BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE - 5 More Cameos You Almost Certainly Missed

We all know about Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash, but which other cameos did Batman v Superman include? There were a lot of familiar faces from the Snyderverse, but not where you might think...

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie with some very high stakes, but that didn't stop director Zack Snyder from having some fun! Despite assembling a tremendous cast of actors for this Justice League prequel, the filmmaker clearly couldn't resist adding some familiar faces and voices to the movie, many of whom he's worked with in the past on his various big screen endeavours.

So, aside from the cameos made by big name characters like those listed in the teaser above, Batman v Superman did indeed feature other notable stars in roles where they were either unrecognisable (some of these will seriously surprise you) or entirely unexpected. Many critics have claimed that this movie wasn't all that much fun, but had they spotted these, perhaps they'd have enjoyed it more!

5. Carla Gugino As Kelor

I had no idea that Watchmen star Carla Gugino was in Man of Steel, never mind Batman v Superman! However, the actress (she played Silk Spectre) does indeed return here, though not in a physical role.

Instead, she's the voice of the crashed Kryptonian ship which Lex Luthor communicates with in order to learn more about Superman's home planet and how to create a deformity. In Man of Steel, she voiced Kelor and the Fortress of Solitude Computer, so it seems that like Apple phones, Kryptonian technology all has the same Siri!

Gugino has expressed interest in taking on the role of Catwoman in the DC Films Universe, a role she would be perfect for in Ben Affleck's Batman movie. Whether or not that will actually happen remains to be seen, so this cameo will have to do for the time being.

4. Patrick Wilson as the US President

Patrick Wilson very nearly entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of years back when he joined the cast of Ant-Man as Yellowjacket, later dropping out because of scheduling issues with Fargo (and quite possibly because Edgar Wright had departed the project).

After coming to the attention of comic book fans by playing Nite-Owl II in Watchmen, we've all been hoping he'd land a leading role in a Marvel or DC Comics movie at some point, but it seems as if this will have to do for now! In Batman v Superman, Wilson provides the voice of the United States President when General Swanwick contacts him and is authorised to deploy a nuclear missile in an attempt to kill Doomsday.

Of course, there's also a chance it will kill Superman, something the President is pretty regretful about. 

3. Steve Trevor...And Zack Snyder?

Zack Snyder is essentially the Kevin Feige of the DC Films Universe, overseeing not only his own movies, but the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman as well. It's the latter which he'll be making a cameo appearance in, and Batman v Superman actually gave us our first glimpse of that.

According to Deborah Snyder, the scene in which the photograph was taken back in 1918 includes the director somewhere in the background as an allied soldier. Could Snyder be seen lurking somewhere in this photo? I didn't get a close enough look to say for sure, but in case you were too fixated looking at Diana, you may have missed the fact that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor was actually by her side.

Other Wonder Woman cast members can also be seen, though we obviously don't know who they are yet.

2. Michael Cassidy as Jimmy Olsen

This one was in front of us the whole time, but none of us realised that until Zack Snyder confirmed it. While I think it's fair to say that we all pondered the possibility that the photographer with Lois Lane could be Jimmy Olsen, those thoughts evaporated when he was outed as a CIA agent and promptly shot in the head.

Well, it turns out that Smallville alum Michael Cassidy was indeed playing Jimmy, albeit a reimagined version who Snyder didn't hesitate to take out after deciding he didn't have a place for Clark Kent's pal in the DC Films Universe.

Interestingly, the filmmaker originally wanted Jesse Eisenberg to take on this role as his sudden death would have come as such a shock, but we do now know Jimmy will have at least a few more minutes of screentime in the Ultimate Edition. 

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan as Thomas and Martha Wayne

Those of you who watch The Walking Dead and are familiar with Watchmen no doubt instantly recognised the duo playing Thomas and Martha Wayne, but you may be surprised by how many people did not.

It was the portrait seen in the Wayne Industries boardroom which first made us all wonder if Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as Thomas, and the Batman v Superman trailers later confirmed that. However, Lauren Cohan came as something of a surprise, and while it's fair to say that she could have been utilised a little more effectively in the DC Films Universe, it was still great to see a familiar face playing a character who ended up being pivotal to this story.

Soon, Morgan and Cohan will find themselves on opposing sides as the former makes his debut in The Walking Dead as the villainous Negan.

Which of these Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cameos was your favourite? Have we missed any? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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