ARROW Cast And Crew Organize Strike Rally Outside WB Burbank Lot

ARROW Cast And Crew Organize Strike Rally Outside WB Burbank Lot ARROW Cast And Crew Organize Strike Rally Outside WB Burbank Lot

Given his recent comments, what are the odds that Arrow star Stephen Amell will show up to the strike reunion for former cast and crew next week?

By MarkJulian - Aug 05, 2023 12:08 PM EST
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Arrow co-creator and former showrunner Marc Guggenheim has announced that the cast and crew for The CW's first superhero show in the Arrowverse will be holding a strike rally outside the Warner Bros. Burbank, CA lot next week.

The reunion/rally will take place Friday, August 11, from 9 AM-11 AM, where Arrow merchandise will be sold for charity, specifically for providing healthcare benefits for industry crewmembers.

Arrow debuted on The CW back in October 2012 and ran for eight seasons, totaling 170 episodes. The series starred Stephen Amell as the titular hero. When the show debuted, it drew 4.14 million viewers, making it one of The CW's most popular shows ever, reinvigorating a declining network.

Recently, star Stephen Amell has been in the news for controversial comments he made about not supporting the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) strike tactics.

Amell later clarified that he supported his union but didn't think a strike was the best negotiating tactic to undertake with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).

What's the over/under on Amell making an appearance at the reunion?

Arrow Synopsis: After being marooned for five years on a remote island, billionaire Oliver Queen returns home with a mysterious agenda and a lethal set of new skills that he uses in a war on crime in this hard-hitting action series. Reinventing the DC Comics character for a modern-day audience, the Arrow is not a superhero...but a hero - every bit as dangerous as the criminals he's hunting.

After suffering unimaginable ordeals on the island, the Oliver returns to Starling City a new man - determined to right the wrongs of his father and sworn to bring justice to those who've corrupted his city. But Oliver finds his crusade complicated by his friends and family. Overjoyed by his miraculous return, the Queen family nevertheless still trades on secrets that conflict with the Arrow's agenda.

Oliver's return also affects his best friend, Tommy Merlyn, who will ultimately travel down a dark path; and the love of his life, Laurel Lance, who must somehow forgive Oliver before she can ever love him again. A dark and dangerous crime procedural with edge, intrigue and action, Oliver's story will be told from three perspectives: the Queen family, Oliver's harrowing ordeal on the island and the Arrow's adventures in Starling City.

Showing all facets of the mysterious loner, this action drama follows the Oliver that disappeared, the one that returned and the one known as Arrow.

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AmySabadini - 8/5/2023, 12:07 PM
You could cut their collective contempt for Stephen Amell with knife.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 12:07 PM
curious to see if that bland untalented simpleton amell shows up
Origame - 8/5/2023, 12:20 PM
@rebellion - that blatantly untalented simpleton who's basically responsible for them and everyone else in the arrowverse having steady work for a decade.
rkshuttleworth - 8/5/2023, 12:28 PM
@rebellion - You are the one sounding like a bland, simpleton here.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 12:38 PM
@rkshuttleworth - ... i'm only offended you couldnt come up with any new words
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 12:40 PM
@Origame - better shows than the laughably bad arrow have survived recasts. If anything he is in dept to cw and their fangirling funny little audience
Origame - 8/5/2023, 12:58 PM
@rebellion - yes, I'm sure he's struggling outside of the cw. He only has his critically acclaimed Starz series, heels.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:07 PM
@Origame - with not even *checks notes* 30 reviews for season 1 on RT and barely 100+ audience reviews, im sure its an acclaimed smasher you claim it is. Starz is a teenager dressing up as HBO, get real.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:14 PM
@rebellion - yes, and I'm sure your assertion means it must be a step down from the cw 🙄
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:15 PM
@Origame - and im sure nobody can stop you from making a pie out of a turd so im gonna stop trying :D
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:16 PM
@rebellion - ...probably because you know I'm right 🤣
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:18 PM
@Origame - there you go proving my point :*
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:21 PM
@rebellion - me confirming I'm right proves you right?

Interesting logic.

Well if we're just asserting things out of nowhere, I identify as right in this conversation. So you have to acknowledge that.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:28 PM
@Origame - is it that deep honey :O? you might wanna talk to someone who charges by the hour, i cant help
CuChulainn - 8/5/2023, 1:31 PM
@Origame - ehh how is he responsible for providing steady work for a decade? The studio did that, not the lead actor. Countless other actors could have been cast as Arrow and frankly, any one of them would have done a better job. He's a lifeless plank on screen.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:32 PM
@rebellion - it's really not. You just assert that you're correct with nothing and just assume me taking the victory here proves anything.

But I'll ask this again, do you view a show on the cw to be of a higher caliber of respect than a show on Starz?
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:33 PM
@CuChulainn - you really think we would've gotten a full universe of superheroes if arrow didn't prove popular? And do you really think the lead actor didn't contribute to that?
TheyDont - 8/5/2023, 1:37 PM
@Origame - It's not like any of them are talented geniuses.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:38 PM
@Origame - "The season one finale of Heels drew 81,000 viewers on Starz this past Sunday night at 9pm ET

Read More:"

So its barely watched on a network that nobody even cares about these days. Even if it is higher in caliber (i mean, probably, barely, by a hair), its numbers are such trash that its actually a step down from the cw. Now proceed with mental gymnastics.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:42 PM
@TheyDont - I mean, it certainly wouldn't be this job. Which is my point.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 1:44 PM
@rebellion - only one going through mental gymnastics is you. Regardless of the performance, going from the cw to Starz is a step up for anyone not named rebellion.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 1:47 PM
@Origame - i provided numbers, you provide your feelings. Idk man, look for attention and validation elsewhere. You lost this one.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 3:23 PM
@rebellion - even admitted Starz was better, which is the whole point.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 3:28 PM
@Origame - i didnt. and the point was that amells career is circling the drain. which i backed up with data.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 3:34 PM
@rebellion - first of all, no. You tried to prove he needed the cw. Yet he had a theatrical movie and a show on Starz since then.

Second, you did admit Starz was better when you said it was of a higher caliber.

Third, just answer the question with a clear yes or no. Is Starz of a higher caliber than the cw?
McMurdo - 8/5/2023, 3:55 PM
@rebellion - lol you totally went to Google the metrics.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 4:04 PM
@McMurdo - .... duh?
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 4:09 PM
@Origame - i never said he needed cw, but yeah, its the only place for pretty, talentless people to get paid. he had a theatrical flop that lost money and has a starz show nobody watches. regarding the 'caliber', i used 'if'. i never admitted to anything. you might wanna learn how to read or get your eyes checked. you say i admitted something, then you ask it again? what is the point in answering when you lack the capacity to understand? you're no boss of me kid, i dont take orders from peasants.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 4:14 PM
@rebellion - "if anything he is in debt to the cw"

And code 8 only flopped because it was made for Netflix. And it was successful enough they're making a sequel.

Just answer the f@#$ing question. The fact you can't just proves my case. You know you can't answer it honestly since you know Starz is better than the cw.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 4:19 PM
@Origame - you dont get tired of losing :D yes he is in debt to cw, yes he flopped on netflix, yes he flopped with ninja turtles, yes he is flopping on start. floppity flop, just like his fangirl Origame, losing her precious mind :D a certified FLOP
Origame - 8/5/2023, 4:33 PM
@rebellion - so now you're bringing up the tmnt movie? He didn't even star in that. And are you saying a big screen movie is a step down from the cw? 🤣

And you STILL refuse to answer the question, while ignoring the reality Netflix is clearly interested in making more of that "flop".

But sure, keep saying flop as if it proves anything.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 4:34 PM
@Origame - okay im gonna answer

... stephen amell is a flop. okay, glad we can move on now.
Origame - 8/5/2023, 4:55 PM
@rebellion - sigh. Just keep proving what s coward you are.
rebellion - 8/5/2023, 5:06 PM
@Origame - and stephen amell keeps flopping :D
Origame - 8/5/2023, 5:20 PM
@rebellion -
...whatever makes you happy I guess 🤣
rebellion - 8/6/2023, 3:07 AM
@Origame - good morning! I've just checked and yes, amell is still a flop.
Origame - 8/6/2023, 7:57 AM
@rebellion - probably making more than you ever would.

And so too are several of the writers and actors on strike asking for more. So is this strike really worth it? Giving more talentless people money they don't deserve?
rebellion - 8/6/2023, 8:13 AM
@Origame - im living comfortably working in the IT sector, i hope flop amell can someday enjoy the same stability
Origame - 8/6/2023, 10:11 AM
@rebellion - I'm sure his millions is really hurting from the fact his pay isn't stable 🤣
Tpo81 - 8/6/2023, 2:04 PM
@rebellion - just cause a guy says something that's wrong doesn't mean he's a simpleton. He's just frustrated & wrong in his thoughts on the strike. He's also the talented guy in the arrow verse imo. I stopped watching it because it's super lame but I liked his Code 8 movie & love his heels show. I don't think I can say I've seen much by anyone else in the arrowverse that was worth remembering. Nothing against them just can't think of anything off the top of my head.
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