SECRET INVASION: Dermot Mulroney Responds To Reports He's The MCU's New U.S. President (Exclusive)

Recent photos from the set of Secret Invasion appeared to show Dermot Mulroney (Agent Game) playing the MCU's new U.S. President, and the actor has now responded... but stops short of confirming anything!

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Last month, photos from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion started doing the rounds showing a surprisingly revealing newspaper headline. It's no secret that a big chunk of the Disney+ series will be set in London, but it appears both the U.S. President and Rhodey, a.k.a. War Machine, will be touching down in the UK for what were described as "emergency talks."

Eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed that Dermot Mulroney (Hanna) appeared to have been cast as President Ritson. When we spoke to the actor about his action-packed role in new spy thriller Agent Game (check out the trailer below), we had to ask if he has indeed joined the MCU. 

He didn't confirm or outright deny that we'll see him in Secret Invasion, but did appear to drop a few hints that, yes, it's him in those photos. You can read an excerpt from our interview below, but if you head to the 9:13 mark in the video, the actor's facial expressions might just give the game away!

We'll let you be the judges of that, of course, but it would be fun to see Mulroney join the MCU. The last President found himself in the midst of a war between Iron Man and A.I.M., so this could be a role that the actor really gets to sink his teeth into...especially if the President does turn out to be a Skrull. Of course, that's assuming he's actually in Secret Invasion (we're pretty sure he is).

Check back here tomorrow for our full Agent Game interview with Mulroney. 

On another note, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there have been some photos floating around recently that appear to show you in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe series Secret Invasion alongside Don Cheadle. The theory is you’re playing the U.S. President - is there anything you can say about that?

I don’t know…I did work with Don Cheadle and I think there’s some footage from that episode of Fame in 1986 dangling out there on YouTube, so please don’t watch that. Um, I’m sorry, was there another question? 

Fair enough. You can’t blame me for trying! Of course, you voiced Green Lantern a few years ago in The Batman, so have superhero projects come your way in the past or was that a one-off for you?

Yeah, whatever happened to that? I think I did a handful of episodes. Did he survive? Am I okay out there? Did somebody take over the voice? I don’t know! I never really heard. If I’m still the Green Lantern, will someone please let me know? I know I was for that brief time and I always enjoy that. To be honest with you, I can continue to audition for animated things, advertisement commercials and so forth all the time. It’s not really where I’ve had most of my success, but thank you. Green Lantern is [a] pretty obscure [role], except when you enter a world where there’s superheroes and so forth I’ve heard. I’ve heard it can…maybe that’s all I’ll say. Again, maybe it’s best if we…yeah. 

As soon as you get on the radar of a superhero fan, they’re going to follow you even if it is something as obscure as that.

I’m blessed that way, even with the little I have done thus far and may do in the near future. Or not. And other genres too. Of course, I’ve touched into horror, and those fans are so die-hard. Westerns, of course. I’ll always be grateful to those who love those movies as much as I. So, thanks for the superhero fan support too [Laughs]. 

Agent Game arrives in Theaters, Digital, and On Demand April 8, 2022.

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