ARROW Star John Barrowman Reflects On The Arrowverse's Legacy And Playing Malcolm Merlyn (Exclusive)

ARROW Star John Barrowman Reflects On The Arrowverse's Legacy And Playing Malcolm Merlyn (Exclusive)

ARROW Star Stephen Amell Reveals The Long-Running Series Was Supposed To End Much Sooner
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ARROW Star Stephen Amell Reveals The Long-Running Series Was Supposed To End Much Sooner

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Th3Batman - 8/1/2023, 2:31 PM
He has a right to his opinion, get over it.
regularmovieguy - 8/1/2023, 2:37 PM

He has a right to an opinion and people also have the right to disagree with him. Why’s that so hard for people to get.
SonOfAGif - 8/1/2023, 2:41 PM
@Th3Batman - It's interesting that you say he has a right to his opinion while also negating other people's opinion on his opinion. Very one sided.
SATW42 - 8/1/2023, 2:45 PM
@Th3Batman - It's amazing how people with your take say these things unironically.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 2:49 PM
@regularmovieguy - ...people were trying to get him blacklisted from Hollywood. We even have one right here.
EnergyVamp - 8/1/2023, 2:50 PM
@regularmovieguy - because people are threatening to ostracize him for his differing opinion. If they simply said agree to disagree, there wouldnt be so much controversy
AmazingFILMporg - 8/1/2023, 2:52 PM
@Th3Batman -

And people have the right to disagree with his opinion?

Has he been deplatformed or fired? No?

Ok then, what's your problem?💁🤡
regularmovieguy - 8/1/2023, 3:06 PM

Who’s threatening to ostracize him?
Demigods - 8/1/2023, 3:50 PM
@SonOfAGif - the difference is that people on one side of the isle tend to try to cancel people they disagree with. I can get behind some of that, but when it turns into a nuanced situation like this, it's a bit frustrating.

However, th3batman's comment is indicative of the oversimplification of the issue.
TheSuperMex - 8/1/2023, 3:51 PM
@Th3Batman - people are right to criticize him for it. You’re okay for him to criticize the protest but not when people criticize him.
TheSuperMex - 8/1/2023, 3:52 PM
@EnergyVamp - why should people want to work with him? If they don’t want to work him, that’s their right.
regularmovieguy - 8/1/2023, 4:06 PM

Examples please.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 4:26 PM
@regularmovieguy - dude, this comment thread is already full of people saying just that and justifying it.
regularmovieguy - 8/1/2023, 4:34 PM

Lol.. no one on CBM has the power to blacklist him even if they wanted him to.
Origame - 8/1/2023, 4:40 PM
@regularmovieguy - ...They're still encouraging it dude. Which is what I said.
TheyDont - 8/1/2023, 2:33 PM
He didn't say anything bad in the first place.
EnergyVamp - 8/1/2023, 2:55 PM
@TheyDont - Exactly unions are the worst. When my workers unionized on me, it was frustrating because I was trying to be fair and they were giant babies. Thank goodness, my partners were no non-sense and squeezed the workers so hard they submitted.
Toonstrack - 8/1/2023, 4:35 PM
@TheyDont - lol yea he did. What he said was wildly uninformed at best.
dragon316 - 8/1/2023, 5:13 PM
@EnergyVamp - people have union for reason if both sides can agree on something they be no writers strike writers be treated better it’s higher up people who want writers lose there homes and go hungry not all high up people are fair care about employees all that is act to get stupid reporters kids there ass show there good company work for.,

I don’t like union you should have power not have union if it’s your own company you are boss of it
EnergyVamp - 8/1/2023, 9:09 PM
@dragon316 - The report of the studio execs wanting to let the writers starve and lose their homes is a psychop/false flag situation. Aint no way a studio exec is telling a reporter that is their plan.

The strikers planted that fake story to dump fuel on a fire.

Himura - 8/1/2023, 2:33 PM
How many times has this guy had to make an apology for saying or doing something stupid ever since Arrow ended? Or to "clarify" and put into context what he "actually" meant?
Himura - 8/1/2023, 2:34 PM
@Himura - He's constantly acting like he's got a chip on his shoulder for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
TheVisionary25 - 8/1/2023, 2:35 PM
@Himura - the only thing I remember is the plane incident with his wife.
dracula - 8/1/2023, 2:47 PM
@Himura - pretty sure this is only the second time he has been in some kind of trouble

other time was when he drank too much on an airplane
TheVisionary25 - 8/1/2023, 2:48 PM
@Himura - damn

Some people should just get off a social media or just stop talking on such matters.
ReverseFlasher - 8/1/2023, 3:06 PM
@dracula - he did post links….
Vigor - 8/1/2023, 2:34 PM
This reminds me of when someone on reddit makes a quick comment on a topic that then gets downvoted to oblivion by those who take every single thing said super literally. Then harp on every word and demonize the original poster.

So then op is forced to extrapolate on everything they said because it was terribly misconstrued
BB8ANG - 8/1/2023, 4:37 PM
@Vigor - Then that's their fault for not conveying their message clearly.
Vigor - 8/1/2023, 4:58 PM
@BB8ANG - sometimes you need to account for lowest common denominator and spell things out for those with weak reading comprehension skills
Matador - 8/1/2023, 2:37 PM

One last shot in the dark.
KaptainKhaos - 8/1/2023, 2:37 PM
You said what you said my dude, buck up and own it.

Both him and Pearlman shouldn't backtrack or apologize.

AmySabadini - 8/1/2023, 2:38 PM
KaptainKhaos - 8/1/2023, 2:38 PM
Sides, I'm sure an Ai actor can do a better job then him anyways ;)
TheVisionary25 - 8/1/2023, 3:05 PM
@KaptainKhaos - early on in Arrow , I agree

Later on , I don’t think so 😁
LordHarryLatts - 8/1/2023, 2:39 PM
I blame Felicity.
WhatIfRickJames - 8/1/2023, 2:42 PM
Good luck with getting work now buddy. Pepperidge Farm remembers
EnergyVamp - 8/1/2023, 2:52 PM
@WhatIfRickJames - You are coping. He will be fine. Just because he disagrees with you doesnt mean he needs to starve.
WhatIfRickJames - 8/1/2023, 2:58 PM
@EnergyVamp - I don’t care either way what side he’s on but those in the union do. He wasn’t doing himself any favors by opening his mouth. Hollywood is an extremely relationship-based industry and he has potentially damaged those relationships with his hot take.
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