HAWKEYE Is Now Billed As "Comedy Series" For Awards Campaign; Could Season 2 Be Coming?

HAWKEYE Is Now Billed As "Comedy Series" For Awards Campaign; Could Season 2 Be Coming?

Hawkeye was originally promoted as a Limited Series on Disney+, but based on Marvel Studios' "For Your Consideration" campaign, that might have changed. Does it mean we're eventually getting season 2?

By JoshWilding - May 31, 2022 05:05 AM EST
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Hawkeye was a hit with fans when it arrived on Disney+ last year, and there was immediate speculation about when and where we could see another team-up between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. The show was way too much fun to be a one-off, but the fact that it was billed as a Limited Series by Marvel Studios pointed to us getting six episodes and nothing more.

Well, something appears to have changed as the For Your Consideration campaign for the show now describes it as a Comedy Series. That means it won't compete in the Limited Series category, and this might be a strong indication that there are tentative plans for a season 2.

It would be pretty perplexing to not do something else with Clint and Kate, especially as the Hawkeye finale saw them come into their own as a team. The Avenger looked set to train his protege after taking her home for the holidays, and there were enough dangling plot threads that it wouldn't be remotely difficult to continue this story (and hopefully bring back Jack Duquesne).

Marvel Studios has yet to announce its Phase 4 slate and, with Disney+, we usually get release date announcements when the first trailers drop. That's been the case with shows like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, anyway, but fingers crossed some Hawkeye season 2 news is coming.

"Marvel Studios is once again sleigh-in' it with Hawkeye," we said in our review of the show last year. "[It's] an unmissable Christmastime team-up bringing holiday cheer to the MCU with top tier storytelling delivered in the Mighty Marvel Manner and a bold, brilliant new hero in Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop."

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bkmeijer1 - 5/31/2022, 5:43 AM
I don't think a season 2 is necessary. Barton got his closure, Echo is getting a show of her own, and I think with all the young heroes being introduced that Young Avengers is inevitable. Enough other places to continue the stories from this show.
Repian - 5/31/2022, 5:47 AM
The Circus of Crime for a possible second season. They may be related to Clint's criminal past.

TheManWithoutFear - 5/31/2022, 5:51 AM
I hope so. Clint is a favourite of mine and Kate was a great new addition as well. If Yelena is back then it's even better.

Not sure about calling it a comedy series though. Action-comedy maybe?

Thinking about it the cast for this show was super-good. Jack Duquesne was another stand-out. I would love a project where the side-characters from these D+ shows link up for some reason haha. Mobius, Jack, Jimmy Woo, Darcy. Maybe call it Agents of Nothing and Mobius just collects them up to hang out and go for dinner.
bkmeijer1 - 5/31/2022, 6:13 AM
@TheManWithoutFear - I'm kinda on the fence about it. Those characters are pretty great, but I think they work best within the stories or arcs of others.

And also, keeping up with the MCU is almost already a full-time job now. Atleast now there is still some (but limited) time between projects, but then we won't get any chance to keep up with everything all the time.
RolandD - 5/31/2022, 10:18 AM
@TheManWithoutFear - Agreed on all of this although the last part of your post sounds more like a HISHE episode than an actual Disney + episode unless it was a One-Shot but those seem to be a thing of the past, now.
generictheeric - 5/31/2022, 5:11 PM
@TheManWithoutFear - I don't get why Hawkeye is pursuing the comedy category when stuff like Atlanta or Our Flag Means Death will probably end up getting the Emmy anyway.
Mugens - 5/31/2022, 5:56 AM
Personally I'd like to see more of everything as long as the quality of such a series justifies it. I'm paying for good Disney+ content so bring it on.
FearTheLiving - 5/31/2022, 6:05 AM
I mean if they do it'd be nice to actually learn about Clint instead of again using him as a plot device in everyone else's story.
SpaceParanoids - 5/31/2022, 10:08 AM
@FearTheLiving - Yes!!
KWilly - 5/31/2022, 6:16 AM
I really do wonder if we'll ever see Clint Barron's Hawkeye again? Like, there's just no need for him anymore.
bobevanz - 5/31/2022, 6:21 AM
Well it certainly was a joke, if the shoe fits lol
Fogs - 5/31/2022, 7:01 AM
@bobevanz - gotta agree on this. Except the episode was so badly written it was actually depressing.
AC1 - 5/31/2022, 6:23 AM

After over a decade in the MCU this FINALLY felt like Hawkeye's time in the spotlight and really showed how underutilised Jeremy Renner has been in most of his Marvel appearances.

On top of that, Hailee Steinfeld knocked it out of the park as Kate, and is easily one of my favourite MCU characters - I hope we get to see her in a bunch more stuff! I'd love to see how she'd play off of Spider-Man, and if there isn't a Hawkeye season two then a spin-off with Kate and Yelena teaming up would also be an amazing continuation!
VictorAlonzo - 5/31/2022, 7:07 AM
TheSuperMex - 5/31/2022, 8:16 AM
Loved the show. Kate Bishop was great.
Lokiwasright - 5/31/2022, 10:03 AM
Massive gender swapping.
SpaceParanoids - 5/31/2022, 10:07 AM
It’s an action comedy.

The show really could have been amazing especially if they explored Hawkeye’s time as Ronin and the complexity of his mindset after losing his family in the snap.

Showing more of that era would have proven to be a great companion piece/prelude to Endgame.
And they could have either jumped back and forth during the show to juxtapose Ronin era Hawkeye to modern day Hawkeye.

Sadly they didn’t do that and we basically got the Kate Bishop show.
VictorAlonzo - 5/31/2022, 12:03 PM
@SpaceParanoids - get this man a time stone!!! That show would have been 100 times better than what we got!

Go Orange is the New Black with the back and forth flashbacks, displaying how Clints relationship with Kate reflects his past family encounters. His desire to get back to them should have been much more pertinent, especially with him going through 5 years without them!

He should've needed Kate to save him, after reprimanding her about the bell tower incident (the damage was not nearly as bad as the shows original mess). She is overlooked due to her being a small young lady. He finds a way to communicate with her, and mentors her to rescue him. She gains some tricks of his trade, while impressing Clint with her natural tactical instincts! A bit of Blacklist meets MacGyver! Well done!

SpaceParanoids - 5/31/2022, 3:09 PM
@VictorAlonzo - Thanks man. I like you spin on it as well. That would have been great to see.
Blastaar - 5/31/2022, 2:06 PM
I heavily disappointed by this series. I DO hope they make a season 2 and redeem Barton.
Spike101 - 5/31/2022, 5:06 PM
Comedy? That about sums up the way the MCU is heading under Disney…
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