Armor Wars

ARMOR WARS Rumored To Elaborate On Damage Control's Place In The MCU - Will They Be The Movie's Antagonists?
A new rumour points to the Department of Damage Control making its presence felt in Armor Wars, and with so much of Tony Stark's technology in their hands, could the group emerge as the movie's big bad?
ARMOR WARS Producer Explains Why It's Gone From Being A Disney+ TV Series To A Movie
Armor Wars executive producer Nate Moore (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) has explained why the planned Disney+ TV series revolving around War Machine recently became a movie instead. Read on for details!
ARMOR WARS Is Now Being Developed As A Movie; Don Cheadle Still On Board As Rhodey
There's been a big shakeup with Marvel Studios' plans for Armor Wars, as the one-time Disney+ series is now being developed as a feature. Find out more after the jump...
IRON MAN 3 Star Guy Pearce Talks Possible Aldrich Killian Return In IRONHEART Or ARMOR WARS (Exclusive)
With a lot of Iron Man-related projects in the works from Marvel Studios, could Aldrich Killian rise from the dead to plague Ironheart and War Machine? Here's what Guy Pearce told us about the possibility!
ARMOR WARS Reportedly Lands OBI-WAN KENOBI And SOLAR OPPOSITES Writers Among Others
After the show was announced for a second time during D23 earlier this month, we have another exciting Armor Wars update thanks to the addition of four new writers. Find more details right here...
ARMOR WARS Star Don Cheadle Says Rhodey Isn't Looking To Replace Tony Stark As The MCU's Iron Man
Armor Wars and Secret Invasion star Don Cheadle has weighed in on War Machine's MCU future, explaining that Rhodey isn't necessarily looking to step up and fill the void left by Tony Stark/Iron Man...
ARMOR WARS Star Don Cheadle Confirms He's No Longer Under Contract With Marvel Studios
Don Cheadle will return as Colonel James Rhodes in Secret Invasion, but ahead of beginning work on Armor Wars, the actor confirms he's no longer under contract with Marvel Studios. Read on for details...
This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill! Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are about to take the stage to reveal major updates regarding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!
ARMOR WARS Could Feature The Return Of Walton Goggins' ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Villain Sonny Burch
Very little is known about the Armor Wars series coming to Disney+, and it's now looking like Walton Goggins could reprise his role as Ant-Man and The Wasp villain Sonny Burch. Read on for details...
ARMOR WARS: Don Cheadle-Led Marvel Studios Series Finds Its Head Writer In BLACK MONDAY's Yassir Lester
It looks like Marvel Studios is setting up a Black Monday reunion, as they've tapped Yassir Lester as the head writer for their upcoming Armor Wars series starring Don Cheadle in the lead role.

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