ANDOR Spoilers: Today's Finale Sets The Stage For Season 2 And Includes Some Big Surprises

The season finale of Andor arrived on Disney+ earlier today, and along with some big surprises, the show has perfectly set the stage for what looks set to be an unmissable season 2. Read on for details...

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The season finale of Andor has arrived, and it was certainly explosive. With Maarva's funeral taking place on Ferrix, Cassian has returned home...but he's not alone. Luthen Rael is there, as are Vel and Cinta, with all three of them ready to strike a killing blow to the title character should he show his face. They have a Rebellion to protect, after all. 

Meero and Syril are also on hand, with both on their own respective missions to capture Cassian for the Empire. 

We soon learn that the future Rebel has been listening to the fallen Nemik's manifesto, and it definitely appears to have inspired Cassian. In a previously recorded message, Maarva similarly inspires him and those on Ferrix, telling them to rise up and fight back against their oppressors. 

Things escalate from there, with a bomb, thrown by someone in the crowd, giving Cassian the chance to rescue Bix. She's not in a good way, but he's able to send her off planet alongside Brasso, B2EMO, Jezzi, and Wilmon. He decides to stay behind, though, as he's seen Rael and figured out he's there to kill him. 

Elsewhere, Syril manages to save Meero in what feels like the beginning stages of some sort of twisted romance. Mon Mothma, meanwhile, appears to have accepted that she must allow her daughter to marry that crook's son if she's to continue funding the Rebellion. 

As for poor old Anto Kreegyr, the Empire's mission is a success and he's killed off screen. Some might consider that underwhelming, but it drives home just how callous Luthen's decision was to sacrifice his fellow Rebels. 

He returns to his ship after watching the citizens of Ferrix go to war with the Imperials, powerless to stop what quickly becomes a massacre. The people fight back, but they're not enough to overcome the might of the Empire. However, it feels a lot like this small rebellion could inspire others around the Galaxy to fight back. 

Getting ready to leave Ferrix, Luthen realises something isn't right. Cassian appears and confronts him, but says he won't fight if Luthen wants to kill him. The Rebel is initially confused, but when Cassian says "Kill me...or take me in," he looks at his gun and then looks at Cassian and smiles. 

He has a new recruit, and one who could help turn the tide against the Empire! That's where the finale ends, but Cassian's journey to becoming a Rebel is finally complete, leaving the door open for season 2 to explain how he ended up being the hardened fighter we met in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Find out what happens in the post-credits scene by clicking here.

STAR WARS: ANDOR Finale Nearly Saw Maarva Declare F*** The Empire! Before Disney Stepped In

STAR WARS: ANDOR Finale Nearly Saw Maarva Declare "F*** The Empire!" Before Disney Stepped In

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