Batman v Superman introduces us to five members of the Justice League and brings back Superman, but how do their respective appearance in the movie fare? Here's a look at each member...


If the first wave of reviews are any indiction, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a movie which is going to divide fans and critics alike for very different reasons. Regardless, one thing no one is really addressing yet is the introduction of the Justice League. While the movie may not end with them assembling for the first time, just how well does it set the stage for their team-up in the 2017 movie?

In my opinion, pretty damn well. Batman and Superman obviously play the most significant role, while Wonder Woman gets an extended cameo and the rest of the team make brief appearances during scenes which are clearly there just for comic book fans like you and me. However, which of these iconic heroes ends up coming out on top? Well, here you will find a ranking of each of their appearances.

Needless to say, MAJOR SPOILERS for each Justice League member's role in the movie follow. 

6. Cyborg


It was reported way back in 2013 that a football game involving thousands of extras was being shot by Zack Snyder for Batman v Superman, and rumours later pointed to that introducing us to Ray Fisher's Victor Stone. Cut from the theatrical version altogether, perhaps we'll get to see that game in the planned "Ultimate Cut" because all we see of him here is lab footage recorded by his father as he attempts to save his son's life.

Like his comic book counterpart, there's pretty much nothing left of Victor, and it's only when his father uses what appears to be a mother box that he's given a new body, and the process looks both horrific and agonising. The footage cuts off before we see the end result, but if that was a mother box, you can bet your life Cyborg will play a key role in Darkseid's arrival on Earth. 

5. Aquaman


While that initial costume reveal may have been divisive, let's get one thing straight here; Aquaman looks awesome. Seen in footage recorded by undersea drones, he's spotted within the bowels of a ship and his eyes glow as they move in towards him. Pausing to look at these strange devices, the hero pulls back his trident and destroys them.

So, there was no sudden appearance to help The Trinity and he certainly wasn't being kept captive by Lex Luthor, but as cameos go this was pretty cool. There was however one problem. Shot underwarter, you could tell that Jason Momoa was holding his breath! That's something I expect to see fixed by the next time we see him, but for now, some are unlikely to realise this is a gut who actually lives underwater and not just someone going for a swim...

4. Superman


Despite many of the criticisms aimed at Batman v Superman relating to the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill really is great here. Yes, those hoping to see a Christopher Reeve type goody two shoes will be disappointed, but this conflicted Superman who is trying to find his place in a world which seems intent on rejecting him is far more interesting to spend time with.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of the character to be honest, but this movie made me one, and the fact that he sacrifices himelf for the sake of humanity in that battle with Doomsday has also made me stand up and take notice of what a great hero Superman is. With so much story crammed into Batman v Superman, we sadly don't get to spend all that much time with Clark Kent, but hey, that's what solo movies are made for, right? 

3. Wonder Woman


You may have heard that some fans erupted into cheers when Wonder Woman first shows up in Batman v Superman, so don't be surprised if you find yourself doing the same thing! Gal Gadot is excellent as Diana Prince and the chemistry she shares with Ben Affleck is off the charts; the fact that her character is shown to be every bit as smart and devious as the Dark Knight makes her compelling from the very start.

The fact is, you'll be coming out of this movie counting down the days until Wonder Woman is released, and Zack Snyder should be applauded for providing such an effective introduction here. In terms of how her powers are portrayed, the character is extremely strong and fast, and when she uses her lasso to tie up Doomsday, it glows yellow in a very cool piece of imagery.

2. The Flash


Ezra Miller may not look like the Barry Allen from the comic books, but who cares? If you've seen any of his past performances, you should know already that he's a terrific actor. Regardless, he security footage of the character will no doubt drive some fans up the wall (he has long black hair!), but bear in mind that concept art has shown him looking a lot more like the Barry from the source material.

His powers look quite a bit different to the small screen version anyway as the lightning which comes from Barry is pretty ferocious and puts on more than just a light show. By far the coolest scene involving The Flash comes when he takes a trip back in time to deliver a cryptic message to Batman. With armour covering the classic costume, Miller looks and sounds really great as the Scarlet Speedster.

1. Batman


As divisive as Batman v Superman may or may not be, there's no denying that Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne and Batman is the best yet. While the fact he kills will turn off some fans, this is a grizzled version of the Dark Knight who has been operating for two decades in Gotham City and clearly faced many losses over the years.

He's not supposed to be all that sympathetic, and previous comments from those involved with the movie painting him almost as a villain aren't far off. However, that works here because he goes through a journey which leaves him in a place very different to where we find Batman when the movie begins.

All that aside though, and everything from the way his relationship with Alfred is portrayed to how Bruce Wayne handles himself should make comic book fans very happy.

Have you see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? If so, how would you rank the Justice League? For the rest of you, which of these heroes are you most excited to see on the big screen? 

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