THE ACOLYTE Episode 7 "Choice" Recap - The Truth About Mae, Osha, AND The Jedi Is Finally Revealed - SPOILERS

THE ACOLYTE Episode 7 "Choice" Recap - The Truth About Mae, Osha, AND The Jedi Is Finally Revealed - SPOILERS

The latest episode of The Acolyte is bound to divide opinions as it finally revealed the truth about what happened on Brendok and what that means for Mae, Osha, and the...villainous...Jedi. Check it out!

By JoshWilding - Jul 10, 2024 08:07 AM EST
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Today's episode of The Acolyte, titled "Choice," opens with Indara, Sol, Kelnacca, and Torbin on Brendok sixteen years ago. They've been there for seven months, searching for a vergence in the Force which explains why the planet has flourished despite a disaster from long ago that left it lifeless.

Torbin is desperate to return to Coruscant, but the Jedi must persist and complete their mission as instructed. It's boring, tedious work and we later learn that Sol is eager to find a Padawan. 

While searching the planet, he encounters Mae and Osha from afar with scenes from the third episode now playing out from his point of view. He follows them back to the coven's base and insists to Indara that the girls are in danger. The Jedi invade their home in more scenes we saw previously, though we now get to watch as Mother Aniseya enter Torbin's mind to play on the fact he so strongly desires a return to Coruscant. 

Back on their ship after the coven agrees to allow Mae and Osha to be tested by the Jedi, Sol claims to feel a connection to the latter and believes she's meant to be his Padawan. Indara disagrees and argues the girls and their coven should be left alone.

The tests take place and it's revealed that Sol favoured Osha and, to some extent, manipulated how hers played out. He's formed an emotional attachment to the girl, but everything changes when the Jedi discover the twins aren't twins at all; they were artificially created by a power that split one consciousness into two bodies. 

Torbin loses it and goes to retrieve the girls as they can prove there's a vergence on Brendok, allowing the Jedi to finally return home (whether Aniseya's interference made him act so irrationally is hard to say). 

Mother Koril encourages Mae to "get mad" while the witches strongly disagree with Aniseya's decision to allow Osha to leave. Koril arms the women to prepare for battle and we see that Mae did start the fire...however, it was an accident and she immediately ran to find help rather than cruelly leaving her sister to burn. 

Sol and Torbin confront Aniseya and Koril, and when the former turns into a smoke-like substance to teleport herself and Mae to safety, Sol kills her with his lightsaber (though, with her dying words, she admits she planned to let him take Osha). Mae witnesses all of this and a fight ensues which sees a mind-controlled Kelnacca attack his fellow Jedi. 

Koril teleports to safety (and isn't shown again which feels like it will be important down the line) and when Indara intervenes to clear the Wookie's mind, she inadvertently kills the entire coven of witches who had joined forces to control him. 

Sol, meanwhile, attempts to save Mae and Osha but can't hold them both; knowing Mae witnessed what he did to their mother, he allows her to fall to her apparent death, taking Osha to safety.

On the ship, he agrees to face the consequences by admitting what he's done to the Jedi Council, only for Indara to talk him out of it. It's a cover-up and, yes, the Jedi may well be the bad guys in this instance...

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THE ACOLYTE Showrunner On Whether [SPOILER] Really Died In Latest Episode And What The Sith Are Really Up To

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ItsNotForMeWahh - 7/10/2024, 8:15 AM
User Comment Image
AwesomePromoz - 7/10/2024, 8:33 AM
This series is such a flub. It isn’t even about what it said it was about.
DSAC294 - 7/10/2024, 8:43 AM
@AwesomePromoz - it’s about making you root for the Sith
DevilsDreams - 7/10/2024, 8:47 AM
@DSAC294 - well you're not meant to root for those evil Jedi colonisers... 🙄
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 8:48 AM
@AwesomePromoz - It’s not, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re not going to stick any type of landing on this one.
Origame - 7/10/2024, 9:42 AM
@DevilsDreams - just as lucas intended.

AwesomePromoz - 7/10/2024, 10:12 AM
@DSAC294 - Yeah and it doesn't do that, or even have any Sith in it. The most compelling character is Manny, and he is barely in it. If he were the protagonist, going on a journey to becoming a Sith, then this show might work. The showrunner got hired because of a trendy hipster Netflix series that messed around with chronology, but now she just used thee same trick and hipster ideals... "everyone is incompetent" being the primary theme... and has just proven how wrong for Star Wars she is. Classic case of imposter syndrome.
harryba11zack - 7/10/2024, 8:17 AM
User Comment Image
Batmangina - 7/10/2024, 8:17 AM
They're killing it on the ratings - MANY seasons to follow for this beloved series.
Apophis71 - 7/10/2024, 8:33 AM
@Batmangina - No clue on if this show is good or not, no clue if it will get a second season or not and assuming you are being sarcastic but even if it is folk enduring/hate watching rather than enjoying then yes most reporting does seem to suggest viewing figures or comparatively strong even if comment here would oft suggest otherwise.

Also no clue if that sites figures are reliable or not or how they calculate them, just popped up near the top of a search results list (most the rest were second hand reporting on the high viewing figures for just the first two episodes)
ElvenKingSlayer - 7/10/2024, 11:18 AM
@Apophis71 - I'm partly to blame for good viewing figures since I always fall asleep while watching this show. Then I try to watch it again.. I probably should just abandon it and stop being so determined to watch every Star Wars show there is.
Apophis71 - 7/10/2024, 11:28 AM
@ElvenKingSlayer - Done the same with a load of Netflix shows, put them on to try out, loose interest and doze off and when I wake up the whole season has been 'viewed'.
CorndogBurglar - 7/10/2024, 2:51 PM
@Apophis71 - I don't know where that website is getting its "high engagement" numbers from, but the Nielson Ratings show viewership compared to everything else and it's not doing all.

In fact, The Acolyte is the worst viewed Star Wars show yet, with the exception of Andor. Andor is the only show that has done worse. Which is odd because the general consensus is that Andor is actually good.

But Mandalorian Seasons 1-3, Book of Boba Fett, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka all outperformed The Acolyte. And The Acolyte cost WAY more to make than those.

If they decide to do a 2nd season it will be the most nonsensical decision a studio has ever made.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 8:24 AM
Sol’s a prick, tbh. I don’t like him, and I hope he dies.
theycallmeQUEST - 7/10/2024, 8:30 AM
@FireandBlood - same. hope osha kills him fingers crossed.
philinterrupted - 7/10/2024, 8:33 AM
@FireandBlood - to be fair, he’s less a prick and more an idiot.
But, that witch could have used her words before she turned into a spooky smoke monster. She may not have turned into a shish kebab if she lead with she was letting Osha go.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:03 AM
@FireandBlood - I mean Mom 1 went into dark wraith mode as did her daughter. Sol wanted to turn himself into the council but Trinity didn't. Did you even watch the episode?
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:05 AM
@McMurdo - I watched the episode. Sol was spying on children, surmised they were in danger when they weren’t, and interfered when he’s strictly ordered not to, then acted impulsively by killing an unarmed individual.

He’s an idiot at best, and outright [foo foo] at worse.
DSAC294 - 7/10/2024, 9:08 AM
@McMurdo - the whole trinity about face makes no sense. She goes from the only one the whole episode acting rationally and sounding like a non-emotional Jedi, goes from verbally holding them accountable to doing a complete about face and coming up with the lie. She expresses the lie is to save osha the emotional hurt but decides to tell her that her sister murdered their whole community.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:10 AM
@theycallmeQUEST - Oh, I hope she dies too. At this point, Mae’s in the right. These Jedi are corrupt murderers who killed her family and wiped out her coven who were just trying to live in peace, and Osha wanted nothing more than to abandon her family for these people, so [frick] her.

Fingers crossed The Stranger finishes the job 🤞🏾
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:12 AM
@FireandBlood - he absolutely thought they were in danger. And mom 2 went wraith before they all possessed the wookie. This episode doesn't make the Jedi look evil. It makes this look like one big misunderstanding. Mom 2 coulda just come out and said Osha can head out with you until waiting to get stabbed to do so. De-escalation skills arent their forte. This show is awful tho. It's fan fiction.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:26 AM
@McMurdo - He did, so he killed her, because he’s an idiot and a shit Jedi. The Jedi are taught to defend, not to attack, yet Sol went straight for a killing blow on an unarmed individual after he was instructed by his superiors to not interfere. So it’s not that his de-escalation skills are lacking. He has no conflict management skills altogether.

The only misunderstanding here is that two dickheads didn’t know their place and were, for all intents and purposes, bad Jedi. They interfered when they shouldn’t for their own personal/emotional gain, and an entire family and coven died because of it, leaving two young girls orphaned.

There’s a reason Trinity covered this shit up because she knew Sol and Tommen would’ve been expelled and likely trialed for their crimes. This wasn’t just some little [frick] up. This was a major [frick]ing doozy, and that’s on Sol.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:30 AM
@FireandBlood - I agree these Jedi are written like complete morons. The witches are equally as poorly written. Mae and Osha shoulda never been the protagonists. Shoulda been sol and Jekki finding a sith who is killing Jedi masters. Just bad writing.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:32 AM
@DSAC294 - that's this show in a nutshell. Motivations flip on a dime. It's just a bad show.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:35 AM
@McMurdo - I wouldn’t say the witches were. The mom acted out of instinct to save Osha from the fire, and Sol killed her for it. Their motivations and actions make complete sense, and was driven by something any family could relate to. They were protecting their own from literal invaders that forced their way into their home to snatch their children. Now the execution on the other hand, yeah. That wasn’t up to snuff.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:39 AM
@FireandBlood - idiot mom 2 told her daughter to "GET MAD" and don't let your sister leave lol. So she locked her in a room and burned down a rock building. They were idiots. Can't blame Osha for wanting nothing to do with the ceremony or being a witch. Kinda says a lot. They use the dark side and these 4 Jedi use stupidity.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:46 AM
@McMurdo - Mum #2 acted rash and impulsively, but that was well within her established character, on top of the fact that the Jedi were trying to steal her children. She told her to stop her sister, and Mae tried until she realised Osha was leaving, so she locked her in her room and burned her book, and that’s went it went left. Mae may have started the fire, but it was completely accidental.

But there’s no justifying the Jedi’s actions. The writing for them was just outright bad.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:48 AM
@FireandBlood - rash, impulsive. Dumb. Idiotic. Yup we know.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 9:58 AM
@McMurdo - Let’s see how you act if someone tries to steal your kid. As I parent, I can guarantee I’m not going to act reasonable in any way, shape or form.

On top of that, they’re a coven of witches. Not guardians of peace. I don’t know why you’re holding the witches to same standards as the Jedi, especially when the Jedi were clearly out of line and in the wrong.
Toonstrack - 7/10/2024, 10:45 AM
@philinterrupted - i mean she had no obligation to lead with that before finding out why they broke in for a second time lmao.
philinterrupted - 7/10/2024, 12:39 PM
@Toonstrack - obligation is an interesting word here.

If she’s letting her child go, she has no reason to turn into a smoke monster. It’s called de-escalation. Now they’re all dead.

So in that context, I’d say she had plenty of obligation.
ReverseFlasher - 7/10/2024, 1:16 PM
@FireandBlood - I got the impression that the jedi thought the twins were going to be absorbed into the mother or coven or something, and that when mae and mom1 started vaporizing he thought he was saving mae.

How were we supposed to know or think the vaporizing was mere transportation, as the articles author theorizes? Maybe i missed something.
FireandBlood - 7/10/2024, 1:57 PM
@ReverseFlasher - This is why the council forbade it. It’s not their business to interfere with other Force sensitive groups that are just co-existing based on flimsy and emotionally charged assumptions. But Sol and Tommen were acting entirely in self-service, and it cost the lives of an entire coven.
dagenspear - 7/10/2024, 4:46 PM
@FireandBlood - Not right at all in what she was doing as murder and revenge is wrong, just had what I think are understandable issues that led her to this. As The Holy Bible says, "'Vengeance is Mine' says the LORD."
dagenspear - 7/10/2024, 6:55 PM
@FireandBlood - It's holding them to moral and/or sensible standards to me overall.
Toonstrack - 7/12/2024, 10:49 AM
@philinterrupted - she did that because her other kid told her there was a fire.
philinterrupted - 7/12/2024, 1:15 PM
@Toonstrack - again, words help.
Forthas - 7/10/2024, 8:29 AM
If the Jedi Council is not aware of what happened, it is not a failure of the Jedi writ large, but a small subset.
McMurdo - 7/10/2024, 9:04 AM
@Forthas - it's a failure of Headland and her writers to create a compelling narrative
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