The Flash

The Flash

The Flash (or simply Flash) is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, the original Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 (cover date January 1940/release month November 1939). Nicknamed the "Scarlet Speedster", all incarnations of the Flash possess "super speed", which includes the ability to run, move, and think extremely fast, use superhuman reflexes, and seemingly violate certain laws of physics.

A staple of the comic book DC Universe, the Flash has been adapted to numerous DC films, video games, animated series, and live-action television shows. In live-action, Barry Allen has been portrayed by Rod Haase for the 1979 television special Legends of the Superheroes, John Wesley Shipp in the 1990 The Flash series and Grant Gustin in the 2014 The Flash series. Shipp also portrays a version of Jay Garrick in the 2014 The Flash series. Ezra Miller is the latest actor to portray the Flash on screen as part of DC's Extended Universe series of films, beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Justice League (2017) and Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021).

The various incarnations of the Flash have also been featured in animated series such as Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Young Justice, as well as the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series.

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