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I have to say, I went in to this one not knowing what to expect! Well, did I like it or is it just another CBM gone wrong? Hit the jump to find out!

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Well, with Kick-Ass coming out recently, we've got another CBM here folks! Some CBM's have been known to have been destroyed (Catwoman, Batman & Robin, Spiderman 3, X3, etc.) by Hollywood not following the source material and fans have hated those films ever since (cough*LEEE777, Wolverine*cough). First off, I've never read the Losers comics so I can't really compare how close it was to the source material. But from some of the reviews I've read it sounds like it kind of stuck to the comics and didn't at the same time. Now onto the rest of the review!

The plot is basically that 5 members (Morgan, Evans, Elba, Short, and Jaenada) of an elite United States Special Forces team are sent into the Bolivian jungle. The team find themselves the target of a betrayal instigated from inside by a powerful enemy known only as Max (Patric). Believed to be dead, the group makes plans to even the score when they're joined by the mysterious Aisha (Saldana), a beautiful operative with her own agenda.

Since I've never read the comic, I don't really have much to say but I will say how I thought the actors did. In my opinion, Evans was the best actor in this film, he stole every scene in this movie and I can't wait to see him as Cap! Morgan and Saldana were good to, though I prefer to see Morgan in more violent movies, like ones rated R. Elba was OK, nothing special, I'm really curious to see him as Heimdall in Thor, he might or might not be able to pull the roll off! Short and Jaenada were also OK.

Overall, this movie's a good popcorn flick, it's entertaining, stupid at some parts, and exciting in other parts. Plenty of action, laughs, and fun in this one! I'll give it 2 stars, it's nothing big and new, really just another action movie ;)

-2 out of 4 stars-

P.S. stay tuned for my review of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I will be going to see it at midnight and I hope to have my review up before anyone else. Since I am a huge horror fan, I will be going all out on the review, going into detail on almost everything about the film, including each of the actors, music, and more! ;)


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