THE PUNISHER Season 2 Character Breakdowns Point To The Show Adapting "The Slavers" Storyline

THE PUNISHER Season 2 Character Breakdowns Point To The Show Adapting "The Slavers" Storyline

The cast of The Punisher season two is already starting to come together as Marvel is looking for a number of key characters, including members of the Punisher Task Force. Hit the jump for the latest...

By JoshWilding - Feb 09, 2018 05:02 AM EST
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Source: That Hashtag Show
It was recently confirmed that the Marvel properties which have already aired on Netflix will remain on the online streaming service despite the fact that Disney is launching its own platform. That obviously includes The Punisher and with season two on the way, some new character breakdowns have surfaced which point to the show adapting Garth Ennis' acclaimed "The Slavers" story arc from the mid-2000s.

According to That Hashtag Show, Marvel is looking for two series regulars in the form of "Annie Bier" and "Kim Davis." For Annie, they want an 18 year old female to play a 16 year old and she's described as, "someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment." Kim, meanwhile, is going to be in her mid-30s of any ethnicity and will be a therapist in the series.

The site speculates that season two will adapt the story from Ennis and here's an explanation why:

"ANNIE BEIR, the street-smart scrapper, could be an analog to Viorica, the young girl whose life Castle saved and whose story led him to discover the sex slave ring run by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. In that story, Castle enlisted the help of a social worker, Jen Cooke, who had worked with Viorica, to learn about the slavers and take them down. In this case, KIM DAVIS could be the Jen Cooke of the story."

It's also noted that The Punisher may be looking to cast Detective Martin Soap, a character first introduced in Ennis' "Welcome Back, Frank" story arc in which he was a member of the Punisher Task Force. It seems we'll have to wait and see but if casting is already underway, the show could return as soon as next year and we'll no doubt start hearing additional casting information very, very soon. 
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Nightwing1015 - 2/9/2018, 5:33 AM
Best Marvel Netflix show yet.
Buckster10 - 2/9/2018, 9:46 AM
@Nightwing1015 - Season 1 was good but it needed a bit more punishing. I didn't really care about all those other characters we spent way too much time with.
IronMandarin - 2/9/2018, 5:40 AM
Damn it! I was hoping for Barracuda for season 2.
CurlyBill - 2/9/2018, 5:41 AM
Cool take Frank back to his roots and have him hunt down bad guys. I enjoyed season one but the conspiracy at the center of it weighed it down some.
CorndogBurglar - 2/9/2018, 6:59 AM
@CurlyBill - Exactly! It was good season 1 content to clean up what was left after DD S2.

But now its time to get to what makes the Punisher great. Hunting down street scum.
Cass - 2/9/2018, 5:42 AM
This was the first Punisher arc I ever read. Really enjoyable and well contained I think. It's very simple though. I think Netflix should consider shorter seasons, this could probably be done in about 8 episodes.
VictorKrueger - 2/9/2018, 5:45 AM
@Cass808 - Nah, They did 8 Episodes with The Defenders and it rushed the story. Defenders needed at least 3 more episodes to fully flesh out the story.
Punisher was nearly perfect.
LarryDee - 2/9/2018, 5:49 AM
@Cass808 - 10 should be the norm. 13 is too much, 8 is too little.
The Defenders didn't have that much to build up since it had four franchises behind it back, and still managed to screw everything up.
SpideyPuffsMJ - 2/9/2018, 5:43 AM
Awesome. I felt like S1 kinda came and went under the radar in the media; don't even remember seeing a review on this site, but I thought it was great, tied with Daredevil S1 for me, looking forward to it comin' back. Bring Micro back.
JohnnyTBP - 2/9/2018, 5:48 AM
Season 1 was so great. Never lost interest. Where the last 3 episodes are the down ones in the Marvel/Netflix series, last 3 in The Punisher turn up. John Bernthal is The Punisher.

aflynn - 2/9/2018, 5:51 AM
Shining more light on sex trafficking is always a good thing. Bust some skulls Frank and hopefully influence real honest police task forces to do the same.
AgeofApocalypse - 2/9/2018, 5:55 AM
That final fight between Frank and Billy was beastly. This show definitely redeemed Netflix Marvel after Iron Fist and Defenders, though I still enjoyed both of those as well.
JohnnyTBP - 2/9/2018, 5:55 AM
John Brenthal said he wants this team up in the future

AgeofApocalypse - 2/9/2018, 6:02 AM
@JohnnyTBP - Episodes 3/4 of DDs2 were the best! Frank and Matt’s dynamic ideological differences was thrilling to watch. Their fights were great, too.
JohnnyTBP - 2/9/2018, 6:11 AM
@AgeofApocalypse - hell yeah
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