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Just a REGULAR comicbook fan's view on the third installment of the Transformer’s Franchise. [The RATING CHART is spoiler free but beyond that is No Man's Land]


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Angelic Chorus



OK Movie




The short and spoiler-free review is that Transformers: Dark of the Moon is a good movie, nothing special, its plain and simple a nice watch.

Before you continue reading my review I have to say, I am an 80's kid so I pretty much grew up on Transformers and G.I.Joe, and I have to say also that I am one of the firsts who embraced the changes and updates they made on these franchises. What I am saying is that I like how they adapted these cartoons/toys into summer blockbuster movies; I know many out there who hate these drastic changes to these beloved characters. Therefore, if you are one of those who did not like the aesthetic changes then this movie will not really change your mind, but if you are like me then there is a chance that you will enjoy this movie.

Transformers: The Dark of the Moon is a Michael Bay movie, expecting it to be something else will just disappoint you. So, have that kind of mindset going into theaters then you will be good. Expect explosion, but to be honest I think he kind of dialed it down here a little, in fact most of his trademark quirks were a bit lite on this one, slo-mo walking and cheesecake shots (ah... no the cheesecake shot is still there I'll tell you more about that later), even with that said it is still pretty much all "Bay".

To answer first what many of you might be asking, what happened to Megan Fox's character? Well, they just went with the "she dumped him tale" which is a bit hard pill to swallow considering how much the two main characters have gone through for each other in the two previous installments. Though the filmmakers tried to let you forget about Fox's by introducing the new character, Carly, with a glorious "ass-shot" that ten second bit would have made the movie for a lot of you guys, but then you actually see her then you wish for the days when Megan was sitting on that hog with her daisy dukes, and that other time she was fixing Bumblebee. However, Rosie Huntington, just like most of this movie, was an OK replacement for the lead female role.

The other actors came off as if they are just tired of this franchise, and it show in their acting that this movie is very much a chore for them. In addition, there is really not much of a character development for all, humans and robots alike. Then the new characters are nothing but caricatures, goes for both humans and robots also.

What bugs me also is how Optimus acted in one of the final scene when he killed an already beaten opponent, by shooting him at point blank. That does not come of as an honorable warrior.

There is nothing new for this franchise, we see a snake-like shockwave but he is just feeling the role of Devastator in the last movie. We see Optimus with his Jetpack again, well… yehey? Ok next. The twins are gone but replaced by Jamaican autobots? Moreover, the robot transformations, which is still good to look out but is starting to feel like familiar territory.

The first part of the movie I believe was well structured, I like that they continue on the route of this autobots being black-op operatives, which I think really fits their design, but from there it started to drag a little. Though the action did picked-up later on, the fights look great as usual, and seeing giant robots beat the heck out each other is as if the movie screen is tapping from your brain.

What I have to say about this franchise is this, the first one was magical, the second one was a bit of a letdown, and this third one is a mediocre OK. Nevertheless, I still will not advice you to not watch this movie.

For those who have watched already:



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