DAREDEVIL: 5 More MCU Team-Ups We Need To See Following Matt Murdock's Meeting With SHE-HULK

Now that Charlie Cox's Man Without Fear is officially part of the MCU, he's getting the chance to meet some of his fellow heroes. Who should be next after She-Hulk? We have some ideas that you might like!

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After appearing as Matt Murdock in last December's Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox suited up as Daredevil for a memorable supporting role in this past Wednesday's episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Marvel Studios has nailed this character in the MCU, and the stage has now been set for bigger things to come.

Cox played the Man Without Fear in three seasons of his own show and later teamed up with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones in The Defenders. Now, though, Daredevil has joined an even bigger comic book world, and the stage is being set for some massive team-ups following his recent dalliance with Jennifer Walters.  

With that in mind, we're now looking at the big and small screen meetings this version of Daredevil needs to have in the MCU before, during, and even after Daredevil: Born Again. From those he has a history with on the page to characters who have yet to make their live-action debuts, this list only scratches the surface of ol' Hornhead's MCU potential.

To find out which team-ups we're rooting for, simply click on the "Next" button below!

5. Captain America


Captain America and Daredevil have crossed paths on countless occasions, but one memorable exchange saw them come to blows in the wake of Shadowland. A typical superhero misunderstanding that resulted in them coming to blows, it was a blast to see what would happen when Steve Rogers and Matt Murdock squared off in battle. 

Obviously, Sam Wilson is the MCU's new Captain America, but we'd have no issue with the former Falcon taking aim at Daredevil. Perhaps The Kingpin makes the world believe the hero is a criminal in his upcoming series, resulting in Cap coming to Hell's Kitchen to deal with the Man Without Fear.

He'd get more than he bargained for, of course, and a fight like this would be one we're sure would be a blast to watch in live-action. Daredevil: Born Again is long enough that a few high-profile cameos won't hurt the story that's being told, and how better to bring DD into the MCU than having him fight and befriend the new Captain America?

4. White Tiger


If Marvel Studios is looking to continue diversifying the MCU so that it better reflects our world, then Angela Del Toro should be a priority. The FBI agent found herself in Daredevil's world after being tasked with investigating the Man Without Fear, but was later presented with the opportunity to become a superhero in her own right. 

Transformed into the heroic White Tiger thanks to a powerful amulet passed down by her uncle, Daredevil took Angela under his wing and taught her what it meant to be a vigilante. 

She even ends up rescuing him, and is a great hero in her own right with the potential to take centre stage in a series of her own on Disney+. It feels like Marvel Studios is definitely expanding this street-level corner of the MCU, and introducing lesser-known characters like this one as part of the eighteen-episode Daredevil: Born Again makes perfect sense.

3. The Punisher


The Punisher has yet to make his MCU debut, but rumour has it this could happen as soon as Echo. There are ways to make a character like Frank Castle work in this shared world, and with Daredevil: Born Again expected to boast a more mature rating than the typical PG-13 TV shows we see, it's about damn time we see what Marvel Studios can do with this guy.

Jon Bernthal should definitely return, and he's said on countless occasions that doing so would be of interest to him. A team-up with Matt would be a fantastic start, particularly as they have a shared history and are often reluctant allies on the page. 

We're not sure what the future would hold for The Punisher beyond this appearance, but there are definitely ways he could be folded into the wider MCU. If this leads to him getting his own series or a big supporting role in another project, then it's win/win.

2. Black Widow


Yes, Daredevil has a storied comic book history with Natasha Romanoff, but that's not the Widow we're actually expecting to see the Man Without Fear cross paths with. A flashback could certainly make it happen, but that would rob the MCU of fully exploring Matt Murdock's dynamic with Black Widow (who, by necessity, would have to be Yelena Belova). 

In the comic books, Matt first met Natasha in court when she was framed for murder. They soon fell for each other, even moving to San Francisco to fight crime together for a time. 

They'd maintain an on-again/off-again romance for several years, and Florence Pugh's Yelena could quite easily fill this role in the MCU. Given the lack of baggage she has compared to Natasha prior to her death, this Widow and Daredevil could spark up a unique dynamic. Yelena has already crossed paths with some street-level superheroes, so this one could happen. 

1. Spider-Man


Rumour has it that more Spider-Man movies are on the way from Marvel Studios, though comments from Tom Holland have left us uncertain about just how much of a future he has as Peter Parker. With any luck, he will return in a series of solo movies and MCU cameos, one of which we're hoping will see the wall-crawler cross paths with the Man Without Fear. 

Their dynamic in the comic books has always been fun. Plus, now that Matt Murdock has a history with Peter thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home (even if he doesn't technically remember it), it's essential that be picked up on in some way. 

After all, the web-slinger is now a street-level superhero just like in the comic books. That Spidey is viewed as a "menace" by the public thanks to J. Jonah Jameson, and with him focusing less on battling aliens and more on helping regular people, there's really no reason why we can't now get a proper Spider-Man/Daredevil team-up, costumes and all!

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