Christopher Reeve's Children Confirm They Had No Involvement With His CGI SUPERMAN Cameo In THE FLASH

Christopher Reeve's Children Confirm They Had No Involvement With His CGI SUPERMAN Cameo In THE FLASH

THE FLASH Concept Art Reveals New Look At Designs For Supergirl, Dark Flash, And The Scarlet Speedster
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THE FLASH Concept Art Reveals New Look At Designs For Supergirl, Dark Flash, And The Scarlet Speedster

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narrow290 - 11/27/2023, 12:15 PM
Would've been a lot better if Kang had escaped
Vigor - 11/27/2023, 12:33 PM
@narrow290 - agreed and poetic
Ant man is why we won in Endgame
Ant man is why Kang is unleashed

With his head blown up high with the release of his book, and success in saving earth, losing to Kang would have humbled him
Oh well
Matchesz - 11/27/2023, 12:38 PM
@Vigor - Jeff Lovegood or lovelow or whatever sittin somewhere reading this comment going "damnit!"
DocSpock - 11/27/2023, 12:24 PM

Wow. This is a new low.

Order66 - 11/27/2023, 12:26 PM
What’s crazy is that the stand in looks more like Carol than Brie lol
Matchesz - 11/27/2023, 12:43 PM
@Order66 - In the comic she's drawn more with a triangular or angled shaped face, Brie Larson's face is more box shaped, both women are very fine though. back then Katheryn Winnick from Vikings was my choice
CaptainFlapjaks - 11/27/2023, 3:42 PM
@Matchesz - winnick is a good choice. after seeing her in glow, i was kinda pulling for betty gilpin. She is also one of my choices for wonder woman too.
AnthonyVonGeek - 11/27/2023, 12:27 PM
mountainman - 11/27/2023, 12:30 PM
7 - Don’t care. This subplot was dumb.
6 - Yes would have been better
5 - Yes would have been better
4 - Yes would have been better
3 - Haven’t seen it but it seems like them working together would have fit the theme of the movie better
2 - Yes having Carol more integrated would have been better than having her on her own this whole time. And maybe this would have avoided the stupid Fury having an eye patch because of a cat scratch plot point
1 - Yes and no. In theory this would be better but DC was in such disarray that it’s hard to think they’d do COIE well
CaptainFlapjaks - 11/27/2023, 3:39 PM
@mountainman - instead of having him explode from extremis, i would have just had trevor slattery in an end credits scene meet the real mandarin. The mandarin thanks him for playing his part before killing him.
mountainman - 11/27/2023, 4:23 PM
@CaptainFlapjaks - If they would have planned ahead enough and had Wenwu cast back then, that could have worked out quite well.
CaptainFlapjaks - 11/27/2023, 4:30 PM
@mountainman - speaking of. Did we ever get wordd on who played mandarin in the all hail the king short? Didnt mandarin appear in that or was his presence not physical?
mountainman - 11/27/2023, 5:13 PM
@CaptainFlapjaks - It’s been so long since I’ve seen it but I thought he was just mentioned and not shown.
CaptainFlapjaks - 11/27/2023, 6:14 PM
@mountainman - also, that would be better than the Guy Pierce "I AM THE MANDARIN" reveal in the film. Just utter cringe. Glad shang chi gave us the real mandarin who in my opinion is one of the best marvel villains.
marvel72 - 11/27/2023, 12:40 PM
The only ones I am remotely interested in are....

3.Kang living
2.Captain Marvel debut in Avengers:Age Of Ultron

1.Wolverine costume
JustAWaffle - 11/27/2023, 12:56 PM
@marvel72 - That would’ve been the perfect time to introduce the Wolvie mask.

Loved the Wolverine, so that would’ve just been icing on the cake.
mountainman - 11/27/2023, 4:25 PM
@marvel72 - The Wolverine was a mostly good movie. Besides the ridiculous Silver Samuri version that we got in the end battle, the rest of it was quite good. I remember that costume tease happening on that deleted scene and I was so excited for what came next. While I loved Logan, I was always disappointed that we didn’t get Hugh in the suit. I’m tempering expectations, but man would it be nice if Deadpool 3 delivered.
Matchesz - 11/28/2023, 3:14 AM
@mountainman - They cut most of the ninja fight at the end out though, and yeah the Silver Samurai robot choice was really confusing, a regular samurai suit made out of adamantium would have went way harder..
Doomsday8888 - 11/27/2023, 12:51 PM
COIE is too damn difficilt to adapt anyway.

I gotta be honest tho, i WAS kinda invested in that whole Parker spy story they were telling across the movies.
HashTagSwagg - 11/27/2023, 1:19 PM
7.More screen time with that guy who played Richard Parker would not have been great because that dude can't act for shit.
6. I don't care if that Kang escaped, the damage was done, the overall impression he left was weak. Him screaming while wip
ping out a few no names was undone when the same method did jack shit to the Ant people.
5. The suit would have been cool.
4. I don't care for his dumb death, his whole character was a walking slap in the face.
3. Nothing would have saved that turd.
2. Anyone's better than what we got with Brie.
1. Nothing mattered at that point.

OrgasmicPotatoe - 11/27/2023, 2:42 PM
I still think that Fox made Mangold cut the Wolverine suit in order to not bait fans into thinking he was gonna wear that in DoFP, which was already filmed without that suit.

I liked Singers X-Men movies, but his insistence on black padded leather suits was annoying at best.
Fogs - 11/27/2023, 3:52 PM
A short version of All Hail the King should've been the IM3's post-credits.
lazlodaytona - 11/27/2023, 4:07 PM
I don't give a crap about Kang or other 'ending-world' crap the MCU has coming. I just wanna see Captain America vs Wolverine at some point. Chris Evens and Hugh to be clear.
lazlodaytona - 11/27/2023, 4:21 PM
2 things I don't get.

1. The factor that everyone hates The Wolverine hasn't worn his actual comicbook character costume. I kinda get the outrage but maybe all the producers/directors were going for a more real-world experience. I mean, who wears a cape and spandex during any decade? (unless u are a superhero so that changes the rules). Just my 2 cents on that topic but I truly am glad to see Jackman in the classic outfit for DP3.

2. I absolutely loved Iron Man 3. It's actually the 1st Marvel film that got me very into the MCU (and I'm a die-hard dc fan my whole life).
Since I don't know the whole Mandalorian story I understand how Marvel fans could be upset by the deviance of the character. However, just know a new MCU fan is now very interested because of that film.
cyclopstb - 11/27/2023, 4:31 PM
DC Studios can rot in hell. None of this wouldn’t happened if they waited 5 years to form the Justice League, just like Marvel waited 5 years to assemble the Avengers.

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