SUPERMAN RETURNS Sequel Series Starring Brandon Routh Has Been Discussed

SUPERMAN RETURNS Sequel Series Starring Brandon Routh Has Been Discussed SUPERMAN RETURNS Sequel Series Starring Brandon Routh Has Been Discussed

Former Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that he's tossed around the idea of a Superman Returns sequel series with star Brandon Routh...

By MarkCassidy - Feb 18, 2024 08:02 AM EST
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Could we see Brandon Routh back in the iconic blue and red?

The actor debuted as the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns back in 2006. The movie was actually fairly well-received by critics and was moderately successful at the box office, but the decision to tie the movie to Richard Donner's original Superman films arguably proved to be its biggest downfall, and most fans rejected the overall story of Supes returning to Earth after a five-year absence to find that he had a son.

Routh's performance also came in for some criticism at the time, but has since been reevaluated, and he'd get the opportunity to reprise the role for The CW's Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event as a version of "Kingdom Come" Superman.

Henry Cavill took over as the Man of Tomorrow in the DCEU, but with Tyler Hoechlin's tenure as the hero about to come to an end on the small screen in Superman and Lois, is there a chance Routh could return to the role yet again?

Former Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim has revealed that he's spoken to Routh about a potential Crisis follow-up, and they have some "really exciting ideas."

With the Arrowverse defunct and The CW no longer developing new DC-based shows, it seems unlikely that this sequel project would actually get off the ground - at least for the foreseeable future. A recent report claimed that Warner Bros. Discovery made the decision to scrap Superman and Lois because "they don’t want a competing Superman product in the marketplace," so we can't see the studio giving the go-ahead to something like this with James Gunn's Superman: Legacy on the horizon.

Would you like to see Brandon Routh suit-up as Superman again at some point?

"While Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) plots to destroy him once and for all, the Man of Steel (Brandon Routh) returns after a long absence to a much-changed world. Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) has moved on with her life, and society has learned to survive without him. Superman must find a way to reconnect with her and find his place in a world that may no longer need him."

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Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 8:22 AM
Hmmm. Don't think I'd want this. 🤔 I really wanted to love Superman returns when it came out, but his character was just creepy (fault of the writers, not Routh). It was a bad film with a lot of great scenes.
TheVisionary25 - 2/18/2024, 8:27 AM
@Izaizaiza - he was much better imo in the Arrowverse crossover which is what this would be picking up on.
Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 8:53 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Gotcha. Never saw it
Doomsday8888 - 2/18/2024, 8:28 AM
After yesterday's "news"? Yeah right...

I wish tho! He was amazing.
Doomsday8888 - 2/18/2024, 8:29 AM
Lowkey woulda been a great Reed Richards too, but i guess Señor Fantastico will have to suffice.
Doomsday8888 - 2/18/2024, 8:36 AM
Also, lel, people telling me that casting Henry Cavill as Hyperion is a once in a lifetime opportunity since he played Superman.

Bro, just even by casting Brandon Routh you achieve the same thing, so whatcha' talkin' bout Willis?
TheNewYorker - 2/18/2024, 8:30 AM
Um.. no.
S8R8M - 2/18/2024, 8:32 AM
I wouldn't say no. I thought he wasa good Superman. It was the direction that was crap!
MarkCassidy - 2/18/2024, 8:33 AM
Confession: I quite liked Superman Returns.
harryba11zack - 2/18/2024, 8:45 AM
@MarkCassidy - I respect your opinion.
Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 8:55 AM
@MarkCassidy - Say Mark, who is that in your picture?
MarkCassidy - 2/18/2024, 9:10 AM
@Izaizaiza - Taika Waititi... who is a very nice man, and can drink a lot of Guinness.
Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 9:50 AM
@MarkCassidy - That's awesome! I thought that was who it was. Great filmmaker too. Jojo Rabbit was fantastic
Doomsday8888 - 2/18/2024, 9:50 AM
No Mark, he's asking about the OTHER handsome lad in your pic.

JustAWaffle - 2/18/2024, 10:02 AM
@MarkCassidy - I liked it too. But this is another sumthin that no one is asking for. I just don’t get it.
MarkCassidy - 2/18/2024, 10:20 AM
@Doomsday8888 - 😂😘
MarkCassidy - 2/18/2024, 10:21 AM
@Izaizaiza - yeah I love his earlier stuff. I think Love and thunder also gets way too hard a time, but I can't really defend next goal wins. oof.
Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 11:13 AM
@Doomsday8888 - Haha! Hubba hubba!
Izaizaiza - 2/18/2024, 11:14 AM
@MarkCassidy - hadn't even heard of that one until you mentioned it. Seems like a weird choice for Waititi. US de
marvel72 - 2/18/2024, 2:09 PM
@MarkCassidy - Only the plane rescue scene. He gets stabbed with a Kryptonite blade thing then lifts an island of Kryptonite. I did like that scene they filmed but deleted from the movie where Superman goes back a destroyed Krypton.
Th3Batman - 2/18/2024, 8:36 AM
It's time to leave the past behind and move on.
DocSpock - 2/18/2024, 8:53 AM
@Th3Batman -

Amen to that.
TheVisionary25 - 2/18/2024, 8:41 AM
I dug his appearance in Crisis but I’m not sure if this would work beyond maybe a miniseries..

His entire supporting cast is dead in his universe so besides his son Jason , he wouldn’t really have anyone to interact with unless we reintroduce Lana or something.

He was good in the crossover though and it would be great to see him in that suit again , might be the best live action Superman suit yet imo.

Anyway I doubt this would even be green lit in the first place since S & L is being cut short due to Legacy so they wouldn’t want another version again at the same time.
bkmeijer1 - 2/18/2024, 9:53 AM
@TheVisionary25 - agreed. Think he worked best in an ensemble anyway too.

Some really exciting ideas is not enough to convince me, unless those specifically warrant his Superman's presence. But otherwise they can recycle those ideas elsewhere.
NinnesMBC - 2/19/2024, 12:40 AM
@TheVisionary25 - But his final shot was flying above his Earth looking happy and back with the brighter suit after the Multiverse was reborn. Safe to say that he and his universe didn't just come back to life but in all likelyhood all his loved ones returned, he got his second chance like many others. (Thanks to the sacrifice of OG Oliver)

It just makes sense. I doubt these potential talks between Routh and Guggenheim, regardless when they took place, involved the pain that he was found in previously.
slickrickdesigns - 2/18/2024, 8:43 AM
I’m down for this more than a Gunn Superman movie. But didn’t they just cancel the CW Superman because Gunn didn’t want a competing Superman out there?
harryba11zack - 2/18/2024, 8:47 AM
his new super suit in that CW sh1t fest was pretty cool.
DocSpock - 2/18/2024, 8:56 AM

What a terrible idea.

Let's just bring back every sh!tty cheesy iteration of a CB character who ever showed up in a movie or TV show.

And Routh is a mediocre actor on his best day.

DudeGuy - 2/18/2024, 9:00 AM
Reeve was great as were half of his movies. I didn’t hate Returns, but it left a lot to be desired for me. I thought Routh was fine enough in the role and it was cool that he got a send off on the CW crisis. That being said, I think the Crisis crossover made me realize I didn’t crave more of him going forward.
HashTagSwagg - 2/18/2024, 9:03 AM
Does Kevin Spacey get to come back?
Repian - 2/18/2024, 9:24 AM
@HashTagSwagg - Kevin Spacey on a CW Show? He will do it. It would be his best job offer. xD
Forthas - 2/18/2024, 9:04 AM
This has so many problems besides the movie being not well received by the public. His supporting cast pose problems. Are they going to rehire Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth again plus Frank Langella is 86 years old. This is a bad idea that I hope never happens but given the decision makers namely Warner Brothers, it is 50/50 that this near certain flop would be green lit.
HashTagSwagg - 2/18/2024, 9:12 AM
@Forthas - I thought everyone in the Daily Planet died according to that CW shit show so if they stick with that timeline then this Clark gets to have a clean slate and do something different with the character.
ObserverIO - 2/18/2024, 9:26 AM
@Forthas - I coulda swore Frank Langella died. Or am I just thinking of Skeletor, where he looked pretty dead. Or Dracula where he was undead. I gotta google this...
ObserverIO - 2/18/2024, 9:28 AM
@Forthas - Nope, he's alive. 86 like you said. Maybe it was a Mandella effect. Hello new universe where Frank Langella never died, was Superman Returns as big a success in this universe too?
Forthas - 2/18/2024, 9:56 AM
@ObserverIO - That is hillarious!!! I thought I read that he died also! When I looked him up it appears he is still alve. I guess they made a change in the Matrix!
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