THE FLASH: Season 9 Details Revealed By Showrunner

Eric Wallace, the show runner of CW's The Flash, made a special appearance on "TheFlashPodcast" recently and shared some very exciting details for the upcoming ninth season!


Eric Wallace, the The Flash showrunner since Season 6, recently hopped on "TheFlashPodcast" for an exclusive interview -- hyping up the fans, and providing insight into what is to be expected of Season 9 which arrives on February 9th!

You can check out the entire interview by clicking here!

Wallace's answers are not too spoiler-like, but if you have been extremely patient in waiting for Season 9 up until now, and you wish for it to remain that way, then I accept if you desire to click off and wait a few more days until the premiere.

There is much to say about the many details Wallace stated to occur sometime in Season 9, so I selected the biggest "interesting" answers he had to state, without giving too much away in the process.

Eric Wallace states surprising facts about what is supposedly coming in Season 9; with the first being that he himself went back to visit the past by rewatching Season 1 and incorporating any loose threads the show had set then into the final season of the show now, to address their absence:

You’ll also see some very big hanging things from season 1 – no spoilers – that needed to get addressed that finally got adressed that I’m very happy about. I would go so far as to say that the closer we get to the series finale, the more you should rewatch season 1, especially in the second half!

Moving on from that, Wallace was then asked about potentially seeing the arrival of a speedster named "Max Mercury" sometime later this season, who had been name-dropped last season, in episode 15:

I would say no. Since we all know that there’s only a ninth season, that was building towards season 10 is what that was. That was a specific plan put in place but sadly will not come to fruition now. It is what I think we would have gotten a chance to pay that off, if season 9 had been a full 20-22, or 23. But as we’ve been breaking down the stories for season 9, there wasn’t just enough time to introduce Max in the way that I wanted to and the way that we were planning to do so, unfortunately, that’s going to be one of those hanging cards.

Wally West is definitely set to return back to the show in episode 9 of this season, for Eric had this to address about him:

There’s a great Wally and Iris scene, which we always love seeing [when it is] brother and sister, one-on-one together. We’re going to see a side of Wally we haven’t seen before. I wanted to make sure if he came back that we grow the character. You may need to rewatch Wally’s first appearances in season 2, because I realized we’re tapping into that pretty hardcore. 

But we have a sense of what he’s learned as a result of his one episode visit for us and it’s pretty incredible. His performance is amazing, you’re going to love it.

This following statement by Wallace may be considered a spoiler for most people; their expectations on how they would have preferred the show to end would not have been met. When asked about Barry turning into the lightning bolt that gives him his powers in the series finale:

 I can tell you that’s not happening, because I didn’t even know about that. That’s interesting. No, that’s not the ending, it will be a happy ending. We want people to be crying with tears of joy. It’ll be a lot of tears and a lot of bittersweet memories and a lot of old faces, hopefully, fingers crossed. We have to check people’s schedules. 

More than one special guest is appearing in the final season, that being the character in Oliver Queen, and Eric had something truly significant to say about that:

That’s going to be crazy. This is probably the biggest thing that can happen in the Arrowverse; the return of Stephen Amell. The question is who is he? Is he the Green Arrow? Is he the Spectre? Is he Oliver Queen? Is he none of the above? Where did he come from? I really don’t want to spoil anything there of his return. 

We’re not throwing out the series finale of Arrow, let me assure you of that. Don’t worry about that. This is moving forward with still us honoring the past. It’s funny, there’s a great scene between Grant and Stephen together, they have that chemistry. 

As for the time being, that is all the answers Eric Wallace was obliged to give, but they did not disappoint; many surprises and reunions are expected to return our way as a very special treat.

The Flash Season 9 premieres this Wednesday and will continue to air every Wednesday. 

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