SMALLVILLE Actor John Glover Defends Christopher Reeve CGI Appearance In THE FLASH- "He Loved Superman"

SMALLVILLE Actor John Glover Defends Christopher Reeve CGI Appearance In THE FLASH- "He Loved Superman" SMALLVILLE Actor John Glover Defends Christopher Reeve CGI Appearance In THE FLASH- "He Loved Superman"

John Glover previously worked with Christopher Reeve in several plays during the early stages of their career and later on Smallville.

By MarkJulian - Jul 29, 2023 03:07 PM EST
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Actor John Glover is speaking out against fans and critics who have called Christopher Reeves's appearance in The Flash, distasteful.

Said Glover, "I think it’s up to his family/estate and not anyone else. Chris’ dedication to the franchise led him to Smallville as Dr. Swan. He loved Superman and would have wanted to be included. And this is from someone who worked with him in plays and on Smallville."

Reeve previously made his first guest appearance on Smallville in February 25, 2003 as Dr. Virgil Swann in an episode titled Rosetta. Swan was a scientist with knowledge of Krypton and taught Tom Welling's Clark Kent how to fully use his powers to benefit mankind.

The episode set several ratings records for the now defunct, The WB.

Christopher Reeve in Smallville

Reeve is best known for playing the titular hero in 1978's Superman and three sequels. An equestrian accident in 1995 left Reeves paralyzed from the neck down. Following his accident, he continued to act and became an advocate for spinal injury research. Reeve died on October 10, 2004.

OFFICAL SYNOPSIS: Worlds collide in “The Flash” when Barry uses his superpowers to travel back in time in order to change the events of the past. But when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, Barry becomes trapped in a reality in which General Zod has returned, threatening annihilation, and there are no Super Heroes to turn to. That is, unless Barry can coax a very different Batman out of retirement and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian… albeit not the one he’s looking for. Ultimately, to save the world that he is in and return to the future that he knows, Barry’s only hope is to race for his life. But will making the ultimate sacrifice be enough to reset the universe?

“The Flash” ensemble also includes rising star Sasha Calle, Michael Shannon (“Bullet Train,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”), Ron Livingston (“Loudermilk,” “The Conjuring”), Maribel Verdú (“Elite,” “Y tu mamá también”), Kiersey Clemons (“Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” “Sweetheart”), Antje Traue (“King of Ravens,” “Man of Steel”) and Michael Keaton (“Spider-Man: Homecoming,” “Batman”).

“The Flash” is produced by Barbara Muschietti (the “IT” films, “Mama”) and Michael Disco (“Rampage,” “San Andreas”). The screenplay is by Christina Hodson (“Birds of Prey,” “Bumblebee”), with a screen story by John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein (“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and Joby Harold (“Transformers:Rise of the Beasts,” “Army of the Dead”), based on characters from DC. The executive producers are Toby Emmerich, Walter Hamada, Galen Vaisman and Marianne Jenkins.

Joining director Muschietti behind the camera are director of photography Henry Braham (“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” “The Suicide Squad”), production designer Paul Denham Austerberry (“IT Chapter Two,” “The Shape of Water”), editors Jason Ballantine (the “IT” films, “The Great Gatsby”) and Paul Machliss (“The Gentlemen,” “Baby Driver”), and costume designer Alexandra Byrne (“Doctor Strange,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”); the score is by Benjamin Wallfisch (“The Invisible Man,” the “IT” films).

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AmySabadini - 7/29/2023, 3:13 PM
He's correct. We have no reason to believe that Chris Reeve wouldn't have been 100% down with this.
DrReedRichards - 7/29/2023, 3:56 PM
@AmySabadini -

Pass the blunt.

...or the Ouija board.

...or whatever the hell it is that helps you speak on behalf of the deceased.
OmegaBlack13 - 7/29/2023, 4:14 PM
@AmySabadini - The technology didn’t exist in his lifetime so I don’t think anyone gets to say what he wouldn’t or wouldn’t have hypothetically been okay with.
AmySabadini - 7/29/2023, 4:27 PM
@DrReedRichards -
@OmegaBlack13 -
“We have no reason to believe that Chris Reeve wouldn't have been 100% down with this.”
DrReedRichards - 7/29/2023, 5:01 PM
@AmySabadini -

Sure we don't.
TheHumanSpider2 - 7/29/2023, 6:50 PM
@AmySabadini - We cant know, you know why? HE IS DEAD.
UncleHarm1 - 7/29/2023, 6:54 PM
@OmegaBlack13 - His family signed off on it, I doubt they got a huge payday for what amounts to a 10 second gif in the movie so one can assume they did it with respect to their deceased loved one. And the technology to recycle footage has existed as long as footage has. It's been done before just with less CG. Why would anyone be angry with film they signed on to shoot being used in two movies instead of one? That's like Jerry Seinfeld getting mad about reruns...
AmySabadini - 7/29/2023, 7:11 PM
@TheHumanSpider2 - Exactly.
Demigods - 7/29/2023, 9:53 PM
@OmegaBlack13 - tell that to the people that finished The Crow
OmegaBlack13 - 8/1/2023, 11:27 AM
@UncleHarm1 - So you’re telling me you don’t see the difference between using recycled footage and using CG to create a completely new scene of an actor that never worked in said scene? Okay man.
OmegaBlack13 - 8/1/2023, 11:29 AM
@Demigods - That was mostly stunt doubles and unused footage but yeah, the shots where they put his face onto another guy is weird.
UncleHarm1 - 8/1/2023, 5:03 PM
@OmegaBlack13 - It's quite literally a superficial difference. Maybe he'd have a problem with the quality of the cgi, I can see that lol. But plenty of people who've worked with him have come out and said he loved the role, It'd be one thing if they put words in his mouth that were controversial but it's literally just a picture of him to remind the audience he existed.
AquaClunge - 7/29/2023, 3:18 PM
Tweets like these reminds me why I can't stand twitter. The way people spout opinions as if they're facts just because they themselves didn't like something.

Like did this podcast dude even meet Christopher reeve when he was alive, how tf does he know what he would or wouldn't have liked?
DrReedRichards - 7/29/2023, 4:17 PM
@TheClunges -

I'm sorry, I think you meant "*Xs like this" and "I can't stand *X."

And yeah, it really is stupid.
philinterrupted - 7/29/2023, 3:21 PM
Bitch about how you think the quality of the effects looked all you want, but don’t pretend to know how the deceased actor would feel about it.
Nightwing1015 - 7/29/2023, 4:21 PM
@philinterrupted - U can make an educated guess as with anything else,, that's what Glover is doing here
kg8817 - 7/29/2023, 5:58 PM
@Nightwing1015 - Glover knew Reeve and worked with him.

The only one making a guess is the podcast idiot, and I guarantee he’s 100% wrong. Why? Because the estate HAD to have signed off on it, and with a dead person, that’s all that matters.
philinterrupted - 7/29/2023, 6:12 PM
@Nightwing1015 - making an educated guess would mean you’d have information you can go off of, not your personal feelings about the likeness of a dead actor being used.
Nightwing1015 - 7/29/2023, 9:08 PM
@philinterrupted - Yeah exactly. The information in this case being that Glover personally knew Chris Reeve.
philinterrupted - 7/29/2023, 9:16 PM
@Nightwing1015 - yeah but I’m not talking about Glover.
Nightwing1015 - 7/29/2023, 9:28 PM
@philinterrupted - makes sense. I agree the podcaster doesn't know anything
DocSpock - 7/29/2023, 3:25 PM

I liked the Reeve thing.

The movie sucked, so who cares about dopey details anyway?

MrDandy - 7/29/2023, 3:52 PM
I’m sure he would have been fine with it. It’s George Reeve where the problem is. Because we don’t know what he would have wanted. He had a complicated relationship with the character that may have contributed to his suicide and no family or estate to vouch or approve him being brought back from the dead to a roll that helped kill him.
Origame - 7/29/2023, 4:50 PM
@MrDandy - even then it wasn't necessarily the character he hated. Just that his association with the character effectively ruined his career.

But that was when superheroes weren't the respected movie franchises they eventually became, where the biggest actors and directors consider those roles the ones to strive for. If he had known his example would've led to superman the movie, which led to Tim Burton batman, which led to the first spiderman, which led to the mcu, I'd guess he'd have a sense of pride over it.

As for his suicide, suicide itself is a very complex thing where multiple factors ultimately contribute to it. And we don't even know if it was a suicide since there were multiple shots fired.
GarthRanzz - 7/30/2023, 6:10 AM
@MrDandy - I loved Christopher appearing, I had an issue with George showing up as I dont believe it was a suicide.
GhostDog - 7/29/2023, 3:55 PM
George Reeves is the real issue
Nightmare - 7/29/2023, 6:48 PM
@GhostDog - His cause of death is the question. He has no remaining family so they basically have him as public domain. The amount of people who went out of their way to use his possible suicide as a way to trash the movie further is an issue too.
Usernametaken - 7/29/2023, 3:58 PM
I honestly was not against the idea. It could have been a very beautiful hommage.

But the shot is so unimaginative and so badly rendered... What a waste.
RitoRevolto - 7/29/2023, 3:59 PM
It's getting weird...
TheVandalore - 7/29/2023, 4:11 PM
If they were gonna have the balls to cgi these characters, they should have had the massive balls to have them all team up in an epic battle to help Flash save the day and reset the multiverse.
TheVandalore - 7/29/2023, 4:15 PM
If they agreed to CGI in the whole multiverse, then this was the one opportunity to make every fanboys dream team ups happen, and they didn't even do that. No Keaton, Reeves and Linda Carter as the old school Trinity like we all used to photo shop poorly lol none of the cool things they could have done. They had the balls to do Nic Cage but not give him lines or make him a character? They could have done more with this.
Timerider - 7/29/2023, 7:57 PM
@TheVandalore - I would have done it a little different. I would have hired actors that looked like Reeve, Carter and anyone else I wanted to use and CGI on only their faces. This way, they could have helped the Flash differently, than just glorified CGI cartoon cameos. Real actors is better all the way.
AnthonyVonGeek - 7/29/2023, 4:14 PM
I’m not mad at the idea of it, I’m mad at how shitty it looked. 🤷‍♂️
dracula - 7/29/2023, 4:14 PM
Plenty of ways it could have beeen done without bad cgi

SuperMan returns used Brando very well
slickrickdesigns - 7/29/2023, 4:15 PM
Do you think he wouldve wanted to be in a Flash movie starring a pedo groomer like Ezra Miller? Do you think he would’ve approved of the soulless story they told and the shotty cgi they used to create the scene?
The movie all together was just a shart of a film.
FireandBlood - 7/29/2023, 4:19 PM
It was forced, that’s the issue. Had no place being in a Flash movie, especially when other Flash’s who’re alive and kicking aren’t. Flash has a live action legacy, they should’ve honoured that instead of pandering to a series of movies they ruined decades ago
Godzilla2000Zer - 7/29/2023, 4:19 PM
Yeah I pretty sure they got approval from his estate
TheVisionary25 - 7/29/2023, 4:21 PM
Well said Mr Glover , I would take the word of someone who worked with him and knew him to an extent then some rando in the internet.

Also I miss seeing John Glover on my screen especially in a DC role…

He’s real good , especially as BTAS Riddler and Smallville’s Lionel Luthor.

WhatIfRickJames - 7/29/2023, 4:29 PM
John Glover “speaks in Matt Damon”
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