From MCU SKRULLS To DOCTOR DOOM: The 10 Biggest Reveals From SDCC '17

Another SDCC has come and gone and it certainly did not disappoint. WB's DCEU film slate was set, a solo Doctor Doom film was revealed and it seems the Skrulls have been in the MCU for decades!

And just like that, SDCC is over.  If you were busy doing adult things this weekend or simply just couldn't keep up with all the hard-hitting news coming out of the annual fan boy convention, here's a refresher on what CBM's been covering these last few days. 

Despite Marvel Studios dropping some crazy footage and information at last weekend's D23 Expo in Anaheim, they still brought their A-game as new details on Captain Marvel were revealed that just might suggest where the MCU is headed once Phase 3 wraps.  Over on the DCEU side, WB announced their slate which contained some surprising additions and omissions that also provides significant clues as to where the DC Film Universe is headed under Geoff Johns and Jon Berg's leadership. 

Continue on through the list for a brief synopsis of what was revealed this week and a link to our original coverage.

10. Young Justice: Outsiders First Look


After several tenacious fan campaigns and petitions, Young Justice will finally receive its long awaited third season.  Titled Young Justice: Outsiders, the series will debut on DC's upcoming (and currently untitled) streaming platform in 2018. 

At SDCC, fans were treated to a new look at the series, which featured several returning favorites, some surprising additions and a mystery character that has already sprouted numerous fan theories.  Click here for our initial coverage on the Young Justice panel and a first look at the 10 confirmed members on the team.

9. The Spawn Movie Finally Takes A Significant Step Forward


Todd McFarlane had been adamant that a new Spawn movie was coming for the last several years and at SDCC this year, the project finally received some concrete news. Blumhouse Productions, the production company behind Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge and this year's breakout hit Get Out, have boarded the project which currently has McFarlane set to direct from a script he wrote himself.

Blumhouse is said to be envisioning the project as a low-budget horror flick similar to their previous offerings.  In addition, McFarlane also revealed that Kevin Smith is working on an adaptation of his Sam & Twitch comic (spin-off characters from his Spawn comic book) for BBC America. 

8. Daredevil And Iron Fist Get Renewed By Netflix


Iron Fist will be back for a second season (with a new showrunner to boot) and Daredevil reaffirmed a third season is in the works as Netflix and Marvel look to continue their partnership past The Defenders miniseries.  It's anyones guess where each of the martial arts masters will find themselves at the conclusion of their "Group Therapy" team-up with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

In perhaps more pressing news, a trailer for The Defenders was also shown along with a clip featuring Madame Gao visibly weary of sharing personal space with Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra.  It's evident that there's definitely something more to Alexandra than what's on the surface- perhaps something supernatural?

7. The CW Releases New Trailers For Arrow, The Flash & co.


The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow all received new trailers at SDCC (which is something of an annual CW tradition) and a bevy of exciting details were announced for each show.

In the footage shown, Team Flash tries to adjust to life without Barry, Oliver Queen tries his hand at being a father, the Legends try to restore order to the timeline and Supergirl's trailer featured the first look at Smallville's Eric Durance as Alura Zor-ElCast additions for Black Lightning, the newest DCTV superhero show debuting this  were also announced.

Who'd have thought that when Arrow debuted five years ago, we'd one day see The CW with five DC Comics television adaptations all airing in the same season?

6. Thor: Ragnarok's Surtur Revealed And Hulk Speaks


During the Thor: Ragnarok portion of Marvel's SDCC panel, Mark Ruffalo confirmed that the Hulk will indeed speak in the third Thor MCU entry and that he has "the vocabulary of a two-year-old."  Before the Marvel panel even began, a new trailer for the film was released which revealed the Odinson and the unstoppable Gamma giant having a heart-to-heart of sorts.

For a recap of the panel, click here.  Surprisingly, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding what role Odin and Heimdall play in the film that Kevin Feige calls the lead in to Avengers: Infinity War.  Perhaps one of these two holds the key to the final Infinity Stone's resting place?

5. Ant-Man And The Wasp Cast Additions


Batman has become the Vulture and now Catwoman is the Wasp.  Perhaps that trend will eventually be reversed and in the coming years, we'll see Robert Downey Jr. in a DCEU film?

As Marvel confirmed Michelle Pfieffer as Janet Van Dyne, Laurence Fishburne as Dr. Bill Foster aka Black Goliath and Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost, a stunning new poster from Marvel concept artist Andy Park was released.  Out of all the films showcased during the Marvel panel, more than a few online reactions declared Scott Lang's sophomore outing as the film they found most intriguing.

4. Fox's Standalone Doctor Doom Film


There was an audible groan at the end of Fox's SDCC panel when it concluded and there were no details, cast appearances or footage shown from any of the studio's X-Men projects currently in development.  But thankfully, Comic-Con didn't come and go without any news on the Fox-Marvel front as Legion showrunner Noah Hawley revealed that he's working on a solo Doctor Doom film.

Whether this will tie-in to the rumored new Fantastic Four movie in development remains to be seen.  Toby Kebbell, who played Doom in the most recent Fantastic Four film has previously stated that he only wants to reprise the role if the next film is made by Marvel Studios.  Kevin Feige has already stated that there's little chance of a similar Sony/Spider-Man deal occurring with Fox (the Skrulls were always shared by the two studios).

3. Ben Affleck Refutes Rumors That He Wants Out Of Playing Batman


On the eve of SDCC, rumors swirled (once again) that Ben Affleck wanted out as Batman and that he'd be leaving just as soon as he fulfilled his contract's three-film  commitment  in Justice League 2.  However, almost immediately after taking the stage during the Justice League segment of the Warner Bros. SDCC panel, Affleck refuted those claims

Of course, skeptical fans immediately recalled that Affleck also refuted claims that he wanted out of directing The Batman just a week before releasing an official statement that he was doing just that. Time will tell whether the first situation was just an anomaly or the start of controversy-mitigating pattern. 

2. New Justice League Trailer And The DCEU Slate Is Set...Kind Of


Speaking of the Ben Affleck/Batman situation, if WB is looking for a way to soft reboot some of its pre-Wonder Woman controversy then a Flashpoint movie isn't a bad way to go.  Perhaps the entire DCEU so far has been set in a Flashpoint continuity (of sorts) and we just didn't know it? 

In addition to the title of The Flash's first solo film, WB also announced plans for Wonder Woman 2, Suicide Squad 2, Green Lantern Corps, The Batman, Batgirl and Shazam.  Suspicious not mentioned were Gotham City Sirens, Black Adam, Nightwing, Cyborg and Man of Steel 2. Then again, no release dates or directors were revealed for the confirmed projects so there's still some mystery surrounding WB's plans for its DC Films slate.

Oh, and there was this other minor thing...a new Justice League trailer was released!

1. The Skrulls Are In The MCU


The Skrulls are coming to the MCU in Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and it was revealed that they've been around since the 90s.  You just know it's going to eventually be revealed that one of The Avengers has been one of the shape-shifting aliens all along. 

Such a reveal would also provide the perfect excuse to recast some of the roles as a few actors look to exit their roles.  Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. want out of the MCU?  Shock audiences with the reveal that Captain America and Iron Man have been Skrulls all along and bring in a fresh face to carry on the legacy.

Honorable Mention: The Black Panther footage received a standing ovation, new trailers for Westworld and Stranger Things were released along with David Ayer's Bright.  

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