Ryan Carnes On The Phantom Miniseries!

The Phantom himself shares his thoughts on the upcoming miniseries as well as the costume and stunts and tells fans to give it a chance...

In an interview with ComicBookResources, the star of the upcoming SyFy miniseries The Phantom, talks about what it's been like playing the character, doing the stunts, wearing the suit and more! Below are some of the main highlights of that interview but to read more just follow the link at the bottom of the page! The show's story sees law student Kit learning that he was adopted, and that he is actually the son of the 21st Phantom. He joins the Phantom team in the jungles of Bengalla, and is trained in martial arts and combat, emerging as the next Phantom to battle the Singh Brotherhood and save the only man who can bring peace to the Middle East.

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On getting to play The Phantom:

"I get to run around, and run away from villains, and chase villains and shoot guns. It was great! I didn't get to do any of that stuff on "Desperate Housewives" or "General Hospital. I had a blast getting to do drama and some comedy - there's definitely some light moments in it, mixed with action/adventure."

On wearing the suit:

"I finally actually put the whole thing on and went, 'Okay, wow! This is pretty rad; I could get used to this. Actually, because of some of the stunts and some of the choreography that I was doing, I actually wore it in rehearsals for the martial arts choreography so I could break it in because it was so restrictive, but it very quickly loosened up and took on the contour of my body. About halfway through the shoot, or two-thirds of the way, we had to have them take in areas because it had stretched so much. It was really cool. I mean, I'd never gotten to wear anything like that before, and it's not what you get at the Halloween Costume store. It's a little fancier than that."

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On researching the role:

"I screened the movie from the 90s with Billy Zane. I only wish we had the budget that they had for that movie. We would've shot for six months instead of two! I was cautious with myself to not get too caught up in being all 'I have to do this, this, this and this,' because it was a re-imagining. It was a very new take on the original series. I wanted to be able to still make my own choices and my own conclusions based upon what was on the page for me in this project."

On training for the role:

"I hadn't had any previous training. I was really being put through the wringer. For me, as an actor, it only helped. I got be pulled up on a harness and do some rappelling on the wall. There's a scene where I come in through a window. They didn't let me come through the glass, obviously, even though it was safety glass, but I still got to make the jump and swing in on the rope and do the roll on the ground. It felt like I was five years old again going crazy in my mom and dad's house. I'd love to get to play like that again."

On why skeptical fans should give the miniseries a chance:

"I would really encourage them to go into it with an open mind an attempt to allow themselves to surrender to viewing something that is, in some ways, an entirely different story. I would challenge them to just watch it and see if they don't enjoy it."

The Phantom will air Sunday, June 20 on SyFy.

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Concept Art: Billy Zane's THE PHANTOM (1996)

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Conceptual artist Jim Martin ("Captain America: The First Avenger") has a wonderful collection of concept art he designed for the 1996 superhero film, The Phantom. The film starred Billy Zane (Titanic) and was directed by Simon Wincer (Free Willy).
It is according to The Tracking Board anyway, though they tend to be hit-and-miss with their scoops. They report that a big-screen reboot of the DC Comics character created by Lee Falk is coming our way, with Ray Donovan producer Mark Gordon behind it.
Remember that miniseries (TV Movie) a while back? Well guess what it actually made it to Blu-ray format, come and see the cover art...
Syfy's The Phantom is here, that premiered last night in the States, and as no one seems to be reviewing it, I thought I'd step up. Small Spoilers enclosed...
Earth's Mightiest has scored a one-on-one interview with actor Ryan Carnes who plays The Phantom in Syfy's four-hour event which is airing this Sunday night.

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