THE PENGUIN To Pick Up Days After THE BATMAN; New Look At Colin Farrell As Oz Revealed

THE PENGUIN To Pick Up Days After THE BATMAN; New Look At Colin Farrell As "Oz" Revealed

THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Reveals Why He Won't Publicly Share His Thoughts On THE BATMAN
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THE DARK KNIGHT Director Christopher Nolan Reveals Why He Won't Publicly Share His Thoughts On THE BATMAN

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Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 4:04 PM
I have one observation and I am surprised noone mentions it. Why did this Batman that has been around for 2 years didn't use one fricking BATARANG in this movie?? Like wtf
AquaClunge - 3/14/2022, 4:24 PM
@Nemesis17then - I noticed that lol, the Chest one was cool but he could have thrown it at least once. He seemed more concerned with using grappling hooks.
DTor91 - 3/14/2022, 4:30 PM
@Nemesis17then - Honestly it’s such a sticking point for Batman, I found it refreshing to see him going about these situations differently. They’ll surely come, but it was cool to see different gadgets get the focus this time around.
ElricReturns - 3/14/2022, 4:38 PM
@TheClungeMan - I loved how Batman had the awareness to put his Chest emblem back on under water after being electrocuted. Kate Bishop would be proud. Branding is important!
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 4:41 PM
@TheClungeMan - Yeah I don't know I expected him to have more gadgets. I think they could have been protrayed better
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 4:41 PM
@DTor91 - I hope he upgrades his whole weaponry and his suit in the next film
DTor91 - 3/14/2022, 4:56 PM
@Nemesis17then - Yeah I think he will. Outside of story reasons, there’s all the merchandising lol.
micvalpro - 3/14/2022, 4:57 PM
@Nemesis17then - Because then he has to go looking for all of them. They’re not cheap.
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 5:32 PM
@micvalpro - LOL
GhostDog - 3/14/2022, 5:47 PM
@Nemesis17then - this bothered me and my one friend. He said, "I don't care how grounded you wanna get, Batatangs are a constant staple for Batman, no matter what."
TheSuperMex - 3/14/2022, 5:52 PM
@Nemesis17then - maybe in the sequel he will have it since he almost died from have to get close to the wire.
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 6:22 PM
@TheSuperMex - Can't believe we have come to a point where the use of batarangs need a justification and an origin story
TheSuperMex - 3/14/2022, 7:50 PM
@Nemesis17then - Lol yeah. I guess since he didn’t train with ninjas so he doesn’t have the idea of using ninja star style weapons. I think should have thrown it.
MisterKite - 3/15/2022, 5:54 AM
@Nemesis17then - On that note, can someone explain to me what is on his arms!?! I thought they were some kind of projectile because they kind of look like darts or something, but he never uses them! Not once!!!
Ha1frican - 3/15/2022, 6:39 AM
@Nemesis17then - I really thought he was going to throw the chest piece at one point. My one criticism of the movie is he never physically felt like Batman at any point, he didn’t seem to have any training or real tactical knowledge. It did improve in the last action scene a bit but if you told me this was some guy who read a Batman comic and then tried to impersonate it I’d believe you
Chuck420Taylor - 3/15/2022, 11:40 AM
@MisterKite - I definitely was waiting for him to shoot them once. Matt has built such a world we have to wait to see if he delivers on these hints.
bs77 - 3/15/2022, 1:53 PM
@Nemesis17then - Because punching people in the face is more cathartic.
Nemesis17then - 3/15/2022, 5:11 PM
@MisterKite - Yeah apparently they are throwing darts but he never used them. They were there just for show.
Nemesis17then - 3/15/2022, 5:13 PM
@Ha1frican - Yeah exactly. He just didn't feel like Batman or Bruce Wayne. The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that this movie was style over substance. And that was my fear when I heard Reeves would direct since war for the planet of the apes where he had full control had many pretentious scenes.
Reeds2Much - 3/14/2022, 4:07 PM
The best Easter Egg is the busts of William Shakespeare in Wayne Tower.
Dotanuki - 3/14/2022, 4:22 PM
I’d add the fact that he lives in the upper level of the tower and the interior architecture suggest a belfry. Bats in the belfry?
MisterDoctor217 - 3/14/2022, 4:25 PM
Is it just me or did this movie not feel like a comic book movie ? I mean it’s a good movie but it just felt like Seven but with a version of Batman. I’m kinda missing Batffleck now lol. It would have been awesome see his Batman go against Joker (not Jared tho).

Also I’ve always had a problem with the no killing rule , when he clearly indirectly helps kills many innocent people in the car chase with Penguin. Like he doesn’t kill criminals but he’s okay with two tank trucks exploding in the highway and killing civilians ? Idk it just takes me out of the movie.
DTor91 - 3/14/2022, 4:31 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Not feeling like a comic book movie is kind of exactly what I loved so much about it. Movies like this, Logan, and The Dark Knight shows how much leverage this medium can use that not enough people take advantage of.
dracula - 3/14/2022, 4:32 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - batman didnt kill those people Penguin did.

He did everything to avoid hitting any cars and only directly caused damage when he was away from civilians and rammed penguin’s car

Cant control what the villain is going to do

Like really if a cop is in a shoot out and the other guy’s bullet misses him and hits someone else, does that mean the cop killed that person because he was engaged in a shoot out with a criminal
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 4:43 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Yeah I felt that too. At times I found myself thinking that it could have been an ordinary cop in Batman's position. It was weird. It's a cop movie with Batman in the role of the cop. Could have embraced more the comicbook routes
MisterDoctor217 - 3/14/2022, 5:03 PM
@DTor91 -
I think Logan was different but still felt like a comic book movie, but with this new Batman it just felt different, I mean the movie has great moments but I just didn’t feel like I was in this bigger than life world. It just felt like a crime drama, and i appreciate those movies but Idk haha I’m still processing the movie.
MisterDoctor217 - 3/14/2022, 5:06 PM
@Nemesis17then -

Dude yes you just described exactly how I felt about it !! It’s literally a crime drama with Batman in the place of the cop or detective! And I know he’s a detective in the comics but it didn’t embrace the comic book-iness of the character. I’m still waiting for a Batman movie in the vein of the Arkham games :/
MisterDoctor217 - 3/14/2022, 5:10 PM
@dracula -

Well he might have been trying to avoid hitting cars but he could have clearly caught Penguin back at the warehouse or wherever they were at if he truly was a “no killing, fighting for the people of Gotham man” but it just bugs me that the movie goes out of it’s way to tell us how this Batman is all caring and doesn’t believe in killing criminals, but he indirectly causes car chases and accidents? There’s always going to be collateral damage, but I think the absolute no killing rule should be more loose. I know it’s part of Batman’s character but I mean it’s impossible to keep it when he’s out there causing messes lol. Also he could have killed Penguin in that car crash lol
noahthegrand - 3/14/2022, 5:30 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - I think they choreographed it so that the crash was entirely Penguin’s fault in the film
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 5:34 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Yeah dare I say it touched the limits of being pretentious. Like look we made a noir myster yfilm and we placed Batman in it. Seriously it just didn't scream Batman to me. Begins is still the definitive Batman movie.
MisterDoctor217 - 3/14/2022, 5:43 PM
@Nemesis17then -
Dude for real !! Damn I’m glad someone else has this point of view too! Literally when I got out of the theater first thing I thought was , Batman Begins still felt like Batman and like a comic book movie, with all the theatrics and the way he does things.

The only time I felt it was Batman in Reeves’s was the beginning of the movie , with that monologue and coming out of the shadows, was an amazing scene. But as the movie went on it just felt like noir mystery film like you said , but just throwing Batman in there. Nolan’s were the least comic booky Batman movies but now this one takes the spot lol
CorndogBurglar - 3/14/2022, 6:21 PM
@dracula - No, but cops also call off car chases when they get too dangerous. When speeds get too high in a high traffic area cops will not generally continue the chase.
Nemesis17then - 3/14/2022, 6:23 PM
@MisterDoctor217 - Yeah he just didn't feel like Batman. Way too grounded. Also the movie needed more light and color. Can't believe Snyder got shit for BvS color grade but this movie gets a pass. Everything was dim and lifeless
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