SILVER SABLE: It Sounds Like Sony Pictures Has Scrapped Plans For The SPIDER-MAN Character's Solo Outing

SILVER SABLE: It Sounds Like Sony Pictures Has Scrapped Plans For The SPIDER-MAN Character's Solo Outing

SILVER & BLACK: Norman Osborn And A Female Superhero Team - Everything You Need To Know From The Plot Leak
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SILVER & BLACK: Norman Osborn And A Female Superhero Team - Everything You Need To Know From The Plot Leak

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ChangAlang - 1/15/2020, 1:45 AM
Just my opinion but it feels like they’re following what MCU are doing with their movie and tv crossovers.

Gotta say too...really liked the Morbius trailer.
Saintsinnister - 1/15/2020, 1:51 AM
I wonder what streaming app this will be on? Any chance at all it has a connection to Spider-Man in any way? I feel like everyone is throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks at this point.
RageDriver2401 - 1/15/2020, 3:04 AM
@Saintsinnister - I'm assuming Prime? That's where Sony seems to be sending all it's content.
TheUnworthyThor - 1/15/2020, 2:13 AM
I don’t understand why they are doing this. Sony doesn’t have a streaming service. Why would they turn this into a show when they only have so many characters to make movies out of anyway.
rebellion - 1/15/2020, 2:39 AM
Sony can choke. I wouldnt be so against them if venom was decent. It was crap. They produced 4 bad live action spidey based films in a row.
Honestly, feige should have let them drown. It was nice havin spidey in cw and all, but theres just too much baggage.
Franshu - 1/15/2020, 4:24 AM
@rebellion - Spider-Man 3, TASM, TASM 2... That'd make three in a row
m1doriya - 1/15/2020, 4:48 AM
@rebellion - Spider-Man 3 and TASM1 are good idc
MyCoolYoung - 1/15/2020, 7:03 AM
@Franshu - he counted venom
OmegaDaGrodd - 1/15/2020, 2:41 AM
It's really interesting (edit: maddening) to see an entire IP put through a meat grinder specifically designed to produce what Sony thinks everyone else is making. Like, this isn't some unique, brand driven strategy that they came up with. They are basically looking at what Marvel did, reverse engineering it, and then trying to just plug in names of Spider-Man characters along the way and seeing what comes out the other end. And they seem to know that's not enough of a selling point, because they're now branding themselves as the studio that "brought you" Spider-Man Homecoming and Far From Home, even tho they actually aren't but none of that matters because they just if they make you think of the MCU hard enough, it won't matter what they put onscreen.

It's like Sony's business model is a manifestation of all those people on CBM who kept saying people will just eat up whatever Marvel puts onscreen without realizing that it's the "what" that Marvel puts onscreen that warrants people eating it up
Kumkani - 1/15/2020, 2:55 AM
Sony: "We've learned everything from Feige's playbook. We don't need him anymore."

Also Sony: *uses the shit he made for them to promote their latest flick and leeches off his success*
JDL - 1/15/2020, 2:56 AM
I don't think a 44 minute or more Spidey toon will work well. At least as a series, maybe as a special if there is a market for that.

First problem Disney is still doing short form Spidey on Network/Cable etc..
They are putting all of the old animated content on streaming as well. That's competition you really don't want.

Second problem. who is going to show it ? Sony has no network or streaming service. Anyone interested won't want to pay full cost up front (they don't now on live stuff) which makes it risky.

Animation is somewhat more expensive compared to
bkmeijer2 - 1/15/2020, 2:58 AM
I think Sony should make a show similar to the Clone Wars, but then with Spider-Man character in their SUMC. Shorter episodes with multi-episode arcs could really work in my opinion
RageDriver2401 - 1/15/2020, 3:02 AM
I don't want to sound crude but, here's how I want casting for this show.
Archangel82 - 1/15/2020, 3:55 AM
Instead of doing all of these Bullsh*t solo film revolving around supporting Spiderman characters, Sony should be focusing on making a Spiderman 2099 film. How awesome and epic would it be to see a live action Spiderman 2099 movie!? Not only is that something new and original but we’ve never seen anything quite like the future landscape that Miguel O’Hara lives in. Not only could Sony do really fun takes on future versions of Spidey’s rogues gallery but it could lead to its own expanded universe. Honestly Sony is stupid for not focusing on a property like this. If I was an exec at Sony I would make Spiderman 2099 a top priority. Maybe one day we will see Spiderman 2099 make the leap onto the big screen, until then we will have to settle for whatever it is that Sony is trying to do with there Spider-verse.
CaptaCornflakes - 1/15/2020, 4:03 AM
@Archangel82 - Get Oscar Isaac for it.
Spock0Clock - 1/15/2020, 4:57 AM
@Archangel82 - Building a whole future world takes a lot of effort and design work, though. Wouldn't it be easier to just film a franchise where people talk in generic bunkers, offices, and penthouses?

(Whoops, did I just give the game away on 80% of CBMtv?)
WeaponXCII - 1/15/2020, 4:07 AM
Good. And put the rest of them on TV when Morbius crashes and burns so you can put an end to this SUMC stupidity, Sony.
Matador - 1/15/2020, 6:23 AM
Lets hope Sony chokes **cough cough** so lets hope Morbius does not do good so there spin-offs get all DOA.
YonnyLayna - 1/15/2020, 7:23 AM
Its a waste that Marvel have their Street level characters Split between Sony, Hulu, Netflix and the MCU the Spiderman suporting characters+ Defenders, Cloak and Dagger + Blade could work better as unit, just like the X-Comics.
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