EXCLUSIVE: TEEN TITANS - What Did Warner Bros. Have In Store For Season 6?

What new superheroes, match-ups and villains would Teen Titans fans have seen in the sixth season of the animated series if Warner Bros. Animation hadn't cancelled it back in 2005?

Do you remember the Teen Titans animated series that ran from 2003-2006? It originally premiered on Cartoon Network, and its first two seasons also aired on Kids' WB. There were four seasons planned initially, but Cartoon Network ordered a fifth due to the popularity of the show.

The final half-hour episode, "Things Change," aired in January 2006 and was later followed by a TV movie, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, which aired in September of the same year and served as the series finale.

Not only was Teen Titans one of Cartoon Network's most acclaimed series, it was also nominated for three Annie Awards and a Motion Picture Sound Editors Award.

Did you ever wonder what would have happened if there had been a sixth season? Wonder no more! We have the lowdown on what was planned, including new superheroes, new match-ups, new villains, headquarters locations and even some storylines! We also have some artwork, but due to possible copyright issues, we won't be displaying any of it here.

We've highlighted the parts we found most interesting below! Take a look through the list, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

New Superheroes & Match-Ups

The sixth season, entitled New Teen Titans, was set to bring back everything fans loved about the show: favorite characters Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy, lots of action, and exciting and engaging storylines in a mix of season arc episodes, standalones and the occasional fun and wacky episode.


Season 6 would have seen NEW Teen Titans fighting along the core group of Robin and the gang. These included hereoes from the land, sea, and air and even from other dimensions. From prehistoric caveman ingenuity to high-energy blasts, each hero posesses a different superpower and a unique way of looking at the world. New Teen Titans would have included Aqualad, Argent, Bumblebee, Bushido, Gnarrk, The Herald, Hotspot, Jericho, Kid Flash, Kilowatt, Kole, Mas y Menos, Pantha, Red Star, Speedy, Thunder and Lightning, Tramm the Fish Boy, and Wildebeest.

Rather than the five core Titans always working together, the sixth season of Teen Titans would have seen the new team mixing and matching. Some of the possible match-ups discussed included:

Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash: The original Titans from the comic book joining forces for a mission.

Kid Flash, Mas y Menos: An episode dedicated to speed as the fast heroes work together.

Wildebeest, Jericho, Gnarkk: Mismatched and non-speaking heroes who have to figure out how to communicate with eachother for a mission? Sounds like there was potential for many a laugh with this one!

Hotspot, Kilowatt, Redstar: These personalities joining forces sounds like a recipe for an explosive episode!

Raven, Starfire, Kole, Argent, Bumblebee, Pantha: Yep, you've got it. An all girl's adventure...


New Villains

With the Brotherhood of Evil taken care of at the end of season 5, who did Warner Bros. Animation plan to put in front of the Teen Titans for season 6? Nope, not grown-ups. Their plan was to have the team face other "cool, hip teenagers."

This new clique of teenage villains was going to be led by Athena, the popular golden girl with the Midas Touch to give superpowers, and take them away, depending on her mood.

Villains included The Boyfriends, Athena's ever-changing roster of suiters. Each with different superpowers, weapons and costumes to suit Athena's situation and mood (the Jock, the Brain, the Theater Guy, etc.).

We also would have seen Athena's posse, The Robot Girls. Mean and beautiful girl robots that take care of Athena's dirty work. Equipped with interchangeable weapons and parts, they would have proved to be a handful for the team, when they weren't quarreling over who was the prettiest.

Season 6 would have also seen other groups of teenagers as throwbacks to previous villains, inlcuding the "Mad Mods" and a "Battle of the Geeks" as new nerds attempt to replace Control Freak.


New Titans Headquarters

With so many new Titans joining the roster, the sixth season of Teen Titans would have seen several new Titans Headquarters. Each of which linked together by a new Cyborg-designed (and maintained) high-tech communications system, including a global conference room for debriefings.

Titans Tower East: Home to Titans East (Bumble Bee, Speedy, Aqualad and Mas y Menos), this tower is located on the East Coast and has all of the amenities of the original Titans Tower.

Titans Subterranean Base: Home to Kole and Caveman Gnarrk, this high tech tree house is designed especially for Gnarrk's low-tech sensibilities, including easy to use extr large, hieroglyphic buttons.

Titans Headquarters London: A quircky, offbeat London flat hidden in the middle of Big Ben, this is home to Argent and a European base.

Titans Undersea Base: This underwater coral reef is home to Aqualad and Tramm the Fish Boy.


New Storylines

Several new storylines were in store for Season 6, including a Holiday episode, a stunt episode compromised of a hodgepodge of weird shorts which could have included "Planet Soto". We've included a few of the fleshed-out storylines below.

DIMENSION X: As ARGENT is fighting the devious criminal JACK FOG in London, she is joined by fellow New Teen Titans ROBIN, BEAST BOY and THE HERALD. After nabbing the bad guy, Robin debriefs the rest of the team (including CYBORG, who along with electrical engineer KILOWATT is installing a new communications system in the Subterranean Base for KOLE and GNARRK, and RAVEN and STARFIRE who are off training unruly THUNDER and LIGHTNING). But when The Herald opens a portal for their return trip, he unknowingly creates a rift in DIMENSION X, allowing a microscopic, freeloading creature to travel with them to Earth. The creature multiplies exponentially, and in the end the New Teen Titans must battle the creature and repair the rift. But as one portal closes, another opens, allowing the foreboding entrance of this season’s new villainess, ATHENA, a cool, popular golden girl with the Midas Touch to give superpowers (and take them away).

THE OUTSIDER (two-parter): As the various teenage superheroes join together to form the New Teen Titans there is one geeky teenage OUTSIDER who just doesn’t have what it takes to join Robin and his team. So he turns to ATHENA, who grants him superpowers to use against Robin. But as he gains strength and popularity with his new powers (including becoming one of Athena’s Boyfriends), will his new status go to his head?

THE BATTLE OF THE GEEKS: At a Comic-Con like convention, the Geeks realize that one of their founding members is missing. And with “Control Freak” away, an ultra-nerdy battle begins for the “One Remote to Rule Them All”. Who will be the new King of the Geeks? Will it be… Beast Boy?

THE MAD MODS: In a psychedelic, swirling Mad Mod world, a hip gang of Vespariding Mad Mod groupies has picked up where their idol Mad Mod left off. Like any great tribute group, they dress like Mad Mod, talk like Mad Mod, walk like Mad Mod and plot the destruction of the Teen Titans, just like Mad Mod.

TRUTH OR DARE: A simple game of Truth or Dare at an all-girl slumber party turns into a game of life and death for RAVEN, STARFIRE, BUMBLE BEE, ARGENT, KOLE, and a boy-crazy PANTHA as the girls take on ATHENA and her ROBOT GIRL posse.

So what do you think of what was in the works for Teen Titans Season 6? Would you have liked to see it? Sound off in the comments below!

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