The Next TRANSFORMERS Film Will Be Directed By CREED 2 Helmer Steven Caple Jr.

The Next TRANSFORMERS Film Will Be Directed By CREED 2 Helmer Steven Caple Jr.

Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Studios have selected Steven Caple Jr. to direct the next installment in the Transformers franchise, which will most likely serve as a reboot/continuation of Bumblebee.

By MarkJulian - Nov 16, 2020 06:11 PM EST
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Source: Deadline

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Paramount and Hasbro have selected Steven Caple Jr. as director for the next Transformers film. Caple will follow in the footsteps of Michael Bay, who's five live-action Transformers films grossed over $4 billion worldwide between 2007 and 2017. A soft-reboot of the series was delivered by 2018's Transformers: Bumblebee.  

According to reports, Paramount and Hasbro first decided to reboot the Transformers franchise following Bumblebee by setting up a robust writer's room that created a myriad of pitches for how to reboot the giant robot sci-fi franchise. 

In the end, the studio narrowed things down to 2 scripts: a Beastwars spinoff from James Vanderbilt (Zodiac; The Amazing Spider-Man) and a continuation of Bumblebee penned by Joby Harold (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword; Obi-Wan Kenobi). According to Deadline's report, the Bumblebee continuation from Harold was chosen as the project to move forward.

There's no word yet on when cameras are expected to roll or if any of the cast from Bumblebee are set to reprise their roles. However, it's likely that a late-2021 start date would be the sensible choice as COVID-19 vaccinations are expected to be widely available by then.

In addition to the live-action project, there's also an animated Transformers prequel film in development from Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley.

A third installment in the Creed franchise is reportedly set to be helmed by its lead star Michael B. Jordan, who will be making his directorial debut.

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NinnesMBC - 11/16/2020, 6:45 PM
I'm in, it holds potential without Bay's involvement.
Vampyre75 - 11/16/2020, 7:38 PM
@NinnesMBC - If this is a continuation of Bumblebee then it is not a reboot not even a soft reboot as it is a continuation of Michael Bay project. Bumblebee was heading in the right direction in all areas until they still made references to Michael Bay s saga such as could not use Megatron as he was on Earth already in ice and again in Michael Bay fashion creating different transformers with it clearly being Starscream yet not starscream in Bumblebee.

They should have started fresh with Beast Wars
eagc1995 - 11/17/2020, 11:19 AM
@Vampyre75 - Lets keep in mind that the reason we have elements from the Bayverse is cause it was designed as a prequel, but they then removed several aspects of the bayverse during reshoots, the Megs thing was since they were still in the fence as to what to do with it.

But it is a reboot, it doesnt fit with the Micheal Bay films, for example The Last Knight states Bee came to Earth during the 40s and took part in World War 2, but he comes to Earth during the 80s for the first time, this is treated as Sector 7 first encounter with Transformers, despite the organization having a history investigating TFs in the Bay films, Optimus and the rest of the Autobots arrive to Earth during the 80s, though he's not supposed to step foot on our world till 2007.
Vampyre75 - 11/17/2020, 8:10 PM
@eagc1995 - A bunch of robots crashing out of the sky aren’t exactly robots in disguise though either. The originals had them crash landing in a space ship back in prehistoric times before being awakened by a volcanic eruption in the eighties.
Also they crashed to earth due to a long war with megatron back on cybertron and they were trying to flee. This continuity has megatron already trapped in earth so why would you come here.
As well as they land on earth without a ship from cybertron yet they now can’t leave earth without a ship. Why not just fly back to cybertron like they flew to earth then.
RingSlinger700 - 11/16/2020, 6:45 PM
Bee better get his voice back for this one.
dracula - 11/16/2020, 7:02 PM
@RingSlinger700 - and keep the voice the entire movie
Dredd97 - 11/16/2020, 7:04 PM
@dracula - get, wouldn't that be great for once?
RingSlinger700 - 11/16/2020, 7:12 PM
@dracula - Exactly, nothing wrong with him speaking, especially since Dylan O'Brien was great as the voice. Maybe Optimus leaves Bee to get some of the Autobots who arrived at the end of the first film (could be Jazz, Ratchet, Arcee, and Sideswipe) acquainted to Earth while Optimus himself goes to find other Autobots in space, but Bee is attacked by Decepticons that have arrived led by Starscream. Ratchet and the others could find Bee and fix him up, and when Bee comes to he realizes he can talk again and is overjoyed. Not to fully diminish the scene at the end of he first one where Bee thanks Charlie via radio for giving him his voice, but he really should talk without his radio.
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 6:48 PM
Can't wait to see more live action g1 Transformers. Megatron is a must with Frank Welker.
dracula - 11/16/2020, 7:01 PM
@MCUKnight11 - Might be time to get some new actors, Peter Cullen just sounded board for the past few years.Corey Burton was one hell of a megatron
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 7:07 PM
@dracula - Ah, animated. My introduction to Tf along with revenge of the fallen. Good times.
dracula - 11/16/2020, 7:13 PM
@MCUKnight11 - Not sure I would call Revenge Of The Fallen, good times, but yeah Animated was a great show. Still holds up. Really would have rather had another season, instead of Transformers Prime.

Was introduced to Transformers with the unicron trilogy, it has not aged well
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 7:19 PM
@dracula - I tuned out the human stuff and just remembered the chases and fight scenes. As for animated, the remix of the G1 theme was so hype. Sentinel was a douche, Jetfire was young and had a twin, Bulkhead was introduced along with Slipstream. I need to re-watch all 3 seasons.
dracula - 11/16/2020, 7:23 PM
@MCUKnight11 - Animated also has the best "human" character in the franchise
FlixMentallo21 - 11/16/2020, 7:27 PM
@dracula - I'm with you on letting some new faces shine. Maybe Brian Bloom as Prime and Fred Tatasciore taking another swing at Megatron.
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 7:28 PM
@dracula - I really liked the trio in Prime though. On a side note, I was sad about what happened to Blurr, Ultra Magnus, Elita-1,and Prowl in Animated.
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 6:49 PM
This also frees up Travis Knight for the MCU.
CaptainAmerica - 11/16/2020, 6:54 PM
Transformers, GI Joe, and Power Rangers shared universe please 😌
dracula - 11/16/2020, 6:57 PM
@CaptainAmerica - then they can do a crossover where optimus and a few other autobots form a megazord
Matador - 11/17/2020, 4:58 AM
@CaptainAmerica - I think that's Hasbro's plan to have a Hasbro movie universe in the works minus My Little Pony separate from the action stuff.

Which is also depedning how well Snake Eyes does too.

CWBNGAJEEPGUY85 - 11/17/2020, 5:11 AM
@CaptainAmerica - IDW did that (minus GI Joe), but added in TMNT and the Ghostbusters!
dracula - 11/16/2020, 6:57 PM
Creed 2 was a step down from Creed, but still good, plus no Michael Bay, so assuming the trailer will looks good, im in
LameLuka - 11/16/2020, 11:35 PM
@dracula - isn't Bay still on as producer for these movies ?
GhostDog - 11/16/2020, 6:57 PM
Creed 2 wasn’t great but the direction was handled with a deft hand.
MUTO123 - 11/16/2020, 7:00 PM
I never saw Creed 2, mainly because I heard it kinda retcons the first movie, especially in terms of Donnie's arc.
DaHyro - 11/16/2020, 7:08 PM
@MUTO123 - Not really? It’s no more of a retcon than Rocky 2 was to Rocky 1.

Give it a chance. It’s not as good as the first film but it’s still a pretty entertaining film.
MUTO123 - 11/16/2020, 7:15 PM
@DaHyro - Alight, I'll give it a go.
MCUKnight11 - 11/16/2020, 7:02 PM
So is it going to be called Transformers: insert subtitle or Bumblebee 2?
TheUnworthyThor - 11/16/2020, 7:03 PM
Creed 2 was great. It wasn’t as good as Creed but Ryan Coogler is a next level talent. Hard to compare, anything was going to probably be at least a small step down. I mean I love Rocky 3 but it’s nothing compared to the first Rocky.
Dredd97 - 11/16/2020, 7:03 PM
Well Creed 2 had some solid direction, even if it wasn't as good as the first. I'm excited for new Transformers with the Bumblebee designs and story telling. It felt like a Transformers movie should. Hopefully G.I. Joe gets a similar good re-start with Snake Eyes
TheUnworthyThor - 11/16/2020, 7:04 PM
And also huh Transformers....

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