The Punisher

PUNISHER Will Take Over As Leader Of The Hand In New Marvel Comics Series From Jason Aaron
We haven't seen an ongoing Marvel Comics series featuring The Punisher since 2019, but Frank Castle is set to return for a new 13-issue, prestige format limited series from writer Jason Aaron.
THE PUNISHER Star Jon Bernthal Has No Interest In Returning As A Watered-Down Version Of Frank Castle
Could we see Jon Bernthal reprise the role of Frank Castle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It could happen, but the King Richard actor has no interest in returning as a watered-down take on The Punisher.
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THE PUNISHER Star Jon Bernthal Wants Possible MCU Return As Frank Castle To Be Dark And Gritty Enough
Daredevil and The Punisher star Jon Bernthal has opened up on possibly returning as Frank Castle in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but notes that he wouldn't want the vigilante to be watered down at all...
THE PUNISHER: Jon Bernthal Comments On Possibly Returning To The MCU As Frank Castle (Exclusive)
However, we'll warn you now that he's not giving much away! Talking to us about his role in Small Engine Repair, Jon Bernthal was quick to claim he knows very little about Frank Castle's MCU future...
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RUMOR MILL: Marvel Studios Is Bringing Back Some Of The Netflix Stars... But There's A Catch
A new rumor is claiming that Marvel Studios may have closed deals with several of the Marvel/Netflix stars to return to the MCU in their respective roles, but there's a bit of a catch. Read on...
RUMOR MILL: Jon Bernthal Set To Return As THE PUNISHER For New Marvel Studios Project
The Punisher star Jon Bernthal recently hinted that we may not have seen the last of his take on Frank Castle, & a new rumor now claims that Marvel Studios plans on reintroducing the character in the MCU.
THE PUNISHER Star Jon Bernthal Responds To Skull Logo Backlash & Calls To Retire The Character
The Punisher has always been a controversial and divisive character, but with Frank Castle's skull logo continually being adopted by so many extremists, some are calling on Marvel to retire it - and him!
THE PUNISHER Star Jon Bernthal Believes That Season 3 Could Happen Somewhere Down The Line
The Punisher star Jon Bernthal has spoken about his time as Frank Castle, revealing that he's open to returning as the vigilante for a third season, but only if it does the comic book character justice.