Anson Mount Talks INHUMANS Reboot, ANT-MAN 3 Story Details, Natalie Portman Defends MCU & More Marvel News

Anson Mount Talks INHUMANS Reboot, ANT-MAN 3 Story Details, Natalie Portman Defends MCU & More Marvel News

Are the Young Avengers coming to the Ant-Man franchise? Could Jeremy Renner's time as Hawkeye be nearing its end? Well, you guys can find details on that and more Marvel movie news after the jump...

By JoshWilding - Oct 21, 2019 09:10 AM EST
We're back with another roundup of Marvel Studios movie news, and there's an awful lot to delve into today as the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe slowly begins to take shape.

We start off with a big rumour about the Young Avengers before moving on to some troubling claims about Jeremy Renner's future as Hawkeye. We then hear from Anson Mount about those rumours that Vin Diesel could replace him as Black Bolt, while there's also more amazing Easter Eggs and concept art for you to take a look at. 

Finally, there's also a huge update on one of the Marvel shows coming to Disney+!

So, yeah, there's a lot of great content for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and beyond), and all you guys have to do to check it out is click on the "View List" button down below...

Ant-Man 3 Could Introduce The Young Avengers


There have been a lot of rumblings about the third Ant-Man movie over the past week or so, and during a recent edition of the Murphy's Law Podcast, Charles Murphy claimed that the threequel could end up introducing the Young Avengers. 

Nothing more than that was said, but this makes sense for a lot of reasons, especially as Cassie Lang is now older and surely ready to take on the mantle of Stature. Wiccan and Speed are expected to appear in WandaVision and with Ms. Marvel also on the way, the groundwork is seemingly being laid for this team of heroes to enter the MCU in a big way.

This is just a rumour for now, though, so we'll have to wait and see. 

Jeremy Renner's Future As Hawkeye

Last week, some troubling reports surfaced regarding Jeremy Renner's relationship with his ex-wife. She's claimed that he threatened to kill her and himself, while he's alleged that she's a drug addict who shared nude photographs of him with her lawyers. Needless to say, things are getting messy and that could have an impact on his future as Hawkeye. 

As you can see above, scooper Daniel Richtman believes that Marvel Studios may be mulling over different ways to introduce the Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye if bringing Renner back becomes an unrealistic proposition. As of right now, though, it seems highly doubtful that they're seriously considering giving the actor the boot because of an ugly divorce! 

Natalie Portman Responds To Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese's anti-Marvel comments continue making waves in Hollywood, and Thor: Love and Thunder star Natalie Portman is now the latest person to hit back at the filmmaker's remarks. 

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-winning actress offered a levelled response and said that there's room for "all types of cinema" and that "there's not one way to make art." She added: "I think that Marvel films are so popular because they're really entertaining and people desire entertainment when they have their special time after work, after dealing with their hardships in real life."

It's hard to argue with that and a shame directors like Scorsese and even The Godfather helmer Francis Forc Coppola seemingly have a real hatred for tales told within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Anson Mount Weighs In On The Rumoured Inhumans Reboot

Inhumans1 was recently in attendance for a panel at Dallas Fan Days featuring Inhumans star Anson Mount. The actor was inevitably asked about those rumours the characters are being rebooted for Ms. Marvel (with Vin Diesel reportedly eyed to take over as Black Bolt). 

"People might not know this, but in the sort of Hollywood trades, there's rumored to be a negotiation going on with Disney+ to reattempt this," the actor explained. "And's well-known that Vin [Diesel] has always wanted to play Black Bolt, so there's some kind of negotiations going on."
"I really want there to be another shot at the Inhumans, and I want it to be successful because I'd love to watch it. And I think it is the most interesting little corner of the Marvel universe, and I think it just has to be done -- it has to have the right home, the right tone, and the right vision overall."
Unfortunately, it's highly unlikely that Mount will ever get the opportunity to play the character again and if Kevin Feige really does want to reboot them, he's bound to want a much bigger name. 

An Amazing Spider-Man: Far From Home Easter Egg

Do you really need any further proof than that Jon Watts is the best possible person to be in charge of the Spider-Man franchise? A lot of thought was clearly put into Spider-Man: Far From Home's illusion scenes and it's clear that multiple rewatches are necessary in order to see what else might have been hidden throughout this adventure to show off Mysterio's machinations. 

A Big The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Update

During a convention appearance on Sunday, Sebastian Stan confirmed that The Falcon and The Winter Soldier starts filming TODAY! That could mean set photos are coming our way, and, if so, Marvel Studios could choose to reveal an official look at the new costumes the characters will be wearing - including Anthony Mackie's Captain America (that may be wishful thinking, however). 

It's certainly going to be a lot of fun keeping an eye on this one as it's the first Marvel TV show coming to Disney+ and one which could be a game-changer following Avengers: Endgame's ending.

Mysterio Concept Art


Here is another Mysterio version with a couple helmet options. #mysterio #spidermanvillain #spidermanfarfromhome

A post shared by Ryan Meinerding (@ryan_meinerding_art) on

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding is on a roll when it comes to sharing concept art, as he's now offered up some spectacular alternate takes on the villainous Mysterio.

As you can see, these designs definitely take some liberties with the source material and it's definitely interesting to think about what might have been (comic accuracy was a good choice, though).

A Spider-Verse Box Set

This is certainly an intriguing move on Sony'a part! As you can see, they're offering Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and Venom in a single steelbook box set for $56.99, a price that's only a little cheaper than buying them separately.

However, it's a really cool collection and definitely a must-buy for anyone who doesn't already own these films. It's set to be released on December 3rd, though, so you'll have to wait! 
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