, everything will be Rosy and Shiny, and William Morris will come knocking on your door one day with a big contract.

I have not taken the rejection, nor the politics of the business lightly... but ironically, I feel that over the years, it has helped work to such an extent, that when given the right, villainous role, all of the anger, rage, bitterness, years of going through the motions at various restaurants/putting up with spoiled customers, will come out.

When I've slipped a line or flubbed an audition, I do not 'let it go.' I am a perfectionist in many ways.. On a personal level, I did not grow up with a father. When I was 10, I was bullied pretty badly and always kept that rage within me throughout my life and work. Acting has always been an 'out,' and a safe way to let all of that anger and frustration play out.

Most fans are sick of seeing Lex Luthor as the villain, but what do you think Lex's role should be in the reboot?
I've read many of the fan posts.. and it seems obvious why Nolan may want to head in a different direction.. i.e. (Not your normal, popcorn, 1 dimensional, ooh/ahh CGI) reasons. For the record, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the fans that feel this way. I think a happy, interesting medium would be to have hints of the origin of Superman... Perhaps a subtle, ominous, presence of Lex, with less screen time than a major role. I'm confident that Nolan will take the reboot to a deeper level with Superman.. similar to Dark Knight with his training and origin. I think Lex should certainly exist, but only to the extent that creates Nolan's vision, and not for the gratuitous "this is the villain" reason which leaves no substance. I think Nolan has bigger plans and I'm confident he will not disappoint.

As well as Lex Luthor being the villain, who would you like to see as well facing off against Superman in 2012?
Huge Terrance Stamp fan for what he did with Zod, along with the rest of his brilliant career. Zod would also be one of those characters to where Snyder and Nolan can do their magic.. bringing out the 3 dimensions of a villain that is rich for the audience.

What would it mean for you to work with a director like Zack Snyder?
Like the rest of the world, the artistic style of 300 was 'mind blowing.' It would be a deep honor.

Which actor would you like to face off against as Superman?
Being 6'3" myself, I would love to see another tall lead. I like Joe Mangiello. I love what he's done on True Blood.

Also, for the record, even though I have publicly announced my love for the role.. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for every A-lister mentioned for Lex should the role be written. FromBilly Zane to Ralph Fiennes. I don't want my pitch to be 'well I'm better than them.' But I am confident in my own ability, as well as my own take on the role, if given the opportunity.

With Superman having Lois Lane as his prominant female interactive character, would you like Lex to have a similar character like Mercy Graves for example or the opposite direction and have somebody like Miss Tessmacher from the 1978 movie?
Part of me actually wants this new version to be a different take on the comic book and/or previous films... There's something much more powerful with Lex solo... I'd almost like to see him as a distant, maniacal, hermit with zero comic relief, or secretary to lighten the intensity.

MrDCU: I'd like to make a massive thanks to Dominic for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions that will doubt put out a good feeling about him as Lex Luthor! Truly great answers that couldn't have had any more heart and passion into them. All the best to Dominic about going for the role. If you wish to follow Dominic's progress then copy the link to his campaign on Facebook! If you wish to learn more about Dominic's history as an actor then check out his IMDB Page by copying the link!



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