BATTLE POLL: The Flash (Wally West) vs. The Sentry

BATTLE POLL: The Flash (Wally West) vs. The Sentry

The Scarlet Speedster vs. The Golden Guardian

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By SageMode - Jan 10, 2011 05:01 PM EST
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"My name is Wally West. I'm the fastest man alive. I'm the Flash."

THE FLASH (Wally West)
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Speed Force Conduit: Speed Force is a vaguely defined extra-dimensional energy force from which most superspeed-powered heroes draw their powers. The Speed Force serves as the ultimate measure of velocity in the DCU. They are often referred to in terms of barriers: Sound barrier, Light barrier, Time Barrier, Dimensional Barrier, and finally the Speed Force Barrier. While all speedsters are powered by the force, West mainlines the power from the force itself and cannot be cut off from the source, unlike the others. Wally is the fastest of all the Flashes and the fastest man that ever lived. He is arguably the fastest being that has ever existed. He is currently fast enough to easily break all the barriers and even enter the Speed Force. Wally has, on several occasions, traveled much faster than light and been pulled into and exited the Speed Force by his own volition. The Flash is considered to be one of the most formidable and powerful meta-humans on the planet.

Decelerated Aging: Along with every speedster that draws from the speed force, the loved ones of the speedsters will gain eternal youth like Jay's wife and Barry's wife ages have shown.

Constructs: Wally discovered if he concentrated, the Speed Force could be used to create solid constructs which he used to compose his costume. The first time he used this ability was to create a solid armor enabling him to run despite having broken legs. Later examples included sealing up the openings of his costume against disease, creating pockets for holding things, etc. His costume itself is a construct molded from the Speed Force. At times he'll create walls of pressurized debris to surround an area.

Sharing the Force: "Lending" velocity to objects or people already in motion. Since his interaction with the Speed Force, he may also lend his speed and angular momentum to another object or person. This may allow others to run alongside with the Flash. His range of powers seems to have been increased significantly and he is now the fastest Flash to have ever lived. If he shares the Speed Force with another meta with super-speed capabilities such as Superman, that metahuman can now greatly exceed the speed of light but does not become aware of the Speed Dimension. He can also impart molecular energy to a target to increase molecular movement, as he did against the water being called Flow, boiling him into steam.

Steal Speed: He is able to "steal" speed and/or momentum from anyone or anything, including beings such as Superman or Inertia effectively turning them into living statues. Also can steal speed from bullets and other fast moving objects thrown at him or at others. This ability is so great, that he once stole speed from the entire planet, and its population, including the superhumanly fast beings such as Superman, Jay Garrick etc.

Speed Force Aura: The Flash's body is surrounded by what he calls his "speed force aura". This aura protects him and anyone who is running with him or carried by him, from the effects of using his speed. This includes friction and airborne particulate matter. It also protects him from injury from high speed impacts such as punches he delivers and receives from his opponents. With this aura he is able to absorb kinetic energy. He possesses a level of superhuman resistance to injury which at times does extend far past normal physical interactions, as received from normal combat. Wally can sync his aura with his children, giving him the ability to pull either of them to him with a thought.

Superhuman Endurance: The Flash possesses vast superhuman endurance that is nearly inexhaustible. He was able to run non stop for over 10 days straight without tiring against Krakkl (Who was stealing the speed of his entire race and adding it to his own. A race where every single individual could achieve the speed of light.), through time and space across existence (Everywhere from the 4 dimension to the big bang was their track field.) at speeds so far beyond light and so unimaginable, he was constantly breaking through all the barriers and even brushed the true Speed Force itself directly.

Self Sustenance: He has shown that he can survive in harsh environments such as space without any hindrance and has shown that he can gain all the energy he needs from the Speed Force's infinite storage of energy.

Superhuman Speed: It appears that the Flash may run at any speed that he thinks is possible. Wally West is by far the fastest being on the planet, and is arguably the fastest being to exist. Theoretically, speeds greater than Mach 10, are dangerous to the people and to the environment. This speed would still be the equivalent to approximately 2 miles per second; allowing him to cross the United States in about 23 minutes, or circle the world in about 3 hours but the Speed Force has shown that if needed Wally West can use it to prevent such effects from occurring, hence why he is able to run at speeds much faster than light on the planet Earth without it having devastating effects on the planet. He can also run across bodies of water and up the sides of buildings. Wally has shown that he can achieve practically any speed he wishes and that there are no limits to his speed. He has been able to casually move beyond the speed of thought, easily move so fast that even an attack moving at the speed of light seems to be standing still and at the same time scans the face of over five hundred thousand people for a specific expression in less than a pico second. He is able to easily save and carry over half a million people 35 miles away from a Nuclear Warhead that had already detonated including the ones at ground zero in a 0.0001 microsecond, and even move so fast he exists everywhere at once. He is able casually reach speeds such as 500 times the speed of light. He has moved and ran so fast he was capable of outrunning and defeating death itself (the Black Flash) by outracing it to the end of time/space, past entropy, the next Big Bang and into the next Universe. His speed is so immeasurable that he has moved and reacted by the attosecond (an attosecond is one quintillionth of a second. To put this in perspective, one attosecond is to one second, what one second is to the age of the universe.), and has even reacted and calculated by the zeptosecond (Which is one trillionth of one billionth of one second.) and has other feats of speed that are immeasurable.

* Infinite Mass Punch: Traveling near the speed of light acquired the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with a force greater than that of "a white dwarf star", Flash's own durability regulated by the Speed Force in such cases. Realistic effects take over as a body approaches light-speed (His control over his powers and the Speed Force is so great, that he can choose to ignore this realistic effects if he wishes too.). Visual input will begin to blueshift and his body's mass will increase towards infinity. With this ability, he was able to knock out a martian as durable/tough as Superman from Mount Rushmore to the plains of Africa, all with one punch.

* Time & Dimensional Travel: West has shown to be able to traverse time and dimensions with his own powers, unlike Barry Allen, and the other speedsters. However, Wally now accelerates to the point that he is skirting the very edge of the Speed Force dimension or even entering it. He can traverse along the time-stream to specific points as they become visible, much like watching a movie in fast forward or reverse. In order to enter the Speed Force and time travel to different periods, he must exceed light speed, which he can easily and instantly do.

* Regeneration: Accelerating his healing factor while using the Speed Force to sustain him, he could heal from any injury instantly, without prematurely aging like his alternate version, Walter West.

* Phasing: The Flash has always possessed the ability to control his speed and angular momentum at the molecular level, and control his molecular interactions to allow his body to pass through any substance. If he chooses Wally can excite the molecules of whatever substance he vibrates through to critical mass causing it to explode. While in an intangible state, the Flash is immune to any airborne viruses and can breathe regularly. He can also vibrate so fast that light does not reflect off him, rendering him invisible

* Flight: By spinning like a helicopter, he can even perform a limited kind of flight. Since his power is a quantum/molecular phenomenon, the Flash has been able to fly just as other metas do (and there have been other flying speedsters in the past, such as the deceased Johnny Quick) because he can control his absolute molecular energy and direction and force it in the direction he wished to move without running. Though he rarely makes use of this ability as he enjoys running. The Speed Force also allows him to run in frictionless environments, as he was able to run in space itself, as casually as he was running on the ground without any outside assistance.

* Increased Perceptions: The Flash possesses the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still and can be caught and moved back to their normal position. He can disarm or jam any number of opponents weapons before they are even aware of his movement and can hurl small projectiles at hypersonic velocities. His ability to alter his own perception of time is so great, that if he wishes, the tick between a second can pass for millions of years. He can even push this ability to the point, that to him, it's as if the Universe is standing still. It does not truly stand still, it is his own perception of time that seems to stand still, and his body automatically adjusts to his perception, hence, the slower he views the world, the faster his body moves through time/space to adjust to his perception. He can even all together, break time through the time and dimension barrier, to truly be beyond time/space. He can do this so quickly as to have it happen invisibly to the normal human eye. He can effortlessly strike a single opponent or multiple opponents million of times in a second.

* Supercharged Brain Activity: The Flash's mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds has allowed him to build hundreds of force field generators in a matter of minutes, move sandbags to cover a beach or search an entire area for something as small as a paper clip. Wally can also read at super-speed, but rarely takes advantage of this ability to learn at increased speeds, although Jay Garrick has done so and has become a jack of all trades in several disciplines and languages.

* Vortex Creations: By running in a circle at a certain speed, Flash is able to create a vortex with a variety of affects. One effect is pulling the air away from the center in order to suffocate an enemy. Another effect is levitating whoever and whatever was in the center. Also, able to send anyone or anything into another dimension when running around them. Some other effects are acting as barriers to movement or funnels for toxic gases. The Flash also can spin his arms to create directed funnels of hurricane speed air that can knock down barriers or reduce the speed of a falling object. When putting out forest fires, what flash does when he runs around the perimeter is create a pocket tornado. The updraft lowers the temperature inside the funnel and raises the fire off the ground which takes away its fuel source.


"The...planets. My god. They're all exploding.."

Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 194 lbs (88 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Chemically Enhanced Physiology: The Sentry's superhuman powers and abilities derive from the Super Soldier Serum as the serum was increased 1000 times. Making it much more potent the experimental serum creates a phase-shift in his molecules, causing each atom to step an instant ahead of the current timeline. The serum induces a photosynthetic reaction, resulting in a hyperstate of consciousness. Though most of his powers and their limits are still unknown, the Sentry has been said to have the power of a million exploding suns, and he has displayed several abilities similarly possessed by Superman. He is so powerful that Mrs.Marvel admitted to Norman Osborn that what happened after Scarlet Witch breakdown will be nothing compared to what Sentry will do. The Sentry's strength greatly varies depending on his appearances, and this is mostly blamed on his mental instability caused by the Void. Depending on how mentally stable he is, he could be powerful enough to fight off Cosmic Threats.

* Superhuman Strength: The Sentry's strength varies greatly and depends on his mental stability. The Sentry possesses vast superhuman strength, granting him the ability to lift (press) far in excess of 100 tons easily. He is one of the strongest beings in the Universe. He has demonstrated several astonishing feats of strength during his career, including easily lifting tremendous weights, ripping Carnage in two (although it is not certain if he is dead), taking Terrax the Tamer's cosmic axe and shattering it with his bare hands, lifting a cruise liner effortlessly and his unrestrained power overloaded the Absorbing Man. While possessed by The Void he was able to break the Hulk's limbs with relative ease and was even able to easily overpower and defeat Ares in combat going so far he ripped him in half, presumably killing him. He can also absorb solar radiation for additional strength. His clash with the most powerful incarnation of the Hulk has suggested his physical prowess is among the elite as he was able not only to hold his own but he even gained an advantage before losing the control of his powers . The Sentry has yet to demonstrate an upper-limit to his strength, but he has shown that it can rival or it may even surpasses the likes of Hercules, the Hulk, and even those of Thor himself although this depends on his mental state.

* Superhuman Speed: The Sentry possesses the ability to think, move, and react at superhuman speeds. He has been observed catching bullets and has also been seen moving far in excess of supersonic speeds; his speed on earth is enough to be gauged as fast enough to move at orbital velocity (5 miles a second). It should also be noted that the Sentry has numerously been depicted as able to fly to the sun in a matter of moments (where it takes light over 8 minutes). This shows that his speed during inter-stellar travels is several times in excess of the speed of light, or (alternately) demonstrative of an ability to enter hyperspace.

* Superhuman Stamina: Sentry's enhanced musculature is far more efficient than that of a human. As a result his muscles produce no fatigue toxins thereby granting him theoretically unlimited stamina. However, his stamina greatly varies, depending on his mental state. If he is fully stable the Sentry is unable to tire. If he is mentally unstable he can exert himself to his peak for approximately a week.

* Superhuman Agility: Sentry's natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

* Superhuman Reflexes: The Sentry can react at superhuman speeds exceeding several times the speed of Sound. Sentry was able to catch a sniper bullet from an advanced Skrull gun (typical sniper bullets travel at mach 4).

* Superhuman Senses: The Sentry possesses vastly enhanced senses. He is able to hear almost any sound at any volume or pitch. The only Earth creature who can detect sounds at the frequencies he can is a blue whale (0.01-200,000 Hz). He has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source/frequency (He has demonstrated hearing a butterfly's heartbeat in Africa). The range of his eyesight is also far greater than that of a human being. He is able to detect a single person from hundreds of miles in the air and above cloud level. The full extent is unknown.

* Flight: The Sentry possesses the ability to float by unknown means, utilizing his superhuman speed to fly far above supersonic speeds (above mach 4). He has demonstrated traveling to the Sun and back in a matter of moments which would require him to fly at speeds faster than light (or bypassing normal space through a hyperspace shortcut). And during the Skrull's secret invasion he flew to Saturn (about 1 thousand-million miles distant) almost immediately, which required him either to move at multiple times the speed of light (still thought to be impossible in this spacetime) or to have bypassed space altogether thus giving the impression that he had moved faster than light-speed.

* Invulnerability: The Sentry is, for all intents and purposes, nigh invulnerable to harm. He has been seen surviving extremely harsh atmospheric conditions, including the vacuums of space. Nick Fury has stated that so far SHIELD has yet to find a way to kill him, and even Iron Man's scanners found no physiological weaknesses in the Sentry's body. However, it has been displayed multiple times that he is susceptible to mental manipulation by the Void.

* Photokinesis: It may be theorized that the Sentry also has the superhuman ability to generate, control, and emit light. This ability to produce hard-light constructs may be similar to those of Dazzler when it was revealed that the Void is a just an expression of his repressed persona, and thus his creation.

* Light Projection: By conscious control over the light he produces, he can control its direction, frequency (color), amplitude (intensity), and duration. The Sentry can produce numerous effects with the light he manipulates. He can simply cause a bright glow all about his body. He can create a pulse of light on the order of several thousand watts seconds of power, which temporarily blinds people with its brilliance. This ability has been proven to be able to calm down the Hulk.

* Energy Blasts: The Sentry can generate light, heat, force, and other forms of energy as powerful blasts and explosions of a yellow color. These blasts are usually generated from the hands and eyes. The maximum power of these blasts is unknown.

* Vast Psionic Abilities: The Sentry possesses powerful psychic and mental powers mainly used for holding his physical form together, (though it is not yet known whether the Sentry can use them the way Professor X and other psychics use theirs). The only psychic abilities he has displayed so far was implanting his memories inside Paul Jenkins' mind. The Sentry was able to erase himself from the memories of every being on the planet.

* Resurrection: The Sentry appears to be able to bring the dead back to life under extreme emotional distress. After Ultron murdered his wife, Sentry was able to resurrect her by simply touching her. It does not appear he has control over this power, as he was shocked by his ability to do such an act. This may also extend to simply healing others' injuries.

* Molecular Manipulation: Following a confrontation with Molecule Man, Robert discovered he has the powers of molecular manipulation which he had used to revert himself from the liquid Molecule man had turned him into. The extent of these powers are not yet known, but it is confirmed that they are greater than that of Molecule Man, as he was able to defeat him. However it should be noted that unlike Molecule Man, Sentry has little control of his powers. Although it is theorized that Sentry derives his power from the same source that Molecule Man does, maybe even The One Above All himself.

Genius Level Intellect: Robert is very intelligent. He is capable of using his powers to detect all substances in a single object and thence determine how much of what substances make up an object. He is adept with mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics and computer science. He used his great intelligence to construct his Watchtower as well as everything inside of it. Since he has never been very wealthy, it is likely he recovered all of the substances required for his Watchtower's construction from many different areas of the Earth or (perhaps) other planets as well. Once he collected the right amounts of the different substances he needed, he would then forge them into the materials and technology he needed. His other inventions include CLOC and the Watchwagon. However it is unknown if he was so intelligent before drinking the formula, or if he gained his intelligence along with his other powers.

Skilled Combatant: Robert is an above average unarmed combatant.
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marvel72 - 1/10/2011, 6:27 PM
sentry wins.

he can beat everyone,maybe a bit too powerful,but there is alot of hate for this character.

i actually quite like him,i was pissed off when he died.

@ sagemode

do ya reckon his dead or do ya think he'll ressurect himself again.
SageMode - 1/10/2011, 6:45 PM
@Gaston: i agree to a majority extent. but its just interesting to see what some people say, whether its a biased or reasonable explanation of why they chose who would win. but i think its true to say that MOST of DC fanboys are much more biased than MOST of Marvel fanboys, especially when it concerned the big two....Superman and Batman.
Danpool - 1/10/2011, 9:01 PM

The sentry's official SHIELD acess folder states (and i quote) "Powers are limitless" the sentry is the residency for the angel of death, and he ripped the god of war in half with no effort

(also yes im proving gastons point, but hey... marvel fanboys be marvel fanboys no matter what)
SageMode - 1/10/2011, 9:17 PM
@Gaston: you got me LMAO over here.
MARV3L - 1/11/2011, 3:38 AM
Flash's powers are ridiculous, after reading the whole list he seems to be the most powerful super hero ever... how is he not ruling both DC and Marvel's universe at the same time I don't know.

I'm a blatant Marvel fan but have to give it to Flash here, even if it was against Galactus, Thor and Hulk together Flash should win. His abilities are beyond godly, he should be the controller of Time and the Universe!

Am I missing something here?
marvel72 - 1/11/2011, 4:07 AM
@ superguy1591

the sentry is the master of controlling molecules,his flown to the sun trying to kill himself & just healed in a matter of seconds,whatever wally can dish out the sentry can heal himself.

the phoenix & the silver surfer are the same level as the sentry & both of them could rip wally west a new one.

where's wally ? out cold in a puddle of blood.

dc fanboys have got far too much faith in their heroes,they can be beaten.
lokisilvertongue - 1/11/2011, 6:26 AM
i think i wud have 2 give it 2 sentry his powers over very molecules wit his super speed n genius intellect wud allow him 2 win because he wud think of a way 2 use wallys powers against him jst as batman uses his intellect 2 defeat foes
thunderforce - 1/11/2011, 6:56 AM
I don't like sentry , just what we need a mentally retarded super hero who was here all along that no one remembers what kind of crap is that . I hope he stays dead .
Angelus - 1/11/2011, 7:29 AM
If Sentry gets his hand on Wally, then Wally is most defintely going down. The only problem I see here is Sentry getting his hands on Flash.

Everyone is biased. There are probably some neutrals on this site but Marvel has far more fans than DC. One can argue both ways. However, it would really depend on who's universe the characters meet in.

Exiles - 1/11/2011, 1:05 PM
These poll's are pointless, No offence Sage, you put effort in to making these but it does not matter if there's a clear winner DC boys will go with there one, Marvel boys will go with there character. but I have to say it's quite entertaining reading some of the comments.

@Superguy The sentry is a GOD too. ripping the god of war in half is not a bad feat for a "retarded" superman. Bringing people back from the dead is not too bad either. By the way this coming from Guy who doesn't really give a [frick] about this DC vs Marvel shit. I just find it funny how just seem to dismiss the Sentry he'll give Wally more then a challenge.

But we all know god will own these bitches. which flash did deathstroke stab again?

Armageddon26 - 1/11/2011, 2:39 PM
Sentry all the way.
SageMode - 1/11/2011, 2:44 PM
SageMode - 1/11/2011, 5:46 PM
@Superguy1591: What can Batman possibly do to defeat Sentry?
JohnnyKrypton - 7/13/2011, 8:25 AM
Barry Allen ABSOLUTELY CAN travel through time and other dimensions under his own power, that's where Wally learned it. The treadmill was only use to pinpoint dates or locations
marvel1and1dc1r1even - 7/14/2011, 11:48 AM
the only person that could beat wally in marvel would be some one who can control every aspect of time
marvel1and1dc1r1even - 7/14/2011, 11:48 AM
the only person that could beat wally in marvel would be some one who can control every aspect of time
marvel1and1dc1r1even - 7/14/2011, 11:48 AM
the only person that could beat wally in marvel would be some one who can control every aspect of time
AMAZO1 - 11/2/2012, 10:26 PM
People People People. If a man can time travel alone to an event where one does not have powers your in deep shit. If one man can basically control or should i say manipulate time by running than lets be corny and say this was over before it was started. The Sentry is AMAZING love that guy but if you can't see who your fighting how are you honestly going to win.

I have to give credit to who ever posted this even if we don't agree cause these two characters are so over looked in some cases so its good that they get to fight each other. Reading one article and than reading the other should have told you who wins
We have the flash where you read he and as you keep reading he continues to be improving by a lot when reading his feats.
The Sentry hes a powerhouse and has amazing powers but you read and hes very inconsistant on how he battles and his mental issues clearly hold him back(which prob why people like him so much) is a weakness in my opinion.
Now IF Sentry does get his hands on flash than the flash is screwed but if some one can move 500times faster than light and beyond that and outrun death with like nothing and give some one superman like that has the same or more durability a one punch from one continent to another.
The deathstroke stabbing and I believe some1 gets shot in the kneecap cool people look at this and say hes lost. If you can do all those feats than your just trying to sell comic books. Every hero is going to look impossible and ends up falling to something real stupid. thats just the way

one man from one part of the world to the other
I love these polls and you got to hate these polls. People are bias no matter what. I'm a Dc fan and I love the flash so I could give you million reasons why he would win just like if sentry fans from Marvel would as well.
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