6 Most Likely Villains Sigourney Weaver Could Be Playing In Marvel's THE DEFENDERS

Marvel and Netflix shocked everyone yesterday when they revealed that Sigourney Weaver will face off with The Defenders next year, but who could the legendary actress be playing? Here are six possibilities...

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When it comes to casting, Marvel Studios never ceases to amaze us. However, you have to give the TV division some serious props as well, especially now that they've nabbed Sigourney Weaver as the lead villain in The Defenders. The Aliens star is no doubt going to bring something very special to the table when she squares off with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist this time next year. 

However, while that's a given, what we don't know right now is who she'll end up playing. While the signs all seem to be pointing to The Hand being the main bad guys in this sure to be epic team-up series, there are a number of possible roles Weaver would be perfect for related to both them and other corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What you'll find here then are six likely possibilities...

6. The Beast Of The Hand

Shadowland was a great idea on paper, but executed horribly. For those of you unfamiliar with the tale, it essentially revolved around The Hand using Daredevil as a vessel for an ancient demon lord known as The Beast. Their plan was foiled when Iron Fist used a chi strike to essentially punch it out of the Man Without Fear, but with The Hand clearly set to take centre stage as the villains in The Defenders, The Beast showing up here in some form seems highly likely.

What if that form is Sigourney Weaver? Going down the route of one of The Defenders being possessed may not be the best idea (especially when you think back to how things played out in the comics), but making Weaver The Beast would definitely be a lot of fun and gives the actress the chance to really ham it up as a larger than life villain who is revealed to be the massively powerful demonic force behind this clan of ninjas.

5. Silvermane

So far, many of Marvel's shows on Netflix have utilised two villains (The Punisher and The Hand in Daredevil, Cottonmouth and Diamondback in Luke Cage, etc.). The same being the case for a series as big as The Defenders is definitely possible, and if The Hand were to team up with someone from New York City's underworld, why not Silvermane? Now, he's obviously a man in the comic books, but there's absolutely no reason why that couldn't be changed here. 

The show could even feature the villain's death early on, only for her brain to be placed in a robotic body created by Silverman's people and "resurrected" inside it by The Hand. If not handled properly, this could be horrible, but the prospect of the character battling it out with The Defenders has some potential, and it would give Weaver the chance to physically confront the team which would be fun. 

4. The CEO Of IGH

IGH is a highly secretive paramilitary group specialising in improving the performance of its soldiers with the aid of Combat Enhancers, but with them also being tied to Jessica Jones' origin, the creation of Purple Man, and possibly even Luke Cage, it's clear this company is going to play a big role in this corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe somewhere down the line.

While Thomas Kopache's Kozlov has been revealed as the doctor coming up with the pills that made Will Simpson lose it, Weaver could easily end up playing the public face of the company in The Defenders. That may not be the most exciting of roles for her, but if IGH is in bed with The Hand, it will help explain Jessica's role in the team and might even go some way in setting up the events of her already confirmed second season. After all, why wouldn't The Hand want to enhance their foot soldiers with these drugs? 


3. Mephisto

I'm really not sure how Mephisto could factor into The Defenders, but rumours have pointed to the demonic villain making his presence felt in some way here, and it is of course important to note that Daredevil has some history with the character. Thinking about it, it would be pretty unexpected if The Hand were to be dealt with in the first half of the season before Mephisto makes his presence felt, and while this is yet another character who is male in the source material, there's once again no reason why a gender swap wouldn't work here.

If reports about Ghost Rider getting his own series are accurate, Weaver could reprise the role there too, though it could also lead to the Spirit of Vengeance making an unexpected appearance here (Jeph Loeb has after all been teasing some sort of crossover with these heroes and the characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). 


2. Sister Maggie

So, yeah, Sister Maggie isn't a villain, but bear with me for a second. Going back to The Beast of the Hand (who I believe is the most likely big bad of The Defenders unless Kirigi - and maybe a resurrected Elektra - end up taking centre stage), what if the demon is placed in a vessel designed to mess with the head of Matt Murdock? Daredevil has so far only really teased the role of the hero's mother in his life, and if the brainwashed Elektra is now feeding The Hand information on him, what better way to ensure that he doesn't destroy their host if The Beast is being contained within Sister Maggie?

This is admittedly just a wild guess, but it would make for some interesting drama, especially if Daredevil ends up finding himself at odds with the rest of the team. Time will tell, but if this ends up being the case, remember where you heard this theory first! 


1. Viper

A version of Viper obviously appeared in The Wolverine a few years back, but given the character's history with HYDRA (as Madame Hydra), I wouldn't be remotely surprised if this is another one of those characters both Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox can use. As you may have already noticed, Weaver was wearing green when she came on stage, and that's led to many fans assuming that the actress was slyly dropping a hint about her role in The Defenders.

It's definitely possible that this character could be reimagined as the leader of The Hand - even if it's just in America - and it's not remotely hard to picture Weaver making for a brilliant mastermind type. The character has ties to the villainous ninja clan in the comic books, and if The Defenders takes place before the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, perhaps even The Hand could factor into the series somehow! 

Which of these characters would you most like to see Sigourney Weaver play in The Defenders? Have we missed any other worthy candidates? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts below.

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