THE FLASH: Epic Fan-Art Brings Sasha Calle's Supergirl (And Her Heat Vision) To Life Ahead Of The 2022 Movie

THE FLASH: Epic Fan-Art Brings Sasha Calle's Supergirl (And Her Heat Vision) To Life Ahead Of The 2022 Movie THE FLASH: Epic Fan-Art Brings Sasha Calle's Supergirl (And Her Heat Vision) To Life Ahead Of The 2022 Movie

With cameras rolling on The Flash in England, we recently got our first look at Sasha Calle as Supergirl. Now, an incredible piece of fan-art brings the Girl of Steel - and her heat vision - to life...

By JoshWilding - Jun 28, 2021 03:06 AM EST
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Earlier this month, some photos from the set of The Flash in London, England revealed everything from our first look at Michael Keaton's return as Bruce Wayne to Sasha Calle suited up as Supergirl. 

Fans are eager to see more of both characters, though it's the Girl of Steel who has arguably received the most attention over the past couple of weeks. Rocking a hairstyle and costume that's quite the departure from what we're used to seeing from the character, there's been a lot of speculation about whether we're getting Lara Lane-Kent instead of Kara Danvers in the DCEU.

That would make the hero Superman's daughter rather than his cousin, and with Henry Cavill seemingly moving on from the role, it could mean that the new world created by the Scarlet Speedster when he travels through time is protected by a completely different Kryptonian. 

The hope is that The Flash will serve as an introduction for Supergirl prior to her starring in a movie of her own. Time will tell on that front, but this new piece of fan-art offers an idea of what Calle's Supergirl could look like in action, ready to unleash a burst of her patented heat vision. 

The cast of The Flash includes Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ben Affleck as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, Sasha Calle as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, and Ron Livingston as Henry Allen. Plenty of surprises are expected, though the movie has yet to publicly announce the casting of a lead villain (we're hoping for Reverse-Flash, but who knows).

The Flash is set to be released on November 4, 2022. 

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7. The DCEU's New Bruce Wayne

A piece of concept art shared during last year's DC FanDome showed the Scarlet Speedster suited up alongside Michael Keaton's Batman. However, as the Dark Knight was wearing the same costume he donned in Tim Burton's original movies, many fans speculated that Barry Allen might travel back in time as he races through the Multiverse for a team-up in the late 80s/early 90s. 

There were reports at the time that Keaton's Bruce Wayne would replace Ben Affleck's, becoming a mentor to the DCEU's heroes. Well, that may have been confirmed by the shot above. 

As you can see, Keaton's Bruce has aged naturally since the events of Batman and Batman Returns, so when he does suit up (and we'll get to that), he'll be doing so as an older vigilante. That's an interesting prospect and one that's bound to change how he approaches crime-fighting in Gotham City.

6. A Familiar Ring

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Barry Allen is wearing a ring in the set photos that surfaced over the weekend, and for fans of the comic books, that can surely mean only one thing. 

In the source material, the Fastest Man Alive uses this ring to compress and conceal his costume while operating in his civilian identity. By thumbing a small stud on the side, the ring opens and releases the costume, allowing Barry the ability to change into it at super-speed. Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne reportedly creates this new suit for the hero, so perhaps he came up with the ring too? 

Time will tell on that front, but this would make for one heck of a visual on screen. The shot above pretty much confirms this is that ring, but if the sequence really is from the end of The Flash (which is the prevailing theory), then we'd be willing to bet something big happens that leads to its debut.

5. Wayne Manor

Earlier this year, The Flash arrived at Burghley House in Petersborough, England, the same location that was used for Wayne Manor in Batman and Batman Returns. If Bruce's appearance is any indication, then decades have indeed passed since the events of Batman Returns; despite that, the Caped Crusader's home clearly hasn't fallen into a state of disrepair. 

That's quite a difference to what happened to the DCEU's other Bruce Wayne, and we can't help but wonder whether this version got his happy ending with Catwoman and didn't head down the same dark path as the one from Barry's world. 

Either way, the world the Scarlet Speedster creates (assuming we are getting something along the lines of Flashpoint) is clearly vastly different to the one we're used to, and could even be an amalgamation of many different realities. What makes us say that? A certain Girl of Steel, for starters...

4. An Injustice-Inspired Supergirl

It's awesome to see Warner Bros. doing something new with Supergirl that doesn't necessarily involve a blonde-haired, blue-eyed actress. However, as great as it should be to see Sasha Calle bring some diversity to the role, we can't help but wonder whether there's a story-based reason as well. 

Lara Lane-Kent (who wears an almost identical costume to the one we see above) is the daughter of Superman and Lois Lane in a version of the Injustice timeline where The Joker didn't murder The Daily Planet reporter. Fans really fell in love with the character - even though she only made a handful of appearances - so is it possible that this Supergirl is the Man of Steel's daughter?

It's become clear that Henry Cavill more than likely won't be returning as Clark Kent any time soon, and it's no secret the studio is moving on to a reboot with a reimagined Kal-El played by a Black actor. So, perhaps in The Flash, we'll end up getting an older Batman and the daughter of Superman? 

3. Barry Allen And Iris West

While we're not expecting Kiersey Clemons' role in Zack Snyder's Justice League to be referenced in any way, this movie is clearly going to explore the relationship between their two characters. 

Whether this will be a friendship or something more is hard to say, but Barry and iris were spotted walking out of a building that's seemingly doubling for a courthouse. Reaching the bottom of those steps, Barry stops to talk to some reporters...could it be that they're talking to him about his father, Henry? The Scarlet Speedster attempting to clear his name is surely a given in this movie.

Whatever the case may be, these two look great together and this dynamic should be fun to watch play out on screen (hopefully, there will be fewer slow-motion hot dogs when they first meet here).

2. Wonder Woman's "Cameo"

It's clear that we're going to get a lot of cameos in The Flash, and we're sure director Andy Muschietti has tonnes of surprises up his sleeve that we won't know about until we're sitting in the theater.

Once upon a time, there were seemingly plans to borrow the concept of Atlantis and Themyscira going to war from the Flashpoint comic book for this movie, but that was several writers and directors ago. Now, neither Gal Gadot nor Jason Momoa are expected to make cameo appearances, though it's entirely possible they could show up in some capacity for this movie. 

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom is about to start shooting in the UK, so that opens the door to Barry being reunited with Arthur Curry, but the photo above may reveal the extent of Wonder Woman's "cameo." If nothing else, we guess it proves she still exists in this iteration of the DCEU.

1. Batman Returns

Okay, this isn't a set photo as such, but it is one of the biggest talking points we have from The Flash thus far. A few weeks ago, Andy Muschietti took to Instagram to share a first look at the Batsuit; it's identical to the one Michael Keaton wore in those first two movies, but was splattered in blood. 

On the surface, it was impossible not to look at this and think of Watchmen. While we're not expecting Dr. Manhattan to appear, it wasn't that long ago DC Comics revealed that he had created the DC Universe. Could it be that this movie will reveal the same, laying the groundwork for a huge crossover?

We're not banking on that, but it's certainly one compelling possibility. We're sure the filmmaker isn't teasing Batman's death, though the older Bruce Wayne may be more likely to take a beating while suiting up! Here's hoping some nighttime set photos show Keaton suited up at some point, eh?

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She looks like a villain.
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@Superheromoviefan - datrintiart is one of the better fan artists in my opinion. Should get recognition instead
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@Superheromoviefan - the hips still look weird on her.
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That looks way better than unfinished behind the scenes photos.
Great job artist.
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I'm just not a fan of the Man of Steel styled suit.
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